Melinda Maria Jewelry Review: Trendsetting and Budget-Friendly Celebrity-Inspired Collections

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Are you searching for shiny and top-selling jewelry pieces to complement your beauty and high-fashion appearance?  Try out the Melinda Maria Jewelry collection.  Please read our detailed review for insights from the experts and uncover the allure of the brand and the reason why it has captured the hearts of many customers around the world.

Many companies have realized that people are into the beauty industry, and in this recessionary time, many customers are after multiple products.  This is all in the name of maintaining a reputable image in the crowd.  Therefore,  besides beauty products, you also need the relevant jewelry to improve your high fashion appearance. We appreciate Melinda Maria Jewelry for the excellent collection of jewelry that only costs you pocket-friendly bucks. 

With the current situation and high living costs, the company has something for you based on your budget and preferences. Therefore, in this article, we will explore Melinda Maria Jewelry from the brand's history through its best-selling items, discounts, contact information,  and customer testimonials and insights.  We will also gauge if the collection is worth your time and attention.  We will not waste time, straight to the company overview.

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Melinda Maria Jewelry Review

Melinda Maria is a trendsetter company with an extensive collection of celebrity-inspired and LA-based jewelry items.  If you have been thinking of celeb-inspired jewelry and hops, this online boutique gives you an extensive collection of star-studded pieces of fashion and extensive variety of the favorite Hollywood influencers.

These jewelry are available in the store at an affordable price, which is an ideal alternative. Indeed, Melinda Maria has a large and steady audience on social media platforms from Facebook to Instagram.  This is attributed to their fast-growing, high-quality, and affordable items among the fans.  Because of this, the company has still been featured in famous publications such as Marie Clarie, InStyle, Pop Sugar, etc.

Melinda Maria understands that there are a variety of approaches their customers can get that celeb looking without breaking the bank or wasting their time on the expensive items to be in the spotlight.  With the Melinda Maria designers, you get jewelry from passionate professionals for star-studded pieces within your budget.

Melinda Maria is an LA-based brand founded in 2010 and is well known as the boutique offering handcrafted Hollywood-inspired jewelry collections to select from.  The firm claims that they professionally source their materials; hence, you need to stay relaxed, understanding that you are getting a professionally designed piece that is made with care and high-quality materials to last.

Still, these guys are also engaged in particular community-based efforts, which indicates they give back to society through donations such as to female-led organizations. From the website, you can see a lot, and one of the quotes praises their trendsetter products, which only come at an affordable price and guarantee you a sexy, classy, edge, and luxurious feel. 

Enjoy these latest styles and shine like a queen when you dedicate your attention to this brand.  We would also like to go through the initial pros and cons of the company before jumping through some of the customer's favorite jewelry.

Melinda Maria Jewelry Pros:

Melinda Maria Jewelry Cons:

Why We Like Melinda Maria Jewelry

If you dream of standing in the spotlight of the highballing net worth with relevant jewelry, Melinda Maria can actualize your vision.  You need a bit of compromise to lead such an audition. Melinda Maria gives you complete access to the extensive jewelry collection, from earrings to necklaces, bracelets, and anklets.  You can get multiple pieces of jewelry that will cost you a few dollars.

In fact, from the website, you can customize your search and buy based on the trinket or by celeb. Remember that Melinda Maria gives you multiple reasons to smile with the extra addition of expenditure; customers can customize the jewelry through engraving.  Thus, to help you make the smarter decision, we will help you choose from the best-sellers.  We will explore the popular jewelry under each category concerning customer ratings and feedback.

The Best-Selling Melinda Maria Necklaces

If, in your outfit, you realize you are missing something to compliment it, then this brand gives you an extensive collection of necklaces for you to choose from.  For extra compliments, we will highlight some of the best-sellers to give a try.  These range from the 5 retro rainbow pendants to the baroness.

First Cosmo Star and Moon Necklace lead the category as a best seller, and it is here to ensure that your planet remains aligned. The necklaces have burning sun constellations with an impressive crescent moon.  It is then set with the white and gold diamondettes.  The chain's design for the minimalist helps in the sparkling decolletage.  In terms of the celebrity, this necklace is a trend wear that guarantees customers a more ethereal appearance.

The next best-selling necklace from this company is Goddess of Sisterhood Necklace. This is a perfect alternative for the ideal bestie sorority.  It comes with inspiring designs as well as a symbolic engraving found on its 14k gold-plated pendant.  It has a Zeus-style lighting bolt to make it complete, and it gets the heavenly feel with its Poseidon-esque turquoise stone to symbolize friendship, empowerment, and unconditional love.  The necklace is 18.5 " in length, and you can pair it with Diana earrings for a more fiercer appearance.

