Thistle Food Delivery Review: Fresh Prepared Meal Delivery!

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Do you want an honest analysis of the Thistle Food Delivery company or want to deeply understand the food ingredients they deliver to their customers and the packages? Then rest easy as we are here to guide you through the detailed review.

If you live in the US and your work schedule seems tight the whole week, you must be looking for a way to save time and get enough rest. In your search, you might wish to minimize the shopping hours; among the options, you can opt to get the food delivery service. You must have heard of Thistle Food Delivery in California and other states.

This company the delivery of Food to customers depends on multiple aspects. But, the company has enabled many customers to access fresh Food and freshly cooked meals besides going to the grocery for shopping. This company has been featured in reputable magazines like Global Newswire and TechCrunch etc.

To date, this san-Francisco based firm has managed to serve over 5 million meals to customers and recently expanded its services to the east coast. We will dive deep into the company and give you the best overviews to help you make a choice. Let us first out the unique thing about Thistle Food Delivery. Having these endless tips about it, you can make the right decision.

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Thistle Food Delivery Review

Thistle Food Delivery is a company that was founded by Ashwin Cheryian together with Shiri Avnery in 2014. The founders' main goal was to promote not only fulfilling means but also healthy meal options to every customer around the world through eco-friendly means. To the philosophy of the Thistle company, sustainability is their critical area of concern.

Therefore, Thistle Food Delivery relies on organic materials sourced locally to package and deliver to the relevant customers while still first and fast. Today the company aims to provide Food to ensure that you eat well, feel amazing and save time. In short, it autopilots your diet through its delicious healthy, full flavour meal, plant-forward, and high protein, as well as the fully prepared means, juice, and snacks. All you need is to sign up and place an order to harness the plant power; then, it will be delivered to your doorstep ready to eat and repeat the process.

The company is not all about its pure Food, but it takes the scientific approach, which matches its plans to optimize nutrient consumption with vegetables. They have a globally inspired menu for anyone since they are 100% dairy and gluten-free. They also have the vegan option. Besides the subscription, they also offer a custom plan. While the nutritionist designs the menu, a chef is ready to craft the meal with the flavours, preservatives, and sweeteners and then deliver them to your doorstep.

It is one of the best methods to get introduced to fats while controlling blood sugar and hormones. The company has a lot to do other than its admirable goals. In summary, here are some of the pros and cons of this Thistle Food Delivery company.

Thistle Food Delivery Pros:

Thistle Food Delivery Cons:

Why We Like Thistle Food Delivery

Ship Healthy Meals to Individuals and Businesses

The company is well known for shipping meals for business and individual needs. The means are innovated weekly and ensure that new elements are regularly added to the menu. Hence, the company stands to be unique compared to the competitors in the market. The company also allows the customer to personalize the subscription plan so that you can quickly turn the Thistle salad to make it unique for the next week's package delivery.

However, you need to make sure that you notify them in advance. Again, Thistle Food Delivery company allows you to cancel or pause the subscription at anytime. And the good news is that both delivery and shipping are exclusively free. But the servers are limited to San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, North Bay, Davis, and Sacramento. You can easily order the ice packs and receive fresh ones if you are located within these areas.

Flexible Delivery Plan

The company does not only deliver on Monday and Thursday, but sometimes they can also deliver on Wednesday and Sunday. The choice depends on you and the availability of when you want the subscription package delivery.

Multiple Subscription Meal Options

In the reviews, we found out that Thistle Food Delivery offers 10 best-selling subscription plans from which you can select. These range from vegan launch and vegan dinner delivered for 3 days a week, Vegan lunch for 5 days a week, vegan dinner 6 days a week, Vegan Lunch + Dinner for 5 days a week, Omnivore lunch 5 days a week, omnivore dinner 6 days a week. Lastly, they have a full-day and full-day omnivore, delivered 6 days a week.

They delivered the means to customers around Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, and Washington. The package box will be delivered to your doorsteps, not beyond 8 pm on Monday or Thursday. But they give you the tracking number in advance for follow-up. The good news is that when you are outside the range and need the Thistle delivery, you can select the essential box, enhanced box, cold-pressed juice box, and lite bites box, delivered once per week. Either of the boxes can serve you well outside the delivery range.

Full Disclosure Meal Plan

The company ensures that they update their weekly plans line up well in advance. If you head to their website, they clearly indicate the ingredients, with a complete breakdown of the nutritional constituents and the vegan and meat varieties. You have access to the entire contents that go into your body. Some of our four favorite meals are Pineapple Pachadi Curry Bowl, Enchilada Bake, Artichoke Scampi, and Vanilla Mousse with Apricots.

Both contain fiber to keep you healthy, regular proteins, sodium, carbs, calories, and saturated fats. That is all about the science lesson today. We now need to explore and find out if it is worth keeping on our list or not. Let us keep reading to the end.

Customer Review

Thistle is a company that has been around and gained a customer reputation online. You cannot believe us if we would not also supplement our article reviews without mentioning the customers' take on the company. Though small and upcoming, Thistle has managed to score multiple five starts reviews online from different platforms. In this section, we will go through numerous websites and let you make an informed decision.

Our first suite is Trustpilot. Thistle has got 4.2 stars after 680 reviews, indicating that customers are satisfied with this company and its excellent service. This is a great review based on the delivery, quality of the services, customers support, flavor, and ingredients. Right off, a few days ago, a satisfied customer stated, "Efficient, and a portion of the food is really good."

