Soylent Drink Review: Is It Worth Trying This Meal Replacement Drink?

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Are you curious to learn more about the Soylent drink and meals which have been taking over the market by the wave? Then there is a comprehensive and honest Soylent drink review to give you an overview of information and everything you need to know. Before giving it a try, read to understand the brand.

While you might prefer cooking to order ready-made and nutritious meals, you must also consider your sensitive skin issues. However, while on hold on such facts, much research today indicates that most Americans do not get sufficient fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, and vitamins in their diet. This is something worth your attention.

Not all uber-processed food is terrible; many firms have different approaches and ingredients. Thus, with the inception of Soylent. Based on the advanced MRE solutions, you need more time to cook and take your meal daily. But with the help of Soylent, you can now access ready-made meal and drink.

The brand has come as a perfect alternative to replace the non-nutritious Uber meals and offer you something else you need for a healthy diet. For that reason, we need to find out who Soylent is, what they offer, what discount is, and where to purchase and also go deeper into the customer feedback. This way, we can evaluate the company and give you a clear conclusion for the next purchase.

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Soylent Drink Review

Soylent is a brand founded in 2012 by four guys, John Coogab, David Rebtein, Matt Cauble, and Rob Rhinehart. This company aims to offer people sustainable nutrition as well as supplements at an affordable price. In the inventory, you can access multiple flavors of wellness and health-related products. They have these nutritions in drink form and powder or bars under one roof.

The company was established with millions to replace all the non-nutritious meals on the market, which most people tend to buy due to a lack of alternatives. With its massive audience on social media platforms, the company has also been able to feature on multiple reputable media outlets not limited to the Viox but also including The New York Times, etc.

Time Magazine ranked the firm among the best content for invention in 2019. If you still wonder whether the brand is worth our money, we will have you sorted in this Soylent Drink review. No more frozen meals or instant ramen. The founders' frustration made them explore the market gap and develop this strong brand on the market today.

These four guys had a belief that any food can as well be simplified and made better. They then combined the idea with their software engineering knowledge and started the journey to preach on the typical routine diet. Soylent's establishment was inspired by the dystopian sci-fi novel of 1966 written by Harry Harrison with the title Make Room, Make Room.

The novel analyzes the population and makes comparisons with the available resources. Besides the fact that this company focuses on making nutrition more accessible or affordable, they do not engage in the impending apocalypse paranoid nature. The founders still insist that they are targeting to make an impact on student food insecurity, malnutrition around the world, and the homeless emerging issues or crises.

While Soylent has its headquarters in Silicon Valley in California, they have expanded and successfully managed to grow in the US. They recently launched brick-and-mortar retail stores which are available in about 20 regions in the US. This is one of the unique companies utilizing its popularity reasonably.

They have even developed the charity program SoylentForGood which volunteers to donate food to needy people. Therefore, before we go into other sections about the best-selling Soylent drinks, let us also compare the pros and cons of the Soylent brand.

Soylent Drink Pros:

Soylent Drink Cons:

Why We Like Soylent Drink

Even though the future is uncertain, Soylent was inspired by the dystopian novel, and there is no chance of accessing the meal replacers. This company was established to offer a better solution for people worldwide struggling to get 3 meals daily. Or rather, people who want to ensure they can conveniently access the daily nutritious meal.

Therefore, one unique thing is that Soylent aims to make the supplements more accessible. Therefore, they offer a considerable collection of meals which range from drinks to the likes of powders as well as bars and beverages. But this section will only focus on the best-selling Soylent products. Here, let us start with drinks.

The Best-Selling Soylent Drinks

Multiple meals full of nutritious beverages are packed with all your daily supplement needs. These beverages are available but in different flavors, and for the sake of helping you have an easy time selecting, we have compiled a few favorite Soylent drinks.

The first here is Creamy Chocolate, perfect for people who have an appetite for the velvety taste and love coco-rich beverages. This drink offers a healthier liquid containing plant-based ingredients like soy proteins and 9 essential amino acids, with other canola and sunflower oil ingredients. That helps in maintaining the body's cholesterol in balance. This beverage alone gives you 25% of the total nutrients you need in a day.

The second here is the Mint Chocolate idea for chocolate addict people. It is so challenging to ignore such a decadent truffle. This mint is meant to help you quell the sweet tooth while satisfying the severe craving of harshey with only 400 calories content. It has high soy protein but is blended with only 1g of sugar content with other essential nutrients. It is plant-based hence gluten-free, and ideal for all people with any health condition, including being allergic to nuts.

The next up is Strawberry. This is a berry smoothie that is perfect for summer. The drink contains essential nutrients but is refreshingly sweet, featuring a hint of tartness. Though low in sugar, the drink is supercharged with vitamins, amino acids, carbs, healthy fats, and minerals that regulate hormones, energy sources, and cell structure. It is perfect for people used to the keto and vegan diet and is available as a subscription and one-time purchase.