The Best-Selling Melinda Maria Rings

On top of the necklaces, the company also offers rings for a damn finger.  Well, the company understands that customers have to celebrate self-love and to help you pick a notable ring while in the spotlight, we will explore the popular form of the website.

To start with, there is the Slick Pave Ring.  It has a stunning quantity of stacked crystals set alongside the 18k metal plating. They are available in shades like silver and gold, which guarantees to make heads turn for your dinner date and party events.  You can also pair it with the Titus ring or match it with the Vanessa Pod Ring.  The ring is more affordable.

The last under the ring category is the Atlas Thick Band Ring.  It blends the preferences of minimalists and maximalists.  It features a brimmed rim and chunky, perfect for stacking.  You can select from the silver or gold shade, and you can customize the engraving from the inside.  This looks like a great promise ring on the market, as they come in different sizes.  The matchstick earring makes it complete when styling classic fashion with exotic and refined spices.

The Best-Selling Melinda Maria Bracelet

stunning bungles are basic items to have if you want to achieve that gorgeous manicure.  This also involves the charm bracelet.  These must-have accessories of jewelry.  Therefore, to help you, you can check out some of these best-sellers.

First, Baroness Bracelet ranks and guarantees a crystal appearance when you get this glamor item.  It features gold and white diamondettes adorned all over the chain. The bracelets are available in multiple shades, but for the 18th century, we highly recommend the silver and emerald with duchess vibe.  The matching accessories give the needed level of class as well as sophistication.  For the suitable option, match it with the Grace Earrings.

The other option on the site is the Lily Link Chain Bracelet.  If you do not prefer the minimalistic aesthetic, then this bracelet is a perfect alternative. The shape available is rectangular and bold, which adds a touch to your glam style.  It is designed using the 0.5-micron gram of 18k gold plating while its length is approximately 9.25".  You can finish the jewelry with matching rings and Mari Bangles.

The Best-Selling Melinda Maria Earrings

sets of earrings are another piece of jewelry that helps you make a statement and catch the audience's attention.  Therefore, we will give you some of the two best-selling earrings in your journey.

The first best-selling earrings on the site are Pyramid Pave Earrings.  These earrings give you an extra edition with exotic flair if you want to get the modern-day Egyptian queen fashion. They are available in triangular shapes, and then they are decorated using the assembly of white crystals. 

If you also want to look confident, bold, and daring, this is the real earring to add to your cart.  They are also sold in the crystal-free design, as seen in the Pyramid drop earrings.  You can pair it with the Maria Serpent necklace for a sultry appearance.

The last and second best-seller earrings are Grace Huggie Earrings.  This is a staple for the celeb collection to get your red carpet standby.  Though simple, the earrings are a shimmering ear cuff with diamond rings all over the band.  Then, it is held using the butterfly backs and made with the 15k metal overlay.  You can select from five shades based on your preferences.

Customer Review

While the above company claims are promising, we also wanted to justify the claim and find out if the testimonies confirm everything to be authentic.  The research started from the official website, and from the best sellers section, there is plenty of feedback on these products, which generally are positive and convincing.  On Amazon, Galaxy collection BabyMoon scores 2.6 stars from the 6 global ratings where 31 highly recommend the items.

Jumping to Sitejabber, we can see 3 reviews that give this company a poor rating of 1 star.  Though shipping is average, customers complained about the quality, value, return policy, and services.  Yelp  indicates 2.6 stars from 94 reviews.  Though average, the site is full of positive testimonies.  On the Pissed Consumer, the company gets 2.4 stars from 16 rated reviews.  This is also satisfying for the developing brand.

To top up the review, we also reviewed the Jewelers Reviews, and our outcome is fantastic.  Out of five reviews, everything seems positive, as indicated below:-

"Because I enjoy natural diamonds, I've never paid attention to this company."  Nevertheless, after learning that many celebs favor this brand's designs, I purchased a ring as a trial.  I was astonished by how much I enjoyed this piece of jewelry.  I didn't even consider that the stone wasn't a natural diamond.  First and foremost, I was struck by the ring's design.  Such an inexpensive ring, yet it appears to be quite magnificent!"

Forbes also features a detailed review blog praising the customer support team and superb style for selecting from.  Though the company has an average rating of F on BBB, we still recommend it to anyone who wants trendy, high-quality jewelry at an affordable price.

Where to Buy Melinda Maria Jewelry

If you have made up your mind and want to elevate your fashion with impressive jewelry from Melinda Maria company, then we are here to guide you on where to purchase.  Firstly, we suggest that you order from their official store at

Navigating this online store gives you access to extensive jewelry, from rings to bracelets, necklaces, and many more accessories. From The findings, we were also able to spot some of the Melinda Maria Jewelry items in the online stores.  among these, though not limited to, are as listed below:-

Related Amazon Store You Maybe Like,   

Is Melinda Maria Jewelry Worth It?

