Axel Arigato Shoes: Why Say They Are Sustainable Style Meets Cultural Design?

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Are you struggling to discover the ideal brand that streetwear chics meet Scandinavian minimalism? Try out the Axel Arigato shoe world and explore it in detail. We will dive into the brand, seek the collection, and rate if it is a must-have brand for fashion-forward enthusiasts.

On top of the clothing, you also need to supplement them with high-end footwear. But for the contemporary footwear realm, there are many things you need to consider before making a move. Many brands have emerged with different styles, features, shades, and collections. But change can come with anything, and when two famous brands merge, they shake the world by introducing a new fashion frontier.

One of the companies we have encountered online through our research is Axel Arigato Shoes, and it blends not only  Scandinavian elegance but also innovation and style in one choice. Thus, through this article, we will take you through the brand, through the world of collection, analyze their lucrative deals, where to buy, contact, and base our honest verdict from the customer feedback. Uncover the ethos of the brand and understand why minimalists appreciate this brand.

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Axel Arigato Shoes Review

Axel Arigato is a fashion brand offering cutting-edge footwear, targeting redefining how people view your personality. The brand features an extensive collection of shoes where the design is loaded with cultural views while considering the sustainability pledges. Though they also have clothing and accessories, our focus today is their shoe collection. Indeed, Axel Arigato serves not only kids but also men and women worldwide.

With a perfect social media presence and followers, the company has established a strong reputation online. Therefore, Axel Arigato was founded by Albin Johansson alongside Max Svärdh in 2014. The name Arigato in Japanese means thank you. The two get inspiration after considering the famous Japanese art, music, and architecture.

They knew no company had ever done this before venturing into this business gap. However, it sounds surprising that Svärdh is based in Sweden, though approximately 96% of the collection is sourced and designed in the portal. All these are manufactured with the sustainability goal at heart. Though the company was working well, after evaluating, the two founders decided to evaluate and realized that the textile waste and product elements dramatically affect the environment.

Though on the verge, they decided to devise a mission: to design and reinvent a unique manufacturing process that aims to pledge and bring a fruitful change to our environment and the earth at large. Surprisingly, the brand's collection does not feature staple apparel; hence, their design is only temporary, reflecting the fleeting approach to the world but focusing on the future.

We intend to steer this review to another level. However, we have something for you to meditate about because you will likely encounter these pros and cons when you dedicate to Axel Arigato Shoes. Here are some highlights.

Axel Arigato Shoes Pros:

Axel Arigato Shoes Cons:

Why We Like Axel Arigato Shoes

Axel Arigato is a brand that focuses on designing and selling footwear. But before we get into some of the best-selling shoes, we would like to highlight a few features that make us fall for this company. Axel Arigato has become popular because of its ground-shaking as well as unique footwear designs. Through the process, these guys ensure that they address the needs of their customers and create at their peak.

Most of these footwear and accessories are designed in Puerto Europe using high quality and professionally selected materials, like leather sourced from the tanneries, hence sustainable. The company is overly committed to engaging in sustainable processes from every aspect of the operation.

Though some people rank it a luxury company, their footwear and accessories are available at a friendly price instead of the high-end labels, which do not sacrifice quality for price. In the collection, Axel Arigato features multiple products, which start from ready-to-wear shoes serving both men and women. They also have a dedicated section for the latest drops and accessories.

They have notable sneakers with smooth and embossed leather at the upper part featuring the crocodile skin texture, not forgetting the white rubber sole. These are all made using recycled polyester. Generally, the three products are well known because of their unique features, designs, and sustainable practices. Compared to other luxury brands, Axel Arigato shoes are relatively affordable to give a try.

Regarding materials, Axel Arigato shoes are mostly made with 100% bovine leather, which is sustainably sourced from animal waste. And this company has indeed partnered with GOTS, which ensures that their materials are sourced sustainably and responsibly. To an extent, some of the products are made using Recycled polyester, which gives these footwear and accessories durability and versatility while reducing environmental pollution.

These materials are made in a small European firm in Porto, Portugal. Well-established families run and manage these firms because of their craftsmanship experience. Elsewhere, the Axel Arigato leather shoes are designed using premium quality hide in Portugal. And this leads us to the next section of the review. We want to highlight some of the best-selling Axel Arigato footwear and accessories.

The Best-Selling Axel Arigato Footwear And Accessories

The brand has an extensive collection of luxury apparel with impressive appearance, modern feel, and classic footwear that is artistically made. In this subsection, we will go into detail to list some of the best-selling Axel Arigato products in store, and ranking is based on the rating and experience.

Clean 90 Sneaker is one of the Axel Arigato footwear that is simple and sleek. They are ideal as casual footers because of the perfect basic black selection to add to the closet. They are good when you pair them with your favorite tee and jeans.

