Kabo Dog Food Review: Help Your Dog in All Stages Of Life!

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Are you tired of typical dog food on the market? Try out the fresh dog food based on the subscription and enjoy the ever-changing pet food in the industry. Read the Kabo dog food review to the end for detailed information.

Have you ever wanted to give your pet the best nutritious meals or food but don't know where to start? You are not alone. I am here today to guide you through the long-standing company and what they promise to offer you. Multiple companies offer subscription-based human food, as we previously covered, while still, some brands provide dog food to make your work easy.

In this article, we will go through the Canadian-based company Kabo and dive into their subscription plans concerning the self-proclaimed healthy meals they deliver to your doorstep. Kabo is among the ever-changing companies offering pet food across Canada. Good dog food means better nutrition to help your dog in all stages of life. Therefore, let us find out if this is true.

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Kabo Dog Food Review

Kabo is a Canadian-based brand that offers high-quality pet dog food. The company was founded in the spring of 2020 by two duos, Vijay and Vino Jeypalan. This was immediately after they were featured on the famous TV program Dragon's Den. From the website, the founders aim to offer the customer's dog food they can count on.

The company has managed to earn a strong reputation. From the research, I realized that they obtained the reputation from the fact that you can purchase the personalized meal subscription plan. You can also base the requirements on vital stats, and they guarantee delivery depending on your needs.

The dog food from Kabo is made mainly in Canada using locally available ingredients without adding artificial flavors, by-products, and colors. Regardless of the conditions, like having the pickiest eating pets, Kabo remains the best dog food provider since the plans are designed and manufactured by experts with long-term experience in nutrition.

Because of its reputation, the company has been featured on famous blogs such as  The Globe and Mail, Forbes, and National Post. Still, we are delighted to second the fact that it has a massive customer base on Instagram and other social media platforms. Considering this is a puppy-show brand, that does not sound shabby. You might still wonder if this company can deliver the best for your dog or pets.

This Kabo  Dog food review will delve into the detailed statistics surrounding the best subscription plans, the offers and discounts, and customer feedback to help you gauge and make a reasonable decision. Before you decide if this is the best company for healthy canine food in Canada, let us summarize the brand's pros and cons.

Kabo Dog Food Pros:

Kabo Dog Food Cons:

Why We Like Kabo Dog Food

First of all, this company is dedicated to offering customers full-service and nutritious food to meet the ends of your pets. The fact that they provide cruelty-free and timely delivery to your doorstep makes us rank the company so high since you do not have to keep running to your store and consistently market with the mass-market kibble bag.

Also, in my research, I realized the company specializes in delivering fresh dog food with a customized recipe for your dog. The food recipes are designed with the canine nutrition professionals who then deliver the meal plan based on your subscription to your home. The food comes in excellent proportion and is perfectly sized. However, you must fill out the question and sign up for the subscription to receive the meal.

Please provide full details on the questionnaires so that the experts can easily have an easy time calculating the right calories for your dog. Regardless of the pus or dog, Kabo brings you all you need, including th food for the pickiest dogs. They have four fish recipes you can select from; in each, all the dogs enjoy the bite. Remember that Kabo allows you to change the subscription plan or selection anytime to have your dog sample everything the company offers.

Therefore, all the programs have ingredients with health benefits that become visible in the shortest time possible as long as you put the dog on a diet. Things like a healthy weight, shining coat, improved energy, as well as healthy poops. So, after selecting the plan, you have to schedule the delivery, which is also super flexible, and you can cancel it anytime.

Another thing worth mentioning is that every box has detailed guides for the right proportions and how to manage the system. This includes the transitional guides for a smooth process. With that in mind, it is also good to understand what the company offers on the menu.

Best-selling Kabo Fresh Dog Food Recipes

Since the company experts understand that every dog has a similar palate, the company has many options to offer you in the subscription. Therefore, if you realize that the first doesn't work well for your dog, you can shift to another one. There are 3 flavors mixed with the fresh dog food to attain the crunch as well as much-needed substance.

Savoury Beef Recipes are some of the best healthy and super tasty recipes they offer or formulated for your dog. Though this is grain free, they contain high proteins perfect for pets with dietary issues. Tender Chicken Recipe is a good option when the pup looks more portly since it contains lean protein and low calories. The other recipe is Luscious Lamb Recipe, the best on the market.

This recipe includes super proteins that effectively boost the immunity system, if not energy. Also, it contains the leafy superfood kale to supplement other elements. The last is Hearty Turkey Recipe, a top-notch recipe with lean protein. Therefore, it is suitable for pets with delicate constitutions since it contains the anti-oxid Natwest and is also quick to digest.

It also has green veggies for an extraordinary nourishment mixture. Kabo is fresh food, not raw because it has been gently cooked at a low temperature to ensure that it preserves fresh nutrients and makes it more digestible. Hence, this brand is a perfect alternative for people who need to offer their pets healthy, nutritious, and friendly meals.

This is because all the ingredients are sourced locally, and the experts in the house design recipes. Again, it is also a good option for people with a busy schedule or lifestyle because the meal is highly pre-portioned with no fuss and a no-brainer perfect for your pet. The cost of Kabo meals depends on the subscriptions. The good news is that you can request a customized recipe, but the baseline price depends on your subscription.

Customer Review

Customer feedback is paramount in the whole Kabo dog food reviews article. This gives the potential customers a clear picture of the company's reputation online from real customers based on their experience. Therefore, any brand review will not sound complete with customer reviews. On their website, there are plenty of customer reviews. However, these things are obtained directly from Trustpilot.

