Warby Parker Glasses Review: Affordable Prices with High-Quality!

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Want to try a first-hand eyewear brand with maximum innovation in the industry? Warby Parker is an eyewear fashion brand among the pioneers of the direct to consumer firms. Let us find out if its innovative approach impacts the market.

Different people are on the market searching for various products with different goals. But you are looking for the perfect eyewear or glasses if not contacts. That is right because you now know Warby Parker exists on the market. However, besides the existence,  you also need to know what the company has for you in the store or its impact on the industry. Warby Parker is one of the direct-to-consumer pioneers, but what makes it unique is its innovative approach to the market.

Does its popularity have something to do with non-Luxottica? Well, the brand is reliable based on how they claim. We are only here to give you first-hand experience with these Warby Parker glasses. So, stay along to the end. We will review the brand history, best-selling glasses, and accessories, dive deep into customer feedback, and then evaluate if the company is worth the money.

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Warby Parker Glasses Review

Warby Parker is a popular company known for offering premium eyewear prescription glasses that service women and men. They sell their glasses direct to the customers hence its affordable pricing plans. The company was founded by Andy Hunt, Dave Gilboa, Jeff Raider, and Neil Blumenthal. These guys were inspired to discover this brand by Jack Kerouac. This American novelist's journey was based on the rebellious spirit to do away with the intermediaries in the process.

These reviews will give you a clear view of the company alongside the popular eyewear or glasses on the market. The founders dreamed of establishing a less-traveled brand on the market, and the discovery was triggered by one founder who was on a backpacking trip and lost his glasses. It took him a long time and a lot of money to replace the glasses.

This gave him a hard time reading textbooks while in college. After undergoing the expenses, these founders together identified the existence of the monopoly on the market as the eyewear industry is concerned. Monopoly is what makes everything complicated and glasses expensive. Therefore, Warby Parker was founded with the desire of the founders to establish a perfect and affordable glasses and eyewear alternative. While the founder worked with charitable organizations, the skills they acquired from their workplaces made them engage in charitable practices in this firm.

Among the popular programs is buying one and giving one pair, which targets reducing the issues of impaired vision worldwide through access to free eyewear society. And then, by the year 2018, this firm was already offering free glasses in over 33 countries worldwide.

And influenced by Neil Blumenthal, the organization also engages in empowering people to start up their businesses and become independent by selling the glasses, especially in third-world countries. and since the beginning, the primary partner of Warby Parker has been VisionSpring, where the former director is the brand founder-Neil, Blumenthal.

The company offers excellent customer service and emphasizes transparency. From the global impact report, you can deduce a lot. Based on the GRI, they also engage in ethical sourcing and measuring the environmental impact, hence the mission to reduce carbon emissions. They have partnered with compliance firms that help verify the third-party testing to ensure it meets all the protocols.

Thus, the firm is well popular for producing not only durable glasses but also sustainable and beautiful and falls under the medical approved devices. They design their frames in-house at family-owned facilities located in Italy. But other series designers, suppliers as well as manufacturers are found in the jap[, China, the US, and Canada. Before you purchase the frame, customers need to order the eyeglasses prescription, which is simple and done by professional optometrists. That is more than the basic history of Warby Parker. Now, we move to the next section comparing the pros and cons.

Warby Parker Glasses Pros:

Warby Parker Glasses Cons:

Why We Like Warby Parker Glasses

In this section, we need to guide you through the popular eyewear from this brand. But before anything else, the company has professional opticians, and before buying the glasses or frames, you must go for an eye examination. A valid glass prescription is mandatory alongside the PD report for efficient frame placement.

The good thing is that these guys can offer you guidance online using their tools. Otherwise, they have a wide selection of eyewear, which we will list for you in the next section.

The Best-Selling Warby Parker Eyeglasses

As always, and based on our experience with these guys, their frames are often stylish on the market, and from the care the manufacturer considers, their eyeglasses tend to be long-lasting. In the huge collection, there are some best-selling glasses, and listing them for you, will save you time. These include Percey, stripped and mimics the wild aesthetic with vibrant trees or sassafras, especially in the US. It comes in a different design that fits every customer's preferences.

The second best-selling eyeglass is Felix which is stylish, medium width, and always versatile; hence good for numerous faces, and its shiny gray exterior can even match all your outfits. It features hand-polished cellulose.

The company also offers the famous Nesso Series As a more fabulous style. It elevates the next level of eyeglasses containing an assortment of luxury designs and affordable but made in Italy. Lovell is another coveted eyeglasses, and you can get multiple colors in the store, from the indigo crystal to the other five different designs meant for men.

Other than the above discussion on eyeglasses, the company also sells Lenses that accompany all the glasses you order based on the prescription. Most of these brand lenses are meant to block the UV ray and are scratch resistant and anti-reflective. The company has many lens options to select from. It starts from the single vision to the progressive, non-prescription frames & readers., clear, prism, and light responsive.