These sneakers are designed using premium leather, featuring a cushioned footbed, arch support, rubber cup sole, and flat cotton laces. These shoes are available with an eye-catching gold logo stamp. They also contain a leather lining as well as a 20% recycled rubber sole, while their cushioned footbed is ordinarily removable.

Axel Arigato Chelsea Boot comes second, and though this is the well-known first design from the company, it is always ready for wear. The boots come with tread-patterned soles to give you extra grip and attain a badass vibe. They also contain the gold Arigato stamp and the leather lining to comfort you. Like the first pair, this also comes with a removable cushioned footbed, and the sole is cemented to keep the shape intact.

Next up is the  Single Bee Bird Hoodie. This luxury loungewear is designed to give you added comfort because they are made with 100% organic cotton. The inside is cozy because they are brushed. This is the first classic style targeting women in the brand collection. However, it is ideal for daily routines or errands since they are famous for their lightweight as well as super soft nature.

V2 Messenger Bag is another product from this company, and when you pair it with the single bee bird hoodie, you can have that effortless and laid-back appearance. This minimalist bag has a front slip and main pocket to fulfill your basic requirements. The bag is made with 100% polyester canvas with adjustable jacquard woven branded straps to make it attractive. It also features PU pilling for maintaining shape, while the gunmetal logo and metal trims highlight its much-needed accent.

Clean 90 Croc Sneakers are brand-fierce as well as low-key sneakers. Typically, these sneakers are designed to feature smooth and embossed gray leather at the upper part and crocodile skin texture. The gray cotton laces and white rubber soles complement its streamlined aesthetic. At the upper part, the shoes have 100% leather and lining. Its 20% recycled rubber role is responsible for absorbing shock.

In line with our ranking, we also have Genesis Vintage Runner. These Vintage runners are made with the future at heart. They are designed by buying a blend of sustainable materials and practices to target minimalist customers who have thick heels and wish to attain a futuristic vibe that matches their preferences. It mixes the retro and modern feel and is made with different sustainable materials.

The list is long, and we also want to mention the Axel Arigato Stamp Hoodie. These hoodies are comfortable and classic, as well as polished. They are designed with 100% organic cotton. This closet staple is perfect for class, gym, and chilling. They originated from Portugal and hence feature the Arigato embroidery at the chest.

To sum up our list, here comes Axel Arigato Alton D Frame Sunglasses as part of the accessories. These glasses reflect the future mission of the brand. They feature a flat top ridge and rounded bottom, and in fact, they come with cellulose acetate as well as CR-39 lenses that offer you 100% UV protection. There is always something in the store to smile about.

Customer Review

Yes, we have covered the most critical part of the review from the history and best-selling footwear, but for this review to be complete, we must also value the customers' views. Hence, Axel Arigato Shoes review proceeds to testimonies from different sites.

Starting with Trustpilot, there are 655 reviews in which the company scores a poor rating of 1.8 stars, but statistics indicate that 21% of the customers are delighted. . one of the customers indicated their satisfaction with a statement:-

"Own top-notch fashionable sneakers." Their customer service is excellent, and they are concerned about any concerns that may arise. I will continue to buy from them."

Thing Testing also features 11 reviews, and the brand gets a rating of 3.0 stars overall. This is an average but convincing rating to have. And if you proceed to Opumo, the blog's author reviews the Axel Ariogator clean 90 sneaker reviews. The review considers aspects such as the feel and appearance of the sneaker, and in the long run, this editor complements the nature of the sneaker for daily routine, either dressing up or down, as it is more versatile and comfortable.

Shopbop also highlights multiple reviews and ratings, and out of 12 reviews, the company scores awesomely, indicating praises everywhere. There are many other external sites, including Coggle, which gives you a detailed guide on sneakers, while on The Shoe Snob, we understand that the brand is meant to design footwear targeting future trainers.

Equally, Reddit presents a thread on Axel Arigato low with a year review, and the compliments are amazing from first to initial impression, where most people are happy with the brand's appearance, durability, extensive styles, and sustainability goal. On the Aphrodite, the author takes a closer look at the Axel Arigato orbit, from the main features to how it fits the available styles.

Lastly, Olive Cabell has a detailed review that compares the minimalist sneakers from the Axel Arigator and Olive Cabell, and the conclusion accepts both brands for not only high-quality sneakers but also sustainable and impressive craftsmanship.

As you can see, the testimonies speak for this brand, and it is clear that the company's footwear is worth the investment.

Where to Buy Axel Arigato Shoes

Although this footwear is available through retailers, you can have an entire collection, lucrative deals, and arrivals from their official stores, However, in the European region, you can also navigate through their specific stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Alsterhaus, Oberpillinger, etc.

