Kettle and Fire Bone Broth Review: Is It Hype Or Worth the Money?

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Are you curious and want to explore Kettle and Fire Bone Broth to discover if the brand is worth your money? Please, read our article to the end and discover the health benefits as well as the vast collection of high-quality products made with organic ingredients alongside the unique packaging. Read from the expert before deciding to purchase the products.

If you have been struggling to locate the best place to purchase a high-quality Bone broth, we have you covered today in all your health and wellness needs. There are different companies, but if you are into this health and wellness industry, you have heard about the Kettle and Fire Bone Broth. Kettle and Fire Bone Broth is a reputable online company with a vast social media presence.

However, is it hype or worth the money? You can only find the answer in our review. Keep reading along with us to the end. We will explore from the basis of the company to the best-selling products and evaluate the value of the Kettle and Fire Bone Broth based on the customers' ratings online. Here is the company overview.

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Kettle and Fire Bone Broth Review

Kettle and Fire are Austin, Texas-based company established in 2016 by the two duos as Founders Justin Mares alongside Nick. The two had inspiration acquired through their experience in physical healing and restorative fluid mechanism. This brand came up with the best and highest quality soups and bone broths for the market through the connection.

Since this is a keto broth, it involves an extensive collection of delicious menu items that offer health consciousness among customers who do not wish to interfere with their nutrition tastes. The founders worked so hard by extracting both the cattle and a chicken sourced locally. Hence, there is a guarantee that this Broth involves 100% grass-fed, grass-finished, and with no any kind of antibiotics involved.

Bone broth has taken over the market in the last few years and is increasingly becoming famous. In the US alone, from 2016 to 2017, the sales increased to 17.5 million from 5.8 million dollars which is incredible. However, the question remains, is it worth the money? Historically, Nick has issues suffering from a deep knee injury where the family struggled to at least develop a shelf-stable, the USDA -approved perfect beef bone broth on the market.

As the first product, it stirred the original concoction of Mare, acting as the dash of wisdom originated from the iron chef competitor. This was then combined with the help of the Paleo Health leader's advice alongside the recipe from the traditional family to come up with the ideal Kettle and Fire Bone Broth. We all agree that Bone Broth is a perfect source of the amino acid that is a significant component of the biological body functions, not to mention gene expression and cell signaling.

This could be an excellent solution to helping you achieve or act as a booster to level up. The company has been featured in famous publications ranging from business insiders to the Women's Health and Men's Journal. This is due to their dedication to offering high-standard ready meals. We will now head to the in-depth about eh products, promotions, and views from the previous customers. First, we will explore the pros and cons to give us a more fantastic view of this brand.

Kettle and Fire Bone Broth Pros:

Kettle and Fire Bone Broth Cons:

Why We Like Kettle and Fire Bone Broth

Kettle and Fire specialize in offering bone broth which is helpful to your health and comes with many benefits. In fact, the Kettle and Fire Bone Broth are one-of-a-kind keto-friendly diets, which makes it a staple option for daily enjoyment without any worries. The Bone Broth is effective when accessing the low-carb keto diet or whole30 or paleo wellness diet style.

The content of the Kettle and Fire bone broth is not just amino acid but also comes with high concentration collagen as well as gelatin. Hence, these keto diet ingredients effectively handle chronic issues such as obtaining better hydration, improving sleep, minimizing inflammation, effectively managing weight, and reducing joint pain.

With all these benefits, you must understand which Bone Broth to select. Thus, this leads us to the next section which we have highlighted a few of your favorite Kettle and Fire Bone Broth based on your preferred taste or favorite. Let us get started.

The Best-Selling Kettle And Fire Bone Broth Flavors

The company provides not only beef bone broth but also Chicken based Broth which is optimal for gaining optimal joints, a strong gut, and healthy skin. This Broth is usually consumed as a liquid from which you can cook the sauce or meat. Still, there is a protein-packed snack in the store. Thus, known for the best-selling bone broth in this section is countless.

But on the website, customers can choose the subscription-based package or prefer the one-time purchase. The one-time purchase has packs from 1 to 18 with varying prices. This bone broth doesn't feature any GMO ingredients. Still, it has collagen, is loaded with amino acids, features 10g to 12g protein, is gluten-free, dairy-free, and made with slow-simmered grass-fed cattle hence keto and paleo-friendly diet.