Therefore, you will realize that the brand has a rating of 4.8 stars after a whooping 829 reviews from customers all over the region. This is excellent and shows the satisfaction level of the customers. Of 829, 90% of the customers gave the company 5 stars. The latest reviews on the platform complement the brand for prompt delivery, good quality, and many more, as seen below:

"Charlie had pancreatitis, so we were advised to feed him low-fat foods. We looked for something acceptable and came across Kabo. We are grateful to the Kabo staff for putting our minds at ease and recommending. Charlie adores his Luscious Lamb and is doing well. Their distribution is prompt, and their monitoring is fantastic!"

Kabo also has excellent ratings of 4.2 stars after 15 reviews on the Facebook page. This is enough evidence to convince you of the company's quality, collections, and subscription plan. Looking at the recommendations, one of the verified buyers says:

"Max is a fussy eater who had digestive problems prior to starting Kabo. He is obsessed with the turkey recipe and adores the kibble, which is easy to digest and has a significant impact in his BMs and regularity! We are overjoyed! We alternate between chicken and beef recipes to keep things interesting for him, but his personal fave is the turkey recipe!"

The next place with the review on the brand is The Canine Health Nut, and I Heart Dogs platform. The authors are impressed and express their experiences on the blogs. Besides youtube videos, there is also another external website like Meli Inspired and Rocky's Journal. The reviews on these sites cover all the recipes, especially the chicken recipe and beef, as well as the responsiveness of the customer support team to the needs of the clients online.

Most people fall in love with the brand because of the discounts and promotions, the option to request a customized recipe, and high-quality Dog meals. Therefore, since the company delivers and many customers love the meals, you must pay for the services. Although it might be expensive, the company delivers value for your money.

Where to Buy Kabo Dog Food?

Kabo Dog Food is a subscribed dog food-based service. Therefore, you do not have any other option to get healthy and nutritious food delivered to your doorstep other than subscribing to the plan from their official website here. If you head to the questionnaire section, you will be able to access the questions like the name of the pets, the number of dogs, the breed, the age of the dog, gender and status,  weight of the dog, and then choose the recipe at least two different.

Therefore, you must select the amount of food you want to be delivered. Lastly, you will be fine if you provide the address and payment details. In our research, we could not locate any online retailers that offer the products.

Does Kabo Dog Food sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Kabo Dog Food stores on Amazon.

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Is Kabo Dog Food Worth It?

Kabo Dog Food is all you need for health and enough nutrition for your dog. The fact that the company delivers the food to your doorstep at an affordable price is enough to convince you. The brand makes everything convenient and provides access to healthy, nutritious, high-quality dog food. We could not even complain about anything. Based on the customer rating, I highly recommend the company.

It is worth the money. Become a great pet parent by regularly giving them a good treat with fresh food and delivery. The food also comes in a pre-measured promotion which is fantastic. Again, another benefit of subscribing to the Kabo dog food plan is that you get to access the in-house pet health experts for free as long as wellness and nutrition are concerned.

The company allows you to schedule the consultation on Tuesday and Thursday from 12 pm to 5 pm EST. However, these experts cannot give you a prescription but help locate the nearest vet in case of the medication.

Kabo Dog Food Discounts

Kabo brand is included in the customer promotion service. The company has lucrative deals right off from the signing up, which guarantees all new customers 20% off on all the first subscription boxes. Still, you can access date-based promotions and discounts.

For instance, Kebo offers 60% off on all orders during national dog week. While for labor day, the company offers 55% off on all orders. Sign up for the Kabo newsletter and stay updated with all the deals and latest promotions.

Kabo Dog Food Contact

I might not have covered everything you needed in this Kabo dog food review. However, you also have the next option to contact the support staff in case you have other issues which need to be addressed. First, if these guys are active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., follow them and engage; I guarantee they will respond.

More importantly, they also provide other contact details on the website. Therefore, you can reach out to them via phone number 1-844-5435226 or text messaging at 1-647-953-5820. If that is not enough, they also have the email address help@kabo.co. Share your question, and they will respond to you.


Q. Can I cancel my Kabo dog food subscription plan?

Yes, from the data online, it is possible to cancel the subscription. They provide two methods that you can follow. You can log in to a Kabo account and send a message to the team through the live chat request for the plan cancellation. Secondly,  you can email them to the email address to cancel the subscription.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Kabo brand?

The company offers free shipping to all Canadian-based customers. This exempts the customers based in the northwest territories, newfound; land, Nunavut, and Yukon. However, it can't ship to the PO box addresses since the food is fresh. Please check their website to see if the company can deliver to your postcode address.

Q. Does Kabo have a return policy?

All customers have 30 days to return the products in case it does not meet your expectations. However, fresh food does not qualify for the return. Anytime you wish to terminate the subscription. Upon returning the products, the company will provide you with a full refund through the previous payment method, which is done within 5 business days. The company covers all the return charges. You can send the return to either of the 3 centers in Canada.


It is worth paying an even more expensive price tag if you have access to healthy, nutritious, and fresh dog food delivered to your doorstep. Kabo is a subscription-based dog food company based in Canada. In our article, we have covered every essential area of the brand, the best subscription plans they offer customers, and the deals to save money.

Before you purchase, ensure you understand the company deeply; otherwise, they have a favorable return policy. However, they only offer free shipping to customers within Canada.

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