NOBULL Shoes Review: *Pros and Cons* Are They Worth the Price?

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Searching for high-quality, affordable, and unique cross-training shoes from multiple brands? Check out the NOBULL Shoes on the market. Read our NOBULL Shoes review to the end and make an informed decision if the brand’s product is all you need for the training.

If you are in the middle of training while it's hot, then realize that you have no option other than redlining, then there is no alternative to turn back the time. This is because you are in a race to finish on time. Sometimes, what brings in challenges is the achy as well as blisters that are likely to develop on your heel. Most people do not expect such issues while on the race or training session.

The good news is that you can avoid all these, but you must get the right training shoes. Therefore, this review article will dive deep into the NOBULL shoes and what the brand offers its customers online. But first, let us get started with the company overview.

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NOBULL Shoes Review

NOBULL is a one-of-a-kind brand online, and from their webpage, the company does not have much to deliver to the customers. However, the brand is popular for offering not only apparel but also footwear, accessories, etc., for the fitness self-starter as well as designed for the athletes that want solid shoes or accessories without causing gimmicks.

The company has a huge pleasant following on social media platforms that speaks to many amazed customers. NOBULL also promises customers that their shoes and other apparel are manufactured to achieve the training, fitness, health, and workout objectives. From the NOBULL website, the mission reflects everything and details all information you need to access every product. No need to search for the original stories as long as there are personal records to hold.

From the data online, most people claim that the founder first worked at Reebok and has enough experience in training shoes, styles, and designs. In the next section, we will go through the company's best-selling products, share the customer experience, shipping and return policy, and discounts the brand offers its customers. This is more than what you need to decide upon purchasing the brand's products. Here are the pros and cons in summary.

NOBULL Shoes Pros:

NOBULL Shoes Cons:

Why We Like NOBULL Shoes

Like other brands, NOBULL also has a huge collection of shoes covering women and men. Combining the positive reviews online with the high quality, comfort, and durability of the shoes, makes us rank the brand as well. Therefore, we must give you a good picture by going into some of the brand's best-sellers under each category.

The Best-Selling NOBULL Women Runners

This review must remain upfront on this. Therefore, some colors of the below popular choice are not Conan-approved. Thus, we will go with the bright pink, orange trim, and black with turquoise. Though you might underestimate the brand, the shoes look flashy and cool. They offer strong, stylish fitness to select from.

The first in this list is NOBULL Black Trainer, which is matte black except on the tongue with the NOBULL logo at the side. They are perfect for people serious with their workout routine and more than student-standard scuffed-up vans. Their sizing ranges from 5 to 11 half-size.

There is NOBULL Cool Grey Knit Runner, a contemporary and surfer-like design at the bottom edge to resemble a Yeezy nod. Though single lace, they are tapered at the ankle to exude maximum comfort. They are always true to size with great cushioning.

The second last is NOBULL Midnight Palm Trainer comes with the black urban design and patterned color flash found at the bottom trim. If you find it fit, grab the pair since they are scarce in supply. There are others in this category, like NOBULL Black Heather Pixel Trainer, which has colorful digital camo and contains stylish gray or black material at the top.

Lastly, NOBULL Bright Pink Knit Runner is designed to impress with an electric design perfect for running under 10k, weightlifting, and cross-training.

The Best-Selling Nobull Men's Runners

The brand has one of the multipurpose runners, which falls under best-selling shoes that no one can mess around with. In the collection, you will enjoy both stability and comfort and its modern-looking design.

The best-selling Men runners are only two; NOBULL Black Gum Canvas Trainer tends to be attractive but simple and used by most gym aficionados in weightlifting and cross-training. These stylish shoes also fit perfectly in the actual size from 8 to 18.

The second is NOBULL Cool Grey Knit Runner good for short-distance sprints as well as delivers well in the resistance workout. They have the mess top design, which ensures ventilation on toes and feet and tucks ankles for cl; a fit.

