My Patriot Supply Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth to Buy?

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Considering shifting to the best-known emergency food solution with consistent but affordable pricing? Check out My Patriot Supply; they will take you to the next level with the survival food packages you would ever want.

There are many emergency food supply companies online. Most often tends to play with the mind of customers over apocalyptic advertisements based on the fear of the target people. No one is on the market to stop these companies from manufacturing such horrible food as long as they are sure that you will purchase then store them in your bunker without eating them.

Therefore, before storing the emergency food upon purchase, we recommend testing them first. This way, you will be able to get equipped on how not only to cook it but also to have a taste or flavor. One of the reliable companies online is My Patriot Supply.

This is not just inexpensive; there is a lot about the company. Please read our reviews to the end to make the right decision. It is very important to learn from customer feedback.

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My Patriot Supply Review

My Patriot Supply is a company that provides all sorts of survival products or emergency food you will ever need in your plans. The company understands that everyone must always be prepared. Therefore, My Patriot Supply was founded in 2008 to guide the nation in preparedness for unknown disasters. They began by packaging all the survival supplies and emergency food for the disasters in case.

The company offers kits perfect for the market with the longest shelf life of premium seed as well as food. They grow and package their food supplies in the USA. This brand was developed by Matt Redhawk, who told the nation that it is freedom and not food that preached to people preparedness and self-reliance.

Today, the company understands how to plot, plan and execute methods targeting to strengthen survival chances instead of establishing fear among people.

Because of their preparedness, many businesses flourished during the inception of the 2020 pandemic, which helped millions of people in the US to manage their current alongside future struggles. Though emergency food and supplies are the benchmarks, they continue to expand their reach and stores by launching new packages and food kits.

We must prepare to face it because we all need to survive. Today, My Patriot Supply offers premium seeds, water, and miscellaneous alongside food for the security needs to prepare for unknown disasters. The company has established a strong online reputation with huge followers on social media platforms. Many people follow them to prepare, stay up to date with their current skills, survive, and for their self-reliance.

Therefore, in this review, I will go beyond to discuss some of the bestselling emergency food kits, check out the customer feedback and the promotions, and find out if the products are worth investing in them in the long run. Let us now move to the pros and cons of the company.

My Patriot Supply Pros:

My Patriot Supply Cons:

Why We Like My Patriot Supply

The review of My Patriot Supply online is pretty neat, and the product ranges from purification systems, Glenn Beck, to seeds, water, and air. With these numerous products in the inventory, we would like to select a few of the outstanding on the market under each category in this section to create a clear picture of what the brand offers regarding emergency supplies and food.

The Best My Patriot Supply Emergency Survival Food

Since in the case of a disaster, what matters most is what you eat, then regardless of who you are, the brand gets you covered. The food supply from this company makes an excellent chunk, and in the favorite plans, you can come across multiple options. In my research, I decided on My Patriot Supply 1-Week Food Supply Ammo, which you can build up weekly and comes with 58 servings of 9 different meals.

The food is kept in a portable, tight container and is fast to cook. Second is My Patriot Supply 4-Week Emergency Food Supply, good for the long term with large family usage and comes in sealed buckets that weigh 38 lbs and contains 256 servings in case of an emergency.

There is also a 3-Month Emergency Food Supply that serves up to 2000 calories daily. 6-Month Emergency Food Supply includes 1754 meals and over 240 lbs weight. The investor also has a 72-Hour Sample Pack and a Gluten-Free Food Kit.

The Best-Selling My Patriot Supply Air Purification

Besides food supply, the brand also understands that you need an air purification solution in an emergency. In this category, we only accessed one product which is My Patriot Supply Alexapure Breeze True Hepa Air Purifier. It is good, and you can breathe easy since it uses the HEPA filter to eliminate all the pollen and impurities. It is energy efficient since it was designed for minimalists.

The Best-Selling My Patriot Supply Water Purification

Scientists insist that you drink more water which becomes a great concern in a disaster. But the brand offers you clean as well as healthy water to drink. Here, we encountered multiple options to select from. It ranges from Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System capable of filtering all the threats to give you refreshing and pure water.

Among the best-selling products is the Ready Hour 9-in-1 Multi-Function LED Solar Rechargeable Flashlight, which is solar-powered and uses magnetic flashlights to light your room, charges your power bank, and works as a compass. Then you should note that the food stocked by this brand lasts up to 25 years when unopened on the shelf. Go for it and be prepared for any disaster that might come your way.

Customer Review

The recommendations from the verified customers are the next thing that can fulfill your expectations concerning the My Patriot Supply review. This involves considering multiple feedback online from customers who have real experience. Therefore, we will start with their website at The brand has a general rating of 4.8 stars after 62412 reviews. This is amazing, as the feedback has come from real, verified customers. Many people here are satisfied with the products, and no one is raising complaints at first glance.

Roughly, most customers praise the hard copy of the survival books, some calls it the peace of mind, etc. one of the customers gives us a whole lot in a statement saying:

"A fantastic way to improve your emergency supplies! With a wide variety of foods and protein-rich counts, this three-month supply is an ideal pick and option for anyone who wants to be prepared for any disaster!"