The first famous Kettle and Fire Bone broth is Beef Bone Broth. This is made using US-based grass-fed cattle alongside apple cider vinegar, which makes it a keto-friendly diet. Most athletes prefer it for fasting. The presence of the amino acid strengthens the gut, while collagen improves the skin's appearance with time. This bone breath can quickly thicken the gravy or sip a cup even when you are nasty cold.

Chicken Bone Broth is the next and has a delectable and multipurpose diet targeting poultry favorites. The Broth is manufactured using free-range chicken bones mixed with organic veggies, making it a perfect alternative to microwaveable noodles.

This Broth is very gentle on the stomach but combines the power of the anti-inflammatory and amino acids with the presence of glycine to upset your tummy anytime. In fact, the bone broth has 45 calories, perfect for weight management, while your belly remains happy and full for a long time.

The next is the Mushroom Chicken Bone Broth which incorporates fresh organic free-range Chicken with meaty mushrooms to attain its potential. With the portobello, the bone broth offers a healthy and earthly taste, whereas the lion mane mushroom ingredients help boost your immunity. This Broth has multiple wellness benefits for your body. It is a creamy stick with 50 calories in every serving.

There is also Chipotle Beef Bone Broth. This is a unique take and the perfect alternative for the beef bone broth that wants to switch up its diet. The Broth contains organic spicy chipotle chilies, bay leaves, rosemary, roasted garlic, smoked tomato paste, and thyme. Then, ensure the soup is on another level for multiple missions on the body. The soup has medicinal properties such as fighting cancer or diabetes. The soup also has 10g of protein, while 40g of calories are available in a 479g carton.

Still, we have Coconut Curry Lime Bone Broth with an irresistible blended flavor. These include vegan coconut milk that is responsible for adding sweetness as well as sickness. Coconut milk is a perfect source of antioxidant power, protecting your cells from damage. The Broth is paleo-friendly, with rich curries either plain or stuck. This is the only Broth with fat from this brand, but calories take up a large proportion, with 190 calories and 12g of protein.

The last one is Lemongrass Ginger Bone Broth. The website's yummy and nourishing Broth features the classic Vietnamese pho flavor. It contains the beef bone broth base with extra fresh veggies and a light taste. But the main content is ginger and lemongrass as the powerhouse ingredient sources. This is an antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-obesity, and anti-inflammatory capable of treating many ailments. The Broth is obtained from grass-fed cattle bones and features 10g protein and 45g calories.

The Best-Selling Kettle and Fire Bone Broth Bundles

Besides the typical bone broth discussed in the above section, the company also offers Bone broth bundles from the inventory. The Bone Broth Bundles are suitable for bulk purchasers. You can get these packs in the collection of 4 to 8 from the store. You can go for the bundles with the same flavor or mix it up.

This is available as a subscription plan, and you can select from a 30 to 60 days plan; then, you can enjoy plenty of benefits. These include free US shipping, early access to the Broth, and a 20% guaranteed discount.

Thus, the popular pack on the website is the 4 Pack: Beef Bone Broth Bundle, which carries 907g of best-selling organic beef of this company in soup stock. There are multiple options you can select from. This starts from $52 for a one-time purchase, while $42 is a monthly plan for purchasing at least 2 packages.

The second up is the Beef & Chicken Bone Broth Bundle which features 4 of the Chicken's nicely as beef bone broth in the package. Thus, if you want to try the chicken and beef broth simultaneously, this is the perfect bundle with the option to save. A one-time purchase costs $64, while a monthly subscription costs $52, saving 20% with at least 2 purchases.

The last resort is 8 Pack Bundle Flavored Broth. It is also a good move that allows you to taste the multiple bone broth flavors in the package. You can get 2 packs of coconut curry lime, chipotle beef, turmeric ginger, and lemongrass ginger bone broths in the box. It's suitable for donating to the closest soup kitchen during the winter. A one-time purchase costs 61 bucks, while a subscription costs $51. Give the above best-selling Bone broth a try, and you will never regret anything.

Customer Review

Our reviews also wanted to go into detail and find out what Kettle and Fire bone broth customers say online. This is vital in helping you make decisions. It is always good to learn from the profession, and we are here to help you analyze, break down and make it simple for you to understand.

Thus, we headed to their official website, On the webpage, the company concerning their Bone Broth has recorded over 54614 positive reviews, which still counts. Many customers consider it the best company when it comes to bone broth.

