The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Review: Should You Buy This Dehydrated Food for Your Dog?

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Are you online looking for high-quality dehydrated food for your doggie to add to the cart? Your search might end with the Honest Kitchen Dog food. Take time and go through the review to learn about this company.

Scientific research greatly affects the method of food production around the world. The same also affects the pets' food production ingredients. Recently, pet food production also changed to healthier diets, affecting manufacturing and companies. Therefore, if you own a pet or a dog, to be specific, you also need to consider this factor.

And to bring it closer, many people worldwide are hunting for high-quality dehydrated dog food online. With minimal processing, the food can preserve its nutritional contents, which is essential for your dog's health. Hence, it is a perfect move when you want to move your pets just a step away from the traditional table. With due demand, we are excited to take you through the Honest Kitchen dog food review today. Though the company promises to offer food with the right ingredients for pets and packaged sustainably, we need to find out.

Read our article to the end and check to see if the company does what it promises the customers. We will go through various aspects, from the company overviews to customer reviews, cons and pros, contact details, and where to find the products. Do you want to find out what we love about the brand? Keep reading to the end.

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The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Review

The Honest Kitchen is a firm started in 2002 by Lucy Postins, who got the inspiration from the beach house kitchen. The main idea arose because of the complex situation in her mind about whether the dog diet was all the cause of the ear and skin challenges. Then again, something came to her mind about why the dog food was only made from low-quality ingredients and processed.

Thus came up with The Honest Kitchen, shaking up the old world with The Honest Kitchen dog food on the market. It took 15 years to conduct market research and discover multiple dog and cat food with the human grade standard level. Healthy human food is meant for pets to free them from addictive fillers and preservatives. Instead, these food are now full of high-quality ingredients like pumpkin, potatoes, chicken, etc.

The company today makes nutritious supplements and meals to treat dogs and all pets. Looking at the human-grade dog food, they are highly steamed and then dehydrated, and you can order to deliver right to your doorstep. The firm has taken time to mix up things and now has become the leading company for dog food in the industry. Again, they have celebrated multiple pet publications like the Bark, pet age, and Green Hugger.

Going deeper, the company sources their Dog food ingredients not only from one place but around the world, where almost 70% of the ingredients are from North America. You can attest to this from the company webpage on the food source map. If you go back a little bit, you will discover that the company is headquartered in San Diego, California. Besides, on their website, the company also has relevant blogs perfect for cat owners where they share a range of guides, tips, DIYs, and recipes.

The recipe for dog food has brimming nutrition. The customer can select their choice, which falls within the budget based on the size, such as 7lbs. 4x10lb boxes etc., each box has its price. But many best-selling dog food, supplements, and probiotics are meant to make your puppy healthy and happy all through. Assuming you now have a rough idea about the company, we need to dive deeper into The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Review. But before going to other relevant sections and what customers have to say, we would also like to highlight the brand's pros and cons.

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Pros:

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Cons:

Why We Like The Honest Kitchen Dog Food

Based on multiple factors and starting with the ingredients, many things make us rank The Honest Kitchen Dog Food on our review. Let us see if you will agree with us.

Before we end our list, we would also like to mention that The Honest Kitchen Dog Food is a high-quality brand made from human-grade ingredients. When looking for the perfect way to surprise your dog or puppy, try The Honest Kitchen Dog Food today, and you will also like it.

Customer Review

As usual, we cannot end our The Honest Kitchen dog food without mentioning something in the customer reviews and ratings. Even when you search the online reviews, there are plenty. However, in this review section, we will start with the reviews from the brand's official website. There are plenty of reviews for different products on this platform, but we have compiled a range of brands with different ratings.

In the reviews on the platform, you can realize that the dehydrated grain-free beef recipe has an average of 4.9 stars after 1650 reviews. If you proceed to the Herbal digestive supplements, you will find that it also has the same rating after roughly 500 reviews. Generally, the products under this category fall in the rating of 4.8, which indicates customers are satisfied with the products.

We went beyond and studied the Dehydrated grain-free beef recipe. We found out that clients are satisfied with the products. The rating is based on the aspects like the taste, effects, and quality coupled with the ingredients as well as the packing. Most clients respond that though their pup has issues and was experiencing health challenges, it all went away upon switching to this brand. The appetite was squashed while allergies disappeared. 

As one client states on the website, " I can't rave about this company enough! My four dogs eat the GF beef regularly, and they love it!"  another one complimented the quality stating, " Excellent dog food! I make this dish with cooked beef and carrots, and my Giant Schnauzer is happy!"

The reviews and ratings above are fantastic and alone is enough to bring out the bigger picture of the firm. Most of the customers have experience in the industry and understand the difference. They also appreciate this human-grade level dog food in the industry that is perfect for the cat.