There are also plenty of customer reviews on Amazon that indicate the customers' satisfaction with the brand. For instance, we were able to spot the My Patriot Supply 72-hour food supply, where the brand scores 4.2 stars after 50 global ratings. 63% give it five stars, while only 4% find some product issues. Heading to the Trustpilot, there is a whole lot as well. However, 9 reviews raise concerns here, and the brand scores a poor rating of 2.7 stars.

Though many have raised their issues about the brand, 33% of the customers recommend the products. For instance, the insane praise of the customer supports services, extreme packaging, which is awesome, and perfect shipping. Check out the below customer feedback on the brand:

"I received a different product by mistake, but customer service speedily assisted and sent the correct item for free. I also got to keep the other one. Excellent customer service."

On the Practical Self Reliance website, the author is amazed at the 25 years of emergency food guaranteed service. Mostly, the author is complimenting not only the affordability of the emergency food but also consistent delivery and access to long-term food storage options. Also, when you move to the Best Company site, My Patriot Supply brand scores 3.4 stars after 14 user reviews. This indicates most of the customers are happy.

I can compliment this with the review on SHTF Blog. The author highlights no complaints about the company and praises the decency, fair pricing, and long-lasting emergency food on the market. There is also a lot on the Youtube video reviews and Facebook page, with 4.2 stars after 950 customer feedback about the brand.

Find a time and go through the feedback as well. Generally, this company is the favorite option for many people online as emergency food is concerned. It stands out due to its online reputation, excellent customer support, and wide selection of choices with the option to upgrade. Most customer reviews lean on the positive side rather than the negative complaints.

Where to Buy My Patriot Supply

First, you must understand that the brand provides food kits and survival supplies through its official website. That is, you can purchase the products on However, in my research, I also realized that there are limited products from My Patriot Supply company on Amazon. This means that you can always stick to the website rather than going for the online retailers with huge options to select from.

Is My Patriot Supply Worth It?

You must wonder if the emergency food and survival supplies are worth it. Based on the above information, My Patriot Supply is worth it all. The company has a huge collection of food, premium seeds, water, and miscellaneous products ready to order. They also guarantee quality services and fast shipping to your location. This is a reliable brand to look for preparedness

. It is always a good idea to have the basic supplies stored in your home for unknown reasons. None is aware of what might happen tomorrow; therefore, with as little as that small emergency supply, it makes a difference in case of a disaster. In addition, these products come at affordable prices and include lucrative deals and promotions to the customers based on numerous aspects. Get in touch and order your food and survival kits.

My Patriot Supply Discounts

Something worth mentioning on the My Patriot Supply discounts is the military rewards. From the research, we never saw the amount off on the military discounts, but there are active veterans, duty, and dependents alongside the deals. Suppose you, after grabbing the package, check out deals.

Again the company works in conjunction with Affirm payments for the financial planning programs; hence people enjoy manageable food prices on high budgets.

Also, note that the company guarantees customers fast and free shipping in the US; a 4-week emergency food supply saves you $100, and you can save $25 on the Christmas special offers, while the Christmas gifts, customers can save up to 67% off. This is only valid during the time of writing the review. Subscribe to their newsletters for updates and the latest deals.

My Patriot Supply Contact

If our reviews have left you unanswered questions, contact the support team if you cannot find them under the FAQ. My Patriot Supply support staff can attend to any of your concerns. They have provided multiple means through which you can contact them. First, you can call them at 866-299-0927, which is available 24/7.

There is also an email address through which you can contact them at If that is not enough, these guys are also available on social media platforms. You can follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where you can share and engage with them.


Q. Where does My Patriot Supply manufacture its food from?

First, we have discovered that the company values patriotism with which they take pride. Therefore, all the products are made in the USA and then supplied to the customers upon demand.

Q. What is the shipping policy of My Patriot Supply company?

If you have made up your mind and are considering placing an order, you must also understand the shipping policy. In this section, we will only cover the US and Canadian orders. The company offers the fastest shipping to the contiguous US state-based customers. In contrast, for customers in Canada, orders take 2 to 3 weeks to deliver.

Though US customers received orders within 2 days, since the inception of the pandemic, the orders have changed where 3-month emergency food kits, 6-month, and one-year emergency food kits, as well as gluten-free food kits, take between 7-10 days.

While any order that does not involve the above items takes between 2 to 3 business days to be delivered in the US; thus, the shipping costs a flat rate of $8, while free when you order products from $99 and above. Immediately after the company ships your orders, they send you the tracking code in the confirmation mail.

Q. What is the return policy of My Patriot Supply brand?

My Patriot Supply company has a favorable return policy. When you realize the delivery is not meeting your needs, you have 30 days to return the products for a full refund. The process of returning products is simple;

You can either call or send them an email address on the above addresses, then repackage those unused items together with the receipt and proof of purchase then ship[ off to 1175 South Meridian Park Road, suite A, Salt Lake City, UT 84104.

That is all you need to do, and when the order costs you a lot, we highly recommend relying on the tracking code. If the items are defective or damaged, you can exchange them by contacting the customer support team.


My Patriot sup[ply is a reputable company well known because of the wide selection of premium seed in water filtration, emergency food, and survival supplies in the US and Canada. The brand also has a short food storage inventory for disaster preparedness needs.

The above reviews covered the My Patriot Supply history, the best and most popular food kits, the promotional services, and customer feedback. Learn from experienced customers before getting what you need at an affordable price.

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