Another one complements the flavor and multiple options to select from "I appreciate how healthful the dishes are. I never get bored because there are so many tasty options!" Customers are impressed with the services of the company On the Health Line, the author clearly states that the Thistle company is the best option for customers targeting to fit more nutritious meals into their diet while saving time. If you are following the vegan diet, then this is the best option to go with.

Then the site concludes, "If you want to eat more plant-based meals or explore a variety of recipes that are nutritionally dense meals, the service might be worth a look.” The same reviews can be found on the Glam-Vegan website, and the author adds that the company offers 10% discounts to customers working as teachers and all hospital workers. The last website with reviews is Yelp. However, here you will find mixed reviews, but generally, the company has got 4.5 stars after 460 reviews.

This indicates the customer who received their food subscription from this company was satisfied. Though, some complaints have arisen from the site. One of the customers on the website concludes, "food that is delicious, tasty, and nutritious. We typically stick to meals; however, occasionally, I'll just get one of the "lunch" salads and eat it for supper. All shipments have been precise and on schedule. We adore Thistle." 

The packaging has also been issued; most people have complained about the plastic bag packaging while the company insists it is environmentally sustainable. Also, on the website, Emma, the author, wrote a review of the company and gave a 6 score on the company after considering 577 reviews. Many other sites have reviews, such as Medical News Today and The Quality Edit. That is enough to convince you that the company is worth it all. It has gained a robust reputation online from customers from multiple platforms.

Where to Buy Thistle Food Delivery

Thistle is a company that offers awesome Thistle Food plans to customers within a limited range. They also ship their meals with only 4 options available. You only have to head to their website and subscribe when you want to buy the Thistle Food Delivery package. It will only take you a few steps to join and gets started.

As long as you create the account, you must enter the zip code, select the meal you want to receive, enter the standard contact details and the delivery address, and then let the company understand about the underlying diseases like allergies. After that, confirm the order, and it will be a believer to your doorstep. Simple, and you can cancel or pause at any time.

Does Thistle Food Delivery sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Thistle Food Delivery stores on Amazon.

Is Thistle Food Delivery Worth It?

From the online reviews and the quality of the services the Thistle Food Delivery company offers, we can wholeheartedly agree that the company is worth it. This site is the best opinion not only when you are located in Arizona but also for customers with busy schedules found in Nevada, Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah, Washington, etc. Most customers have paused the company with various options, appetizing flavors, multiple dishes, and even vegan subscriptions.

Another thing is that their subscription meals are better priced as opposed to the rivals on the market. They also outshine the competitors though making the nutritional constituents available to the customers on their website. The last thing that makes us rank and term it worth is that they are environmentally conscious and fight to keep the environment clean by naturally sourcing the materials and offering free delivery and shipping and job opportunities to the people in the area.

Thistle Food Delivery Discounts

Our review found no discount or promo codes on Thistle Food Delivery compared to other companies. The fact remains that the company does not even have a free trial while writing this article. Maybe, it is still growing, and they are not ready with the resources to offer discounts and promotions to the customers.

Keep on checking their website for future promotions and discounts. We also highly recommend checking out the social media accounts such as Instagram. Another reliable method is signing up for their regular email and update newsletter. The good news is that Thistle Food Delivery offer free delivery and shipping to their customers within their reach.

Thistle Food Delivery Contact

If we have not covered everything you wanted to get from the review, then Thistle Food Delivery offers multiple means through which you can contact them and have the issues sorted. Therefore, any challenges you have beyond,


Q. Are Thistle Meals Organic?

The company tries its best to offer organic meals. However, not all their meals are organically produced, but they tend to keep the exact amount based on the mystery. The company makes it clear on the vegan and non-vegan food packages on their website and indicates the constituents of every meal.

Q. Where does Thistle deliver?

At the time of writing this Thistle review, the company is operating in the San Francisco as well as Los Angeles region. and from the website and various reviews online, we also found out that they ship the subscriptions to the Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Washington., Idaho and Oregon. In these golden states, customers can receive a package delivered to their doorstep. The weekly costs can range from $44, which goes for 3 days in the vegan lunch, and if you go for the full-day omnivore plan, it costs $234 delivered for 6 days a week.

Q. Where does Thistle deliver?

The price of the Thistle Food packages varies, and it mostly depends on the location and the plan you select while placing the order. We also need to mention that if you live in a long distance, the company ships with the option to select from the 4 boxes available on their website.

Q. What is Thistle food?

This is plant-based and vegan Food, and still, they also provide the 4 weekly planned meals that contain meat. And regardless of the plan, you select, the company ensures that the meal contains organic ingredients sourced locally and fresh.

Q. Does Thistle support weight loss?

The company makes it clear that they optimize the meal to ensure that you gain the ideal body weight while working on other health aspects. The meal thus consists of 400 to 600 calories for any serving. This is enough evidence to conclude that Title food supports weight loss. The meal also contains animal and plant protein.

Q. Who shouldn’t try Thistle?

Indeed, Thistle food is not the best choice, especially if you have dietary issues and restrictions, for instance, the customer following the law carb, paleo diet, etc. Also, operating on a fixed budget is expensive and not a perfect option.

Q. Are Thistle meals easy to cook?

Thistle company delivers Food that is ready to eat( Readily prepared). Even though you can eat the meal while cold, you can still reheat them using a microwave or stovetop.


Thistle is a reputable company that delivers and ships meals to customers in the western US region. This is a great option if you plan to add plant and animal-based Food to the diet as they offer multiple nutritionally balanced meals. However, the meal is expensive with limited customization. Therefore, consider the limitation before going for the Thistle Food Delivery service.

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