The other best-selling Soylent drinks on the market are Vanilla comes with subtle states but no caffeine added; instead, it features 39 basic nutrients for bodybuilding. It also has different artificial flavors, which you can substitute for typical drinks like yogurt. Cafe Mocha has a strong java taste and is a perfect alternative, but it has chocolate velvet notes. The presence of the L-theanine helps keep people focused and with power all day.

The other in line is Nutrition Shake Sampler Pack which are 6 flavors based on the inventory to select from. The last is Neopolitan Variety Pack, which contains soy plant-based proteins with unsaturated fats.

The Best-Selling Soylent Powder

Soylent also offers powerful nutritional supplements on top of beverages and bars. So, purchasing powder packs is best if you prefer something other than cooking or ordering fast food. The company has designed these powders mainly to offer alternatives to the average meal. But in their inventory, there are only two flavors as of now.

Therefore, these classic powers include Soylent Powder – Original, the first brand's formula made solely from soy protein. You are guaranteed 270 calories with only a single serving. Besides the 39 basic nutrients, they also contain branched-chain amino acids. We recommend adding pancakes with fruit smoothies before drinking to get an additional health kick. Remember, it's mixed with water and half a cup blended.

The last is Soylent Powder- Cacao, and this one comes with all the pleasure you get from the chocolate goodies though it does not feature such unnecessary sugar. It offers 20% of your daily vitamins and contains soy proteins—targets to improve your immune system while keeping your body healthy. You can make a butter almond drizzle on the waffle or toast to effectively take it, besides mixing it with water as a simple smoothie.

There are so many things that we love about Soylent products. The brand ensures customers have access to products with the solid value of your bucks. The products guarantee the full feeling without any added staff to give you what you need for your daily diet. The powder protein also mixes well with water and other soluble liquids to make your experience dystopian.

Customer Review

We have seen that many of the Soylent products have received many compliments. Some of the brand's pros include affordable bioproducts and a tasty and healthier diet. In our best-selling products, we used customer feedback and tried to rank the items. Therefore, it is another time to investigate what customers say after using these meal replacement products.

From their official website,, each product has scored its rating with numerous reviews. On average, the best-sellers have an overall rating of roughly 4.1 stars, indicating apparent customer satisfaction.

The Soylent plant-based original meal replacement on Amazon scores 4.4 stars after considering the 12127 global ratings. This is awesome and very encouraging to give to a story. Still, the Allure blog thoroughly examines the brand and breaks down the company's history, returning to its current offerings.

On the Latest Fuels website, the author reviews the pros and cons from the customer's experience perspective. Based on his opinion, he concludes the article by saying:-

"Soylent still offers Complete Energy (with nootropics) but also bars as its other products. Nevertheless, due to their high price, these are difficult to recommend. Nonetheless, many Soylent user reviews are still positive. My overall experience with Soylent drinks was confident, and I still believe it is appropriate for people searching for:"

Going to the Hone Health website, the author makes a simple statement that other than what he holds about the brand, and it is still the best company for offering high quality and effective MRE shakes, which taste as the bisquick appears like the Milk in reality. He then highly recommended the company for showing you something else when you want to replace the typical meal and change your diet through their healthy and convenient meals.

Looking at the Wellness Verge, the author also compares the pros and cons before entering a detailed company overview. In the long run,., the author sums up the review with a statement:-

"Soylent is a meal replacement product that contains 28 vitamins and minerals and evens carbohydrates, protein, and fat. You can consume meal replacement products such as Soylent on event, but not on a constant schedule."

The reviews online speak volumes. The feedback on the Inner Body, Sfgate, and Thing Testing sites is enough evidence to convince you that this brand is a beast when offering meal replacement products from the drinks to the powers and beverages.

People are amazed at the taste of the products, and many customers have reported positive feedback for many other reasons. Soylent products have also been effective in weight loss cases besides as a nutrient supplement.

Where to Buy Soylent Drink

You can purchase Soylent products from their website. When you visit the website, you will have a massive collection of drinks and other products in the inventory, like the popular nectar drink.

However, the products are not only limited to the official store. Thus, we also found these products available in online retail stores. some of these popular are: 

Is Soylent Drink Worth It?

If you can quickly check out the site for quick drinks, the brand is worth your time, including money. This is for many reasons; among them is access to cost-effective products in the store. If you go online, there are numerous positive customer feedbacks which we have discussed in the above section. Most people praise the quality of the products, the taste of these drinks, etc.

Therefore, from experience, this company is committed to offering the best services to customers worldwide. Moreso, Soylent is developing and expanding to make nutritious drinks and products available to all people at an affordable prices. They also make sure that the products bring about a positive change in terms of the convenient packaging using the to-go bottles and settling the food insecurity crisis.