Amazon also has excellent ratings of 4.3 after 6178 reviews on the platform. This rating is based on the Dehydrated Grain Free Dog Food, where customers compliment the ingredient quality, flavor, scent, and value for their money. one of the verified purchasers complements as here

" This product is much different than my previous food, so I was glad to prepare for the texture difference. Much more like a slurry than a stew, which I would have preferred. But I'm not the one eating it, and our three large dogs love it! The cost is somewhat prohibitive, so even though we use it as a topper for kibble, which makes it last longer, we probably won't get this again."

The other customer reviews you can see on the Dog Food Advice website. The author recommends using the brand from the Honest Kitchen company. Going into detail, the product gets 5 stars after analyzing the ingredient in the food.

After a lengthy procedure, the site gives the grain chicken, Honest Kitchen perfect ingredient chicken all five starts, while whole grain turkey and whole grain beef get 4.5 stars. This review indicates that the authors are satisfied with the products. And the article backs the score by stating, "The Honest Kitchen Dog Food appears to be a superior product based solely on its ingredients." It is the meant content, and the ingredient is super solid.

From the reviews and customers' feedback, you can notice a lot of positive reviews. For instance, the Labour Training HQ also took their time to work on the brand based g the research on the Grain free beef and whole grain chicken. Then the author concludes by appreciating the food's contents that an ingredient contains suitable proteins, fruits, and veggies to guarantee solid digestion. Though, this site again brings out the ingredients like sodium selenite which raises concerns as it is toxic when taken in large quantities.

Therefore, the brand generally has a good customer rating, complements, and is an exceptional choice for many dog owners. it contaiosn incrdible contents. Though the company had to recall, it remains the best firm for high-quality human-grade dog food with excellent tastes and affordable pricing. People are amazed by not just the taste but also nutritional value, the quality, and the fact that the company is willing to make any changes as they arise on their brand.

Where to Buy The Honest Kitchen Dog Food

For efficient and reliable products from the company, look no more other than their official website. But that does not mean you will never have them from the retail stores. The Honest Kitchen Dog Food is also available on the approved pets stored worldwide. some of the popular retailers are:-

There are many other stores online that you can find based on your location.

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Is The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Worth It?

In summary, the Honest Kitchen Dog Food is simply worth it. The reason we conclude so is that from the reviews, we found that the brand offers high-quality products. They preserve the freshness and nutritional value because the company minimizes the processing. Still, the company has multiple products under dog food to select from and change for your dog to avoid boredom. We think the brand is worth buying as it is simple to prepare and store. It is still tasty for your pet and gives detailed instructions on how to use it. It is an incredible choice to get and spoil your pup with a delicious meal from The Honest Kitchen company.

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Discounts

While doing our reviews, we discovered that, like many other competitors online, The Honest Kitchen company also has discounts and promotions on its products. Among them is the 5% saving once you subscribe to the platform. They also have numerous online reward programs; when you buy 10 products, they give you one free. Then when you have a friend, you can gift $10 and get $10 back when you use the promo code. You can enjoy other discounts as a customer on the platform. Keep regularly checking for updates.

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Contact

Though we have shared all the details you need to know about the brand, you might still have an issue or something you feel you need clarification from the company. Well, you can contact the firm through multiple methods, first is via the email address at or call the number 1-866-437-9729. Customer support is available anytime. Without forgetting, they are reachable through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Q. Does Honest Kitchen Dog food expire?

Definitely, the Honest Kitchen dog food indeed expires and looks terrible. But, they are perfect and in good condition for at least  betwen12to 24 months. However, the variation of the time comes depending on the place where you store the products and the humidity.

Q. Can I mix the Honest Kitchen dog food with kibble?

Immediately your dog grasps the brand's tastes, which in most cases takes a few days, then you can mix the food with kibble for the human grade level food. However, the firm advises avoiding mixing during the transition time so that you give your dog to aggravate the stomach.

Q. Does Honest Kitchen dog food contain Taurine?

Honest Kitchen dog food is made from human-grade Taurine mixed with meat. Therefore, the ingredient is essential for your dog's health, meaning it must be present.

Q. Is The Honest Kitchen dog food organic?

Though the honest kitchen dog food is not 100% organic, the manufacturing process wholely depends on selecting organic grains. The means is antibiotic and someone free but contains fruits and veggies which are non-GMO.

Q. Does The Honest Kitchen dog a good source from China

though the company claim to source all their materials mostly 84%  locally, some articles online refute this fact. But, there are no convincing details to back such accusations online.

Q. Where is the Honest Kitchen Dog food made?

The reviews show that the Honest kitchen dog food is made in California in the US.

Q. How Much Does The Honest Kitchen Cost?

The Honest Kitchen dog food price varies depending on the quantity, the type, flavor, and the famous yous elect. However, in the general overview, most packages start as low as $5.99. the efatruwe whcih determeisn thepricce if the age, gender and breeds.


The Honest Kitchen is a famous company offering highly-rated and nutritious food worldwide. The products are human-grade and gently dehydrated not just to maintain the nutrient but also to make it concentrated. Form our reviews; the products are tasty, straightforward to store and prepare, then offer a wide selection at an affordable price. It is worth buying, and you can save money using discounts or promo codes besides the reqd program on their website.

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