Does Axel Arigato Shoes sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Axel Arigato Shoes stores on Amazon.

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Is Axel Arigato Shoes Worth It?

You might still wonder if the Axel Arigato Shoes are worth the investment. Indeed, this footwear is impressive and provided that the brand has an extensive collection featuring different styles and shades to select from, they are worth giving attention to. These guys have an admirable sustainability mission. Most customers rank this brand because of the mission as they help save the world.

Axel Arigato Shoes are designed using recycled materials, cutting manufacturing costs. Though the price is friendly due to low manufacturing costs, the quality is perfect and within the price range.

Therefore, if you are searching for comfortable, long-lasting, and high-end footwear designed in Europe, Axel Arigato Shoes is an ideal option with an ideal price tag. Like other brands, Axel Arigato Shoes also has an impressive return policy. Thus, in case you do not like them, then you have the option to return them to their stores. Meanwhile, try Axel Arigato Shoes, and you will never regret enjoying multiple lucrative deals.

Axel Arigato Shoes Discounts

Currently, there are limited offers on the Axel Arigato Shoes. Throughout the research, we never spotted any promo code on the website. However, there are offers you can capitalize on and keep an eye on the updates in the future.

Otherwise, the brand insists you subscribe to the newsletter to access their deals and many more updates. There are frequent sales, drops, and events meant for you. On top of that, they guarantee you a free return service on your order if you do not like the footwear. Follow them on social media for more updates and giveaways.

Axel Arigato Shoes Contact

Through this Axel Arigato Shoes review, there might still be a pending query about the brand or the products. If we have not sufficiently addressed the FAQ section, the only option is to seek clarification. Therefore, you can connect with the company anytime through multiple methods.

The first is engaging with the team on social media platforms, including following them on Facebook pages, X(Formerly Twitter), or Instagram accounts. Besides the above, the brand has highlighted the official approaches, which include filling out the contact form on the website and submitting a reply. Secondly, you can compose an email and send it to the team through


Q. Where is the Axel Arigato brand situated?

The above review shows that the name originated in Japan, though the company is based in Sweden.

Q. Is Axel Arigato an original designer company?

From the above information, we can conclude that the company was founded and managed by Max Svärdh, who is not just a designer but also made this brand a contemporary fashion firm.

Q. Does Axel Arigato engage in eco-friendly practices?

Regarding material sourcing, the company engages and incorporates sustainable practices. Their materials are made using recyclable polyester, which is, in the long run, recycled from textiles as well as water bottles. Thus, their final cotton is 100% organic in nature.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Axel Arigato brand?

The brand has claimed that they offer shipping to over 130 countries well spread across the globe. Their warehouses are based in Sweden, where they ship from to other destinations. They have highlighted the shipping duration as well as charges of duration as outlined. If you are based in Sweden, you can ship using standard and express services. Standard costs you 10 SEK and takes 2 to 4 working days to arrive.

In contrast, express costs 90 SEK, and delivery time is estimated as 1 to 3 working days. Norwegian customer standard costs you 99 DKK, which takes 3 to 5 working days and express costs 199 DKK, which takes 1 to 3 working days. Denmark and Great Britain also have standard and express shipping, which still applies to European destinations, but delivery time and charges differ.

But when it comes to US orders, you can use standard shipping for free, which takes 3 or 5 working days to deliver. When your order is below $800, the cost includes the international duties. From the information on the website, the company typically takes one day to process your order. Before shipping, they also send you a confirmation alongside the tracking link to your email.

Q. What is the return policy of the Axel Arigato brand?

The brand offers free returns services because orders are delivered with the return label. However, it would help if you met their outlined condition for your order to be eligible for the return. First, you must initiate the return within 30 days of delivery. Also, the products must be in their original condition, including the tags. Lastly, you must put the products in the original package.

Hence, initiating the return process is very simple. From the website, please fill out the return form, attach the UPS return label to the package, and then drop it at the mail or postal office for collection. Once UPS scans your package, they will notify you through the mail, and within one week, they will process your return, where the refund is expected to your account in another 2 to 5 working days.

Note that you must attach the pre-printed return label to the order for this process to go smoothly. The brand will not process your package for a refund if it doesn't have the pre-printed return label.


In contemporary footwear, the Axel Arigato brand has carved the market through its impressive shoes. The company blended the modern style with the Scandinavian minimalism preferences through streetwear. In the above review, we have also seen that many customers have praised the brand for its high-quality footwear, craftsmanship, and sustainable practices. Their styles promote durability and comfort at their peak. Elevate your wardrobe with this classic and impressive shoe collection and embrace your friends.

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