There are other popular blue light glasses on which you can capitalize to offer protection against the strain since it relies on the built-in technology to filter the blue light, blocking both the UVB and UVA rays and the superhydrophobic.

The Best-Selling Warby Parker Sunglasses

First, you must remember that Warby Parker has over 40 collections of sunglasses in the store. Thus, it might be hard to choose if you check out all the designs. However, we have identified the best-selling sunglasses for you from customer demand.

Their website has the ranking option on the list as the Durand Oak Resin Matte, which is good for a vacation at the beach while relaxing in the shade. You can select from wide to medium size, but it has 3 unique styles: whiskey tortoise, oak Resin matte, and Rosewater featuring blue lenses.

Downing is the second best-selling sunglasses, which come in five styles, and you choose what fits you well. Barkley is the last option but good for the daily routine and any occasion. They come in wide fit, medium, and narrow.

The Best-Selling Warby Parker Kids Glasses

Besides adult glasses and lenses or eyeglasses, the company also has an exclusive collection of glasses for kids. The available frames target kids aged between 4 to 8 years which goes at affordable pricing. Some popular kids' glasses sold are Percey, with several styles and matches alongside your kid. There is also the famous Louise which is elegant and designed for daughters to elevate the cat eye frame-like appearance though it features a highly delicate silhouette.

The last choice among the kids' glasses is Daisy, a classic glass with 3 styles to pick from and matches any outfit. Therefore, all frames designed for kids consist of polycarbonate lenses perfect for kids between the age of 16, as they are highly impact resistant. The list is long, but to this far above option, regardless of gender or age, you are good to get started.

Customer Review

In this review, we have divided it into various sections for easy understanding. Before concluding our stand on the Warby parker glasses reviews, we also had to consider what customers say about the brand from real experience with these products. This pushed to go for the customers' feedback from multiple sites.

However, for this case, we will start with its official website at warbyparker.com. All customers who left feedback on this site are satisfied and highly recommend new customers and all family members needing sunglasses and frames. A happy customer on the site just for the first pick recommends here with a clear statement:

"Amazing value, great quality, great styles, and excellent customer service. My fiance has a pair cos of my referral, and all of my glasses-wearing siblings have a pair. Continue your outstanding work."

The first external site with a clear experience of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction is Sitejabber. Here, the company scores 2.53 stars after 349 reviews. This indicates customers are averagely satisfied, and if there is a complaint, it mostly focuses on the customer support and return policy.

Still, when it comes to the price, everyone seems satisfied. The brand has a good rating on the Better Business Bureau, which speaks a lot. And on Clark.com, the author outlines the basic 5 things that you must consider before going for the glasses and, in the end, concludes that the company meets them all.

Consumer Affair gives the company a rating of 1.4 stars which is poor. When you head to The Modest Man site, there is a detailed review of Warby Parker, from the history to what they have in store. Even though the Eyes On Eye Care website does not recommend purchasing these glasses, there is still positive feedback on the Vision Center. Generally, this company gets a 9 rating out of 10, which is excellent. Here is how the author summed up the reviews:

"In general, I was very pleased with my Warby Parker personal observation from beginning to end and would recommend them to anyone in need of eyewear prescription."

Many other external sites review these glasses, including Insider, My Vision, Journey of an Architect, Trustpilot, Pinterest, Medical News Today, and Healthline. Never forget, there are also YouTube videos with detailed information for you online.

Above all, Warby Parker glasses stand to be good and give you value for your money. The glasses are affordable, come with access to multiple offers, etc. Thus, if the excellent quality is not your thing and you can fall for good glasses, Warby Parker is a good and highly recommended brand. Most customers' feedback is positive.

Where to Buy Warby Parker Glasses

So, you can purchase the Warby Parker Glasses from their official website at warbyparker.com. Their retail stores are widely spread in Toronto, found in Canada, and across the USA when you visit their showroom, you can access the glasses and frames, which you can try if fitting before you purchase.

However, it is a good move when you know exactly the size of glasses you want, and before the actual purchase, they highly insist that you notify them of prior arrangements. In all the locations, the brand has all kinds of eyewear glasses as well as opticians to guide you through based on your issue. Therefore, some of the US Warby Parker Glasses locations where you can get the retail stores are:-

You can access all the above stores using this link here.

Does Warby Parker Glasses sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Warby Parker Glasses stores on Amazon.

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Is Warby Parker Glasses Worth It?

From the numerous positive customer reviews, the brand eyeglasses are worth the money for many reasons. Other than being affordable,  Warby Parker Glasses are high quality and reliable. They have a huge collection of eyewear to select from, with an option to ship internationally. The company also engages in charity programs that aim at giving back to society by helping the needy in third-world countries.