We all know that most online brands sacrifice quality for the pricing plan for jewelry items.  With Melinda Maria Jewelry, they give you a quality jewelry collection to select from at an affordable price.  The company here tends to strike a balance between its pricing plan and the craftsmanship.  Indeed, they have not just trendy jewelry but also cost-effective pricing plans.

Come on; their extensive collection features necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc., which give you all your jewelry needs under one roof.  Still, from the customer compliments, these guys guarantee top-notch compromise, blending substance with impressive styles. The company is well known because of its celebrity-inspired collection, to popularize the company through famous influencers. 

There have not been any claims sustainability is concerned, and their manufacturing process complies with the labor laws to serve equally.  Their shipping and return policy are other features to be proud of.  Get the new drops from the Love Letter collection with a lifetime guarantee. In short, the company designs jewelry pieces to make you feel luxurious, edgy, classy, and sexy without breaking the bank.  Indeed, Melinda Maria Jewelry is worth your attention and an extra penny.

Melinda Maria Jewelry Discounts

Discounts and other lucrative deals serve as promotion and advertisement methods to attract more customers.  Hence, Melinda Maria also gives you access to these promotional services on their website.  You can capitalize on these approaches and save your bucks. Therefore, the first thing we are proud of is that these products are sold with a lifetime guarantee.

If you are a new customer, sign up for the mailing list for a chance to enjoy 10% off on your first order.  Still, join their MM club and enjoy multiple exclusive deals and earn points for many tasks to later redeem for the rewards.

They also have the friend referral program where on a successful referral, the friend makes the first order totaling $50 and above, you get $10 for the next purchase, and they also earn $10 as a reward.  There are many other future lucrative deals currently active and running on the site.  Such includes discounted pricing and many more.  Otherwise, keep an eye on the site for updates and future deals.

Melinda Maria Jewelry Contact

We have shared a lot as far as the Melinda Maria brand is concerned.  But if you still have unanswered queries we have not addressed well in the article, you can seek help from the support team.  As a routine, we would also like to share the possible methods to contact the Melinda Maria support team. From their website, it is clear that they have listed the potential methods to contact them as the request form, which you need to fill out and submit to the team for review.

You can also call them for urgent queries through the number 323-937-4591.  Also, you can opt to use the email address, compose your message, and send it to the email at

Note that the above methods are only active for urgent replies at a specified time range from Monday through Friday.  You can also give them a mailing service, which you can address to their mailing address: 740 North La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038. Still, from our typical research, we spotted the social media accounts you can follow and connect to these guys.  You can consider their Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook page for updates and collaboration.


Q. Who is the owner of the Melinda Maria company?

From the above article, we have seen that the Melinda Maria brand is owned and managed by Melinder herself.  Surprisingly, the name was coined by the owner.

Q. Where are the Melinda Maria manufacturing plants situated?

From the information shared on the website and, more specifically, on the about us section, these guys claim that their items are designed and made in Los Angeles.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Melinda Maria company?

From the website, we explored the shipping policy section, and we were delighted to find that the company guarantees free domestic shipping service for American-based customers.  Such packages are expected to arrive in a range of between 10 to 14 working days. Although they also offer international shipping services, they ship only to the selected countries alone.  Refer to their website and find out if your state qualifies.

Just like other firms, this company also gives you the tracking number with the confirmation mail before putting your order in transit for the follow-up.  Navigate to their website for the extra information.

Q. What is the return policy of Melinda Maria's company?

In case you have purchased and received your Maria jewelry and then realize it is not pleasing, then you have a limited return window of 15 days to send back the order to the store; however, for the items to be accepted for the refund, it must remain in its original condition and never worn.  And if you are still not satisfied with the orders, the company guarantees that they can extend the return window with 7 extra days to settle the matter.

However, there are a few exceptions regarding the return policy.  Items that are custom through engraving or the final sales items are regarded as ineligible for return.  They are the final sale.  Therefore, initiating the return process is as simple as BC.  All you need to do is access the portal on their website and follow the necessary steps to complete the process.


Melinda Maria Jewelry is a top-notch and vogue brand with professional jeweler experts who design high-quality jewelry inspired by celebrities worldwide.  The company aims to offer you stunning jewelry pieces at an affordable price.

In the above article, we have explored the Melinda Maria brand, gone through their best-selling jewelry, see the contact information and discounts, and also compared the customer feedback from various external sites.  The company blends ideal craftsmanship, timeless design, and affordability to show its dedication to serving customers and complementing trendy fashions with versatile items.  Add this jewelry to your fashion and elevate your daily elegance and appearance as you make a statement.

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