Inkbox Tattoo Review: How Last Are These Temporary Tattoos?

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Are you tired of the permanent tattoos that hurt or intimidate you throughout your life? Then worry no more. With Inkbox, you can have a temporary tattoo with a massive range of styles. Please find out more in our article.

Since the memorial, tattoos have been around for a while. They are advancing, and in recent achievements, temporary tattoos are becoming buzz around the world. The aspect of having a tattoo only for a few days, even without commitment, is appealing to a large group of people, especially young adults. First, these tattoos are not only easy to remove but also cost cheaply.

In fact, during the process, the tattoos are pain-free. Among the companies, one of the famous brands specializing in tattoos has emerged and is taking over the market by storm. It has become the leader in the trends. In this article today, we will be focusing on the Inkb0x tattoos. It has established a robust reputation among the audience not just in the US but around the world.

The accessibility of the services makes the Inkbox tattoo popular, coupled with the quality. This is why we are here to take you through the reviews. Sure, we will cover everything worth mentioning before you decide to make a decision. Keep reading to the end and find out.

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Inkbox Review

Back then, temporary tattoos were the rage. But today, with the inception of Inkbox, things have become more straightforward, and the application of the temporary tattoo is just fun. Therefore, Inkbox is a company that offers different services which fall between permanent and temporary tattoos. The brand offers what we can refer to as semi-permanent tattoo technology.

It not only stops in the US but also delivers products worldwide. Inkbox tattoo is a self-service that you can apply without hassle. The brand's application processes are generally organic, safe, and faster.

In our review, we will guide you through various aspects. Please read to the end and find its features before deciding to purchase. Otherwise, the brand offers over 4000 tattoo designs that only take 15 minutes to apply. They are only waterproof to a certain extent but last for 1 to 2 weeks. Let us start with the pros and cons of the inkbox tattoos before proceeding to the other sections.

Inkbox Tattoo Pros:

Inkbox Tattoo Cons:

Why We Like Inkbox

Inkbox is popular among tattoo users. We love Inkbox for a reason. To start with, the brand offers numerous variety of design as well as styles that customers cans elect from. As opposed to the competitors on the market, you can also go for the custom and find the tattoo maker. When you are indecisive, it can take time to decide on the design you need can take time.

Otherwise, Inkbox has something for you in the collection. They are open to working together with the incoming artists where they can design and then get paid. Secondly, they have freehand ink on their collection of tattoos. This means you can get the Inkbox custom tattoo where you can solely create using the henna. However, it would be best to be careful because your artists' skills do not meet minimal requirements; you would not like using henna for the freehand ink tattoo.

The next thing that makes us like the Inkbox tattoo is the high-end packaging design. You will feel special when you open the envelope, making it fun. Every package contains many guides and details for the application procedure and how to keep it safe. Every customer feels happy with the packaging. Again, they also have multiple discounts and promotion codes for the customers on their site. Hence, when you make orders, you can enjoy affordable pricing.

Customer Review

Inkbox Tattoo got a lot of reviews, and when you go to the online platform, the brand has recorded plenty of excellent reviews. It seems no one is complaining about the brands. Some clients love the many designs the brand offers on the market. For instance, on Trustpilot,m a client recommended that

' Inkbox tattoos are ideal for the size, style, and location of an everlasting tattoo. Before choosing on which permanent tattoo I desire, has a lot of expertise with this semi-permanent tattoo.....'

Therefore, out of the 36,586 reviews on the Trustpilot, Inkbox tattoos have a 4.3 excellent rating. Other customers still recommend the brand because of its features such as exceptional designs, support for small tattooists and artists around the world, offers custom henna tattoo inks, enjoying multiple discounts, and its high-end packaging of males product looks excellent with high-quality. Most customers are coming back wherever they need extra tattoos.

It is the customer reviews that can make you decide on the brand. Otherwise, we would also add that these tattoos are great, stays intense, and last longer than other brands on the market.

Where to Buy Inkbox

You can easily buy the Inkbox from two places. In the retail outlet and online. Regarding the retail stores, Inkbox has few locations open in North America; thus, you can get an Inkbox is a Toronto-based company in the popup shot found in Las Vegas. Shortly, the brand plans more locations from which you can access the products. Otherwise, you can purchase it online as well. This is because they ship the products around the world.

From the research, you can find the brands offering services and products on the Amazon platform with certified sellers. This is a great option when