Both lenses and frames are designed by professionals with passion and care, aiming to produce high-quality and comfortable glasses with precision at their best. If you combine the price, and the commitment of these guys, alongside the available styles and designs, we can conclude that the brand is worth all you have. They have the vision to help all people with impairment worldwide. The customer reviews online are awesome.

Interestingly, most of these customs are repeated. While there are a few complaints about the customers' ethical practices and shipping services, that is no longer an issue. The brand also has a perfect rating on the Better Business Bureau, indicating its excellent online response to customers' concerns.

The company has experts and an excellent customer support team that works with the science experts to guarantee high-quality service and efficient responses to your concerns. This is enough proof to indicate how the brand is worth trying today.

Warby Parker Glasses Discounts

For our reviews, we also researched the Warber Parker glasses deals and discounts on their eyewear g products. While, at the moment, there are no promo codes online, there are other lucrative deals to capitalize on. These promotions come with unique features, selected products, or certain conditions. First, the virtual Try on option is one of the perfect ways to identify what fits you well before the actual purchase, and it is considered a promotional method.

You can also pay the costs of the products using the insurance coverage as they accept the FSA and HSA insurance payment plans, which is a plus. And if you are a customer based in the USA, there is an option to try on the frames upto five options for free using the Home try-on- plan. There are numerous flexible spending plans on their website.

At the time of research, the brand also offered 15% off on the products if you bought two or more RX pairs from their store. When you purchase the contact, you qualify for the store credit of $50 on eyewear alone. Again they are neo accepting Vision insurance, which places you on the safer side to get upto $100 while you use the benefits. There are annual supply bonuses, and your first order places you enjoying 15% off when you sign up on the platform.

Warby Parker Glasses Contact

Besides the information on their website, the company has given up multiple methods to contact them in case there is an issue, or you need clarification on something related to their eyewear products. Besides using the chat tab, you can contact the Warby Parker customer support team on the phone at 888-492-7297 or mail them through US mail at help@warbyparker.com. If you are located in Canada, reach them through canadahelp@warbyparker.com.

However, these methods are only available Monday through Sunday, from 9 am to 9 pm EST. The good news is that you can also collaborate with them on the social media platform. The marketing and support teams are available on the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter handles, ready to engage and give you access to all the latest deals with live updates.


Q. What is the rating of Warby Parker on the BBB website?

Based on the current rating, the Warby Parker brand is rated as A+, which shows how responsive the customer's support is.

Q. Are all Warby Parker's eyewear glasses efficient for use?

Based on the pricing point, the glasses are good and high quality, and the brand offers you multiple options to save using discounts. However, the glasses are not that high quality compared to other premium eyewear brands. They are absolutely good for any eyeglasses needs.

Q. What is the cost of Warby Glasses averagely?

From the current market, the cost of Warby Parker glasses varies from one to another, depending on the choice you make. The single vision prescription costs $95, while the progressive prescription costs $295. The cost also increases when you select the extra add-on features such as the blue light filter as well as the transition lenses.

Q. Are these Warby Parker blue lights worth the money?

Despite its robust popularity around the world, blue light has now been proven by scientists not to have any eye strain and doesn't even prevent one from sleeping. Hence, blue light lenses are not that effective though they also have minimal benefits.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Warby Parker company?

Remember that this brand only offers delivery to customers based in the Canadian and US regions. In addition to these two, the company still provides delivery to the areas such as the US Virgin island, Puerto Rico, Military APO, FPO, DPO, and Guam addresses. As always, the brand offers free standard shipping. But when you place multiple orders simultaneously, they must split the orders, and each must have the prescription.

From the website, they have no order processing duration outlined since every order is unique. However, orders placed by customers outside these regions tend to take longer to deliver. But when you have urgent orders, you can rely on expedited shipping for only us based customers, which costs you $20. This always reduces the waiting time by half normal. You can access the shipping breakdown from the official website if you are US-based.

Q. What is the return policy of the Warby Parker brand?

While gift cards are non-refundable, they are not entitled to the return policy in any way. Otherwise, all orders have a 30 days return policy valid. And they add that this return is hassle-free. And to go the extra mile, they give all customers a free refund when they are not okay with the glasses.

All the eyeglasses, as well as sunglass lenses, come with a 12-month non-scratch guarantee. Currently, they are not replacing lenses or frames. You can use the application not only for payment but also for tracking the order once dispatched.


Warby Parker is a reliable brand for offering eyewear and sunglasses lenses at affordable prices. The company has numerous offers to help save the bucks. Still, they engage in activities to give back to the community through charity organizations. From The above article, Warby Parker is among the prisoners of the direct-to-consumer brand with numerous positive customer feedbacks. It is a great choice for friendly pricing if the quality is not a factor but durability matters.

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