ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply Review: Should You Buy It?

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If you are looking for the best brand to supply your food needs in time of emergency, ReadyWise is your best option. Keep reading to learn more about ReadyWise and what they offer.

One of the most important days which you need to prepare for is the days of emergency. You might have everything you need or you have the money to get anything you want at any point, but it does not change the fact that you will or might encounter a time of emergency.

There are different types of emergency times, some are just when you need to go somewhere and you need to get an emergency means of transportation because the one you are using has failed, while some other times come as a result of the need for emergency food, groceries, etc. You should prepare or brace yourself for such situations.

It is always difficult to get a brand that can offer food items that are meant to sort you during an emergency because of how scarce they can be. Looking for a quality brand involves you getting the right one with quality items specifically for emergency purposes. This review has taken care of that part by looking for the best or one of the best. ReadyWise is a brand that is specialized in offering food during an emergency period. You can shop online to buy from them.

If you are wondering what this brand is all about or how the brand works, then you can keep reading to get all the essential details you need about this brand as it will help you know if the brand is legit or not.

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ReadyWise Review

ReadyWise is an online shop where you can shop for food items when you are in an emergency period. If you are looking for dehydrated and freeze-dried foods when you go camping, on outdoor adventures, or there is a disaster situation, you can just shop with this brand at ease.

They have a variety of items you can buy ranging from preserved dairy, vegetables, fruits, and many more. They have been able to draw attention since they emerged even on social media. They have a very large customer base across notable social media platforms. They have been featured in so many media publications such as Yahoo News, Entrepreneur, CNBC, etc.

This brand was founded by Morten Steen-Jorgensen in 2008. This brand has its head office located in Utah, US. The mission of this brand is to produce food that can last up to 25 years. They make use of this is achievable after much testing has been carried out on the foods. You just need to dehydrate the food in time of emergency to enjoy it.

This review will look at some of the merits and demerits of this brand, the reason why we like using ReadyWise, customer reviews and ratings for this brand, we will give our verdict on how legit the brand is, we will highlight promos and discounts if available, and much more important aspects.

ReadyWise Pros

ReadyWise Cons

Why We Like ReadyWise

There are different variations of the item you can choose when you shop with them. Some of these kits are the food storage made of different food supply kits, Seychelle water filtration bottle, bug out a bundle, ultimate 3-day emergency survival backpack, etc.

Customer Review

Just for you to know, this brand offers a nice concept for feeding in desperate times. You might not be able to appreciate what this brand offers now because you are not in an emergency period. If you have been in a situation when you need food or any item desperately and you cannot get it, you will be able to appreciate the mission of this brand. For you to know how the brand works, we were able to carry out very important research to know the different reactions of people who have used this brand before.

The customers of this brand have rated the brand very high. Some say the concept or vision of this brand is superb and unique. Others mentioned how long-lasting their foods are, and some talked about the convenience of preparing them. Some even have said the prices attached to their food are very cheap compared to the kind of quality they offer.

We made use of the Trust pilot to get all the necessary customer ratings and reviews for this brand. When you check on this review website, you will see that there is a 3.8-star rating for this brand. There is over 80 percent of excellent remarks for this brand. The brand was judged by so many factors such as policies, the products, the prices, quality, durability, etc.

I ordered it when I was out camping for 7 days. My friends and I ordered almost 5 different kits. We usually prepare dinner within 4 minutes. Just boil water and add, it is practical.

Where to Buy ReadyWise

The brand makes its kits available on its website for affordable prices. You can also order them from other online retailers.

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Is ReadyWise Worth It?

If you are already thinking of trying out this brand even before any emergency or camping period, then you can go ahead to test them. Reports from its customers have revealed that this brand has been able to achieve the goals it set even before it was founded. The brand enjoys high positive ratings from customers. Trust pilot is one of the best review websites where you can get genuine remarks and comments from customers, for this brand to have such a high rating on this website means they are doing a great job so far.

You can enjoy free shipping after buying a certain amount. However, complaints about the return policy jot favorable to customers might be a common thing when it comes to foods. Nevertheless, the brand offers an option for return, but you have to pay a restocking fee which costs about $15. I will recommend this brand because they are legit and worth a trial.

ReadyWise Discounts

This brand offers some discounts and promo offers when you shop with them

ReadyWise contact

You can contact the brand for more inquiries or if you want to ask further questions that you cannot get answers to in this review through the following


What is the return policy of ReadyWise?

When you buy a product from this brand you don’t want it anymore or you have not used them, you can return it. There is a return window of 30 days. You will have to pay for the shipping cost if you want to return. You will need to pay a restocking fee of $15. You can start processing your return after you contact the customer support team on this brand.

What is the delivery policy of ReadyWise?

You can enjoy free shipping when you shop with this brand. When you shop for items above $249.9, then you can enjoy free delivery to your location. You will have to wait for about 10 to 14 business days for your items to be shipped. You can still make use of the tracking number to know where and when your items will be delivered particularly. However, we are unable to ascertain if they offer international deliveries. But you can get their items on other online retailers such as Amazon that offer international shipping.

Where do they produce ReadyWise foods?

All food items are produced in their head office located in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is where their Cottonwood Production Facility is also located.


Buying food items for an emergency period is very key because it saves you from a lot of panics. Even when you go for regular camping, adventures, or survival activities, you can make use of their services. Reading this review will help you make a great decision about this brand.      

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