The praises surround the tasting quality; honest customers support services. Each product on the site has particular feedback, and looking at the beef Bone Broth, the product scores 5 stars after 8462 reviews. People complement the vegan ingredients, which can help you stay satiated between the meals and savory and smooth sips. One customer impressed with the ingredients says:-

"I've tried several bone broth products from different vendors, but Kettle and Fire are the best due to the high-quality components.”

On Amazon, there are reviews about the Beef Bone Broth Soup 1 pack, where the product scores 4.4 stars after a 10136 global rating. This is almost perfect because it gets 72% 5 stars. Then heading to the Don't Waste Your Money site, the com[also gets numerous praises; out of the 4 expert reviews, it scores 9.9 stars with 7604 user reviews. Many people loved this classic cuisine's delicious soup and the perfect experience. The overall take sums up everything here:-

"This broth is simmered for over 20 hours to extract as much collagen, protein, & amino acids as possible from the cattle bones." It aids in the development of a healthy gut, the strengthening of one's immune system, and the improvement of joint wellness. It's also low-carb, keto, and paleo."

Besides Business Insider, The Kitchn also explores the brand, and the author considers it one of the simple swaps that usually make his stuff more flavourful all day. On the blog on Dr.Antony Gustin's site, the author also lists why he prefers this bone Broth. Some of these compliments come from the high-tech, durable, shelf-stable, delicious, and affordable. Its gels are made with 100% grass-fed or organic ingredients and do not contain any addictive elements.

Then Primal Edge Health sums up our reviews where the author analyzes the brand using the quality and ingredients and, in the long run, guides customers on how to use these Bone Broth to the full potential. Though it might seem pricey to some people, the quality of the Broth is worth buying. The company also makes extra steps to collaborate with society to make it ready to go to nature.

Many people worldwide are satisfied with their Kettles and Fire bone broth purchases. Besides the subscription, you can also get a one-time purchase and start enjoying multiple lucrative deals.

Where to Buy Kettle and Fire Bone Broth

If you have decided to buy Kettle and Fire products like the Bone Broth, there are multiple ways to access them, but the option depends on your location. For the US-based customer, the only available option is ordering the Bone Broth from their official website Our research also shows online stores with the Kettle and Fire Bone Broth. These are not limited to:-

However, Canadian-based customers have reported issues. Walmart Canada is no a reliable place to order Bone Broth. The good news is that you can visit the natural market and order it delivered to your Canadian address with no issues. The option thus depends on your location here.

Is Kettle and Fire Bone Broth Worth It?

From the above customer reviews, it is clear that many customers love Kettle and Fire Bone Broth. Most people have been satisfied with their purchase; hence we cannot hesitate to credit the brand for their high quality, healthy, and natural Bone broth for guaranteed leveling up. Kettle and Fire Bone Broth are designed and made using high-quality ingredients obtained from grass-fed cattle.

Thus, the menu comes with a significant task that is a perfect alternative to the typical diet. These guys also ensure that the Bone Broth has optimum health benefits for your body. They save you time and are simple to prepare within 5 minutes, and in the long run, their shelf-stable is incredibly awesome compared to ordinary homemade Broth.

On its website, the company has also outlined detailed blogs that help you with information on diet ideas as well as a wealth of recipes. If you are still new to the paleo diet or have just begun fasting, then Kettle and Fire have a perfect 21 days plan curated for you with the fast guide. You will also find an excellent bone broth cookbook available for free download on the site.

This means customers can always follow the simple instructions to prepare the bone broth which fits all their needs, diet, and routine. While we have seen that the taste looks to be something else subjective, the company has also recorded a few drawbacks. A few customers complained of the watery stock. Otherwise, most people love the Kettle and Fire Bone Broth. Thus, we highly recommend Kettle and Fire as a perfect brand you would like to visit for high-quality Bone Broth.

Kettle and Fire Bone Broth Discounts

If you are looking for discounts and promotions while purchasing the Kettle and Fire Bone Broth, we are happy to bring you the good news. The brand is no exception, but it guarantees customers multiple ways to save on their budget. Therefore, currently, this company certifies you with free shipping when you have 12 cartons; when you subscribe to the plan, you qualify for 20% off. Still, when you place an order totaling $50, you get $5 back.