The other popular apparel from the brand includes NOBULL Women's Muscle Tank, which comes in 20 unique colors but seven sizes. Though made with a simple design, they contain high-quality fabric to facilitate workouts.

Next is the NOBULL High-Neck Sports Bra that is comfortable and tight at the same time to minimize rather than give you a sculpted appearance. You can put it on during the running session or weightlifting. The size varies from extra small to large.

Customer Review

As our routine, we cannot finalize a brand review without looking at the customer reviews online. There is a lot of online feedback for the NOBULL shoes and other accessories. Therefore, we discovered multiple external sites with real reviews from their search.

We will start with the site, where the author studies the brand and lists the best-selling, the specs of the NOBULL shoes, and many more things like the pros and cons. Though the shoes are expensive, the author still recommends them. as seen from the conclusion; it is clear to achieve the author stand in one statement:

"The NOBULL Trainers are strong as nails, and assessing that you could quickly be fastening these up for years and years, they offer a heckuva value. And, while other trainers outperform the NOBULLs in particular areas, nothing performs as well overall."

On Amazon, NOBULL women's training shoes also get an excellent rating. After 39 global reviews, the product scores 3.9 stars, and many people have complimented the quality, comfort, durability, and huge collection-fitting narrative. Most people on Amazon are happy with what they get from the company.

We also had time to throw the Reviewed site. The blog's author recommends the  Trainer as the perfect option for the strength training sneaker from the NOBULL brand. She then praises its stylish option and stable as well as supportive nature. Even though they are expensive, they give you value for your money. These Shoes are durable, and in the end, the author concludes:

"The Trainer+ is ideal for intense lifting training due to its wide, flat soles and rubber-coated upper. During squats, deadlifts, and lunges, I felt confident and stable, and these shoes will last a long time through various exercises."

Then on the RunRepeat platform, the company scores 4.7 after 21546 votes and 89 out of 100 after 15 expert reviews. This gives the brand a supper 93% recommendation rate. Thus, in verdict, you can never go wrong when you choose these trainer shoes, even if they are not breathable. They have all you need to get started with a workout, running, and any session.

And lastly, on the That Fit Friend platform, the author also reviews the NOBULL trainer as best for cross-training. The author goes deep into the performance and many other things before giving the shoes a 4.8 stars rating. Also, these shoes are perfect for recreational lifting, cross-training workouts, and cross-fit sessions. The above rating is obtained based on stability, versatility, and durability. You can sum up the review by watching a Youtube video.

Generally, the brand has a strong online reputation and positive feedback from real customers worldwide. It's a no-brainer choice for many people who recommend it.

Where to Buy NOBULL Shoes?

The best place to order the NOBULL shoes or other apparel is by visiting their official website. Place an order on, and they will deliver to your location. Still, the company has multiple retail shops in SoHo, Boston, and Miami in the USA. However, when the brand does not deliver to your location, they also have online retailers from which you can order. visiting retailers like:-

Are NOBULL Shoes Worth It?

Before summing up our reviews, this is the section we need to give our stand from the experience of using the products. Therefore, if you are still asking whether the NOBULL shoes are legit or worth the money, the answer from our side is a no-brainer choice, and we are for it. But the NOBULL shoes are perfect when traveling across gyms while exercising if you are fond of running paths.

The brand has multiple positive online reviews praising the huge shoe collection and excellent customer support services. And to the research team, the company's shoes are worth it all, and most of the review claims that the shoes are game changers. However, the shoes are much more expensive compared to the alternatives online. But the shoes are perfect if you are a regular workout person or love running.

Once you have the shoes, you will, in the end, see the changes in the quality jumps. And if you are a casual person, the NOBULL shoes are still functional and versatile. These shoes are compatible and designed for multiple purposes, including workplace situations. The trainer works well, like the sneakers.

The brand has become the most debated online in the CrossFit community. In summary, the shoes are worth it, but if you prefer using minimalist training shoes, you always prefer going for weightlifting shoes to wear anywhere, or rather you value durability.

