Little Spoon Review: Dose It Really the Healthy Organic Baby Food?

Ashley F. Bibbs

Little Spoon claims to offer healthy organic baby food, but should you buy it for your baby? Let's find out if it's true or just a scam!  

Healthy meals are essential to every child’s development. Meals that are rich in nutrients are what is desired, As a Father or a Mother, or a Guardian, You do want your ward to grow and develop well. This Review will help you see this brand called Little Spoon as the right choice to get desired results, not just that, quality and healthy meals being delivered to your doorstep every two weeks, Oh yes! Every two weeks.

Little Spoon ensures every meal contains fresh and clean ingredients Hundred Percent. And there is the absence of preservatives, that is, there are no preservatives. These establish how well prepared and delicious it is, it is also loaded with minerals and vitamins essential for the development of a healthy child.

The Los Angeles Times, Vogue, The New York Times, Well, and Time Magazine have all featured this great brand coupled with a large followership base on Instagram. From the review, you will be able to know and see why you should make this brand and all it offers the perfect pick for your ward.

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Little Spoon Review

Little Spoon is a brand that specializes in the production of a healthy and delicious meal that is fresh, which contains minerals and vitamins essential for a child to develop mentally, physically, and in all spheres, and also they deliver to your homes every two weeks. The meals made by Little Spoon have an average of about $5 each, they have prepared more than 6 million meals packaged and have designed platforms for parents.

Michelle, Ben, Lisa, and Angela founded Little Spoon in the year 2016. Their life's work was to make lives easier for parents; they started with “Baby blend’ first, they introduced this product to the market as a result of the frustration parents had, to get fresh food with different options for their babies.

This review on Little Spoon will fill you up with quality information about the brand and what they offer, what customers think about this brand, the pros, and cons of this brand, frequently asked questions,  discounts, how to contact the brand, and many more.

Little Spoon Pros

Little Spoon Cons

Why We Like Little Spoon

With this brand, you have over 100 flavors to choose from. The foods are fresh and are made for up to 2 weeks with the help of cold pressure. These foods have essential vitamins and all the necessary nutrients for growth and development. They also contain natural ingredients which are very important. There are no GMO or inorganic ingredients contained.

Customer Review

To have a comprehensive knowledge of what customers are saying about this brand, I took a very deep analysis because there was little or no information about what customers are saying concerning the brand on the internet. Nevertheless, I was able to find a reliable website for review to carry out my analysis. There have been a lot of positive reviews on that part of the internet. The in-depth knowledge further explains why most customers are satisfied with the brand and its product. Most of this feedback was centered on convenience, taste, nutrition, price, customer service, and packaging.

In my customer review on this brand, I made use of Trust pilot as my reliable website in knowing the thoughts and feelings of customers about this brand. There is a 3.7-star rating with over 90% excellent remarks. The quality of the taste and health benefits have been appreciated.

I ordered some nice gravy and a biscuit. They were all super nice. I am impressed and will order other items very soon.

Sign Up for Little Spoon

To get meals from this brand requires you to sign up to the brand on their website and follow up with all steps required.

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Is Little Spoon Worth It?

Despite it being quite difficult to know what customers are saying about this brand. Nevertheless, I was able to get comprehensive feedback from a reliable website that was in favor of the brand. The brand won the heart of their customer because there was no single negative comment about this brand. So if you have been thinking if the brand is worth it after all, then you might have your answer already.

I will recommend Little Spoon all the time. When you look at the pros of the brand, you will see that they have a whole lot of benefits of buying from them. They have a good shipping policy, etc. You have the idea of the kind of experience when you buy from this brand. Give it a try.

Little Spoon Discounts

There is no promotion during this review. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy a discount when you are a member by signing up for their emails

Little Spoon Contact

If you have questions or you require more information beyond the scope of this review, you can contact Little Spoon on their website via live chat, other means are;


Q. How can you describe the shipping policy?

If you are going for standard shipping, it will take about 7 days to get products delivered, It is also important to note, shipping is done in 48 states with a fixed price of $5 for delivery on baby blends and a rate of $6 for delivery on plates. All other shipments afterward will take 14 days until your schedule is altered.

Q. What is the return policy of Little Spoon?

The brand Little Spoon does not offer any form of return or exchange.

Q. Is Little Baby food safe?

This Brand is very particular about safety. They mean business about safety, and they are serious about the hygiene of the brand and its features from the preparation to the delivery, they ensure the baby blend minerals and vitamins are retained by cold pressing to kill off harmful bacteria.

Q. Is Little Spoon Expensive?

The Little Spoon subscription fee for the meals is not certain or stable. It goes from $25 to $60 for 7 days, you can get a meal for $5 on average. Prices for their meals are quite reasonable.


Your ward's health and development is a top priority and at this stage of their young lives they need all the nutrients they can get to grow, stay strong, and healthy. Little Spoon offers this solution from the review. You can make that decision today to do business with them.

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