There is also a lucrative deal where you can save up to 10% off with the 4-pack bundle's purchase. For new members, we encourage you to subscribe and enjoy 10% off on your first order. The brand still has a loyalty program. You can refer a friend by offering them $10 and get $10 only if they place the first order that adds up to $60 and above. You also get loyalty points for each purchase you make from the platform. Thus, you can't have more, especially when you are a loyal customer. This is done by signing up for the OneNinety reward plan.

Kettle and Fire Bone Broth Contact

You can use many methods to connect with the Kettle and Fire customer support team if you need clarification or want your inquiry settled immediately. Thus, among the methods we have from the research is texting or calling 415-857-0024. They also have a live chat button on their website, which is efficient for urgent issues. If not, you can mail them and share them with

Reach out to them by filling in the contact form on their website. If not, you can count on their social media handles. They are active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Reach out to them anytime and have your issue settled once and for all.


Q. Who is the owner of the Kettle and Fire brand?

In the above review, we have seen that this company was founded by two brothers, Justin, and Nick Mares. Since the foundation, Kettle and Fire have partnered with the CAVU venture, which has brought in significant investments to promote its expansion and growth.

Q. Where are Kettle and Fire headquartered?

The company is generally based in Texas city in the US. However, we have traced and found that they have headquarters offices at 1800 E 4th St #101, Austin, Texas 78702.

Q. Are Kettle and Fire made with organic ingredients?

From the information, the complaint claims, and we have verified that their recipes rely on organic ingredients.

Q. Is Kettle and Fire Bone Broth safe for human consumption?

First, you must remember that the slow-simmered bone broth contains significant ingredients, which are white and red stem-cell marrow. Therefore, the collagen available in the soup provides your body with healthier skin, hair, and nails. More so, the bone broth contains amino acids without any added antibiotics or hormones but includes other relevant ingredients. Therefore, the products are safe, effective, and suitable for your body.

Q. Can one drink Kettle and Fire bone broth daily?

From the knowledge we have gained online and expert recommendations, consuming at least a cup of bone broth daily for efficient and guaranteed results is good.

Q. Do Kettle and Fire bone broth contain gel and collagen?

From the above, it is clear that the bone broth has collagen; specifically, the beef broth leads with high collagen content per gram. But also the bone broth gels due to collagen in the soup.

Q. Do Kettle and Fire bone broth taste good?

The product tastes good, as always, since it's obtained from fantastic and commercial bone broth firms. The soup contains deep flavor, is ready to sip, and is rich in nutrients alongside the packaged recipes.

Q. Are Kettle and Fire bone broth sold at Walmart?

The information indicates that Walmart also offers Kettle and Fire products, including Bone broth. That is not the only store; there are other approved online retailers with these soup packages, as we have indicated in the above section of the article.,. But purchasing g-[form from the retail stores denies you a few discounts and promotions.

Q. Why are Kettle and Fire products so pricey on the market?

Bone broth involves a complex cooking process, resulting in expensive pricing. Also, you must remember that the company uses organic ingredients sourced from grass-fed as well as free-range Chicken. Hence, the ingredients are costly, and the brand relies on sustainable or biodegradable packaging. Due to its attention to detail and high-quality products, it corresponds to and explains the high pricing.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Kettle and Fire company?

For all sue orders, the company offers free shipping and guarantees delivery within 2 to 5 business days from the date of purchase. Once your order is dispatched, the company sends you the confirmation email alongside the tracking code to trace the order's shipping status. However, Kettle and Fire do not offer international shipping except the canadian based customers who can purchase the products from

Q. What is the return policy of the Kettle and Fire company?

In the above review, we also found that Kettle and Fire offer customers a reasonable return policy. If you have placed an order totaling not more than $100, you can request a return when unsatisfied with the Bone Broth. Initiating a refund is very simple. You have to email them from a cell using the contact (415) 857 024. Compose an email to You only have 30 days from the date of purchase to return the products and beyond, the considered final sale.


Even though Kettle and Fire seem expensive for the Bone Broth packages, the quality matters. The brand sells organic, safe, high-quality food, which is worth it if you want to invest in your health. The company also engages in charity work besides being sustainable in packaging. Therefore, in the above Kettle and Fire bone broth review, we have covered everything you need to know before purchasing. Based on the delicious flavor, ready-to-go nature, as well as quality, care, and simplicity to prepare and take, the brand is a no-brainer, and it's worth giving a shot.

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