NOBULL Shoes Discounts

You are here because you want the coupon code or are searching for the NOBULL shoe discounts and lucrative deals to save you the bucks. Well, from the research, we found that the company offers good deals to save money, if not coupons. Therefore, you can start by enjoying free shipping for orders from customers in Canada and Australia.

No need to use the NOBULL discount code on this service since it's available at the checkout. The company also pays for the import duties and customs fees linked to your ordered products. If we go deeper, the brand also offers military discounts.

Thus, customers falling under the military, teaching, nurses, medical professionals, first responders, government employees, or hospital employees can capitalize here and save money for the next order. NOBULL company also offers black Friday deals, which you can only access on their Instagram handle. You can subscribe to their newsletter and stay updated on all the latest coupons, special offers, and discounts.

NOBULL Shoes Contact

You are here because the above review article did not give you enough of what you wanted to know about the brand. The good news is that this NOBULL company gives you numerous means to contact the support team in case of need. First, the support team and marketing managers are present on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where you can follow them,e gage, and ask any concerns you have.

Then, the company allows us to send a text message to 1-617-997-0588. You can as well send mail through the address If you look keenly at their website, they have a live chat button where members are active all day. In addition, they have a ticketing system on the webpage, which is perfect when live chat is disabled.

If that is not enough to reach out to you, then you can fill in the contact form on the website and wait for the reply through your email address. However, the support team is only operational Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, while on Saturday from 12 pm to 6 pm EST.


Q. Who is the founder of the NOBULL brand?

NOBULL is a brand founded by two duos, Marcus Wilson and Michael Schaeffer, that historically worked at Reebok. Wilson Reebok's strategy for 3 good years, and Michael worked with Reebok for 7 years as the creative director.

Q. Where is the NOBULL brand headquartered?

NOBULL is a US-based company located specifically in Boston, Massachusetts. This means the company ships all its products from the United States.

Q. Is NOBUL company ethically oriented?

From the above reviews, we were not able to spot anywhere if the brand is ethical. Unfortunately, there is no indication of the ethical practices in the company.

Q. Can NOBULL be regarded as the Crossfit brand?

From the online data, it is clear that NOBUL is the major CrossFit game sponsor and is listed as the major supplier of Crossfit training shoes and apparel. The company announced the deal in early 2021, and immediately Reebok terminated the contract.

Q. Do NOBULL shoes fit true to size?

Looking at the customer feedback, many reviews clarify that NOBULL shoes fit true to size. But when you need extra information about sizing and selecting the fitting measurements, head to their official website for detailed guidance.

Q. What shoe sizes does NOBULL offer on the market?

In these reviews, we discovered that NOBULL has 3 sizing options or sets on the market. . shoes go to 8 for men while 5 to 11 for women, sports bras for extra small to large while muscle tanks extra small to extra large.

Q. What is the NOBULL shipping policy?

The shipping policy depends heavily on your location. But generally, our reviews found that the delivery takes about 24 to 48 hours to process the order and then assign it to the carrier, where delivery takes between 2 to 5 business days to arrive if you use priority mail. For expedited shipping, the delivery takes 2 to 3 business days.

But for the customers in Canada and Australia, the company pays for the customs costs and duties and the shipping charges. Immediately, the carrier collects the order, and companies send you the confirmation and tracking link to your email address alongside the estimated delivery duration. For international orders, delivery takes 2 to 5 weeks once they leave the NOBULL facility.

Q. What is the return policy of NOBULL?

Our reviews found that NOBULL only accepts returns as long as the product is still new and contains the tag, but this is only applicable within 60 days of reception of the order. For US-based customers, orders come with a prepaid label for the return shipping costs.


Though NOBULL is not the best, they are absolutely great, especially when you go for the NOBULL trainer. The company has different shoe options, designs, styles, and specs. The choice depends on your preference.

The brand has the perfect option when you want minimalist shoes or value stability besides the cushion. Although the price is high, shoe enthusiasts do not care for cross-training shoes which guarantee comfort. Go for the kicks today and enjoy comfort alongside durability.

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