Without undergoing excess waste, you can now get access to the required carbs as well as vitamins, even without washing the fuss. Well, these guys understand the body of customer response differently based on the diet. Expect few consequences when considering switching to this diet and your perfect alternative. This level of transparency is what the customer needs.

Most people have complained of digestion issues with these meal replacement meals and drinks. But the good news is that most customers have reported using Soylent in managing body weight. This is even beyond what the company advertises on the website. Because the products are not meant for weight loss and due to this behavior, we highly advise that you seek a recommendation from doctor fort.

Hence, if you are on the go moment and highly rank the convenient nutritions or drinks, it is time to try the Soylent drink. Though it is cost-effective, we again insist that you seek th advice from a professional doctor to evaluate if these Soylent products have benefits or negative impacts on your body. Once approved, they are worth giving a shot with a guarantee to enjoy discounts, lucrative deals, and saving your time.

Soylent Drink Discounts

Definitely, Soylent is not an exceptional brand regarding the lucrative deals to customers. Customers have the opportunity to save on their budget. First, the company has a referral program where when you invite a friend and place the first order, you and your friends can receive a discount of$10.

Still, from the purchase, the company donates $1 to the charity program in the US under the referee's name. If you choose the subscription plan, the company guarantees delivery after every 30 days.

Still, you will enjoy discounted prices from 10 to 12% off. for every $1 you spend on the website; they have reward programs that give you one point that you can use to access exclusive products and lucrative deals.

Still, these guys also offer students discounts that enable them to access the products at 15% off the normal price on all orders. It also covers medical, teaching, veteran, and military professions. If you want access to many other future deals, subscribe to the newsletter or email listing for all the updates, promo codes, and sales.

Soylent Drink Contact

In the above review, we have given you only the limelight, and it's upon you to finish the goat. Therefore, you can contact the Soylent customer care team if you still have questions about the Soylent drink or other products. There are two main methods here from our research. The first is sending them an email address to Secondly, these guys are also online on social media platforms. Thus, you can contact them on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., anytime.


Q. What does Soylent involve?

Soylent is a brand that offers meal replacement services. They provide a considerable collection of nutrition assortment, ranging from beverages to delicious powders and bars. They contain not only minerals but also vitamins and fat. Online, the company has established a reputation for offering affordable products, more convenient, as well as they are accessible to all people or all states.

Q. Does Soylent company offer FDA-approved products?

In the above reviews, we have seen that the company offers drinks and other FDA-Approved products. This information is available on the company's FAQ page. They come out clearly that the products though they have all the much-needed elements for a healthy diet, tend to limit the use of the less desired elements like saturated fats, cholesterol, as well as sugar. All the Soylent products are also guided through the recommendations from the IOM-institute of Medicine.

Q. Are Soylent products healthy for customers?

While numerous bloggers online refuse that these products are safe, the company claims they are healthy. This is due to customers' experiences, which include diarrhea, digestion issues, and vomiting. Therefore, to rate these Soylent products, we suggest you consult a doctor before committing to this dietary plan for a long engagement.

Q. Can a customer live off Soylent products?

This depends on the decision of the customers. The answer is yes, and anyone can live off these products. There are many online cases where customers have condemned Soylent products for over 4 years. But you should always check with a professional physician before changing your strict meal replacement routine.

Q. Are Soylent products banned in the Canadian market?

Based on the information on the company's Twitter page in August 2020, Soylent products are not banned in Canada. If you are a customer base in Canada, you can always order these products without restrictions.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Soylent company?

Typically, the company offers a favorable shipping policy, and the order usually takes about 10 to 15 business days to arrive. They even insisted that for the efficiency and convenience of reception, customers should consider placing orders 5 days in advance. In reality, Soylent offers free shipping to US-based customers on orders totaling $25 and above.

However, when your order is below the threshold, you must incur shipping costs that are only calculated during the checkout on the site. Besides selling products on amazon prime, the company also offers expedited shipping services. There is no information on the website concerning the tracking of orders. When writing this review, customers can only purchase Soylent products from Canada and USA. However, they claim the team will expand the coverage to international countries shortly.

Q. What is the return policy of the Soylent brand?

Unfortunately, the brand does not offer a return option due to the nature of the products for a full refund. The only condition under which they accept returns is when a customer receives damaged or defective products while in transit to the destination. In such a case, you have a return window of 14 days to initiate the return process and send the claim. You can initiate the return process by contacting the customer's support team using the above contact addresses.


In the above Soylent drink review article, we have seen that this company offers nutritious, delicious meal replacements to customers in Canada and USA. the company has a favorable return policy, and you can get products at an affordable price.

While customers have reported that the stomach condition tries to adapt to the diet, the review recommends seeking a professional doctor's recommendation before engagement. They have not only convenient but also a healthy diet of meal replacement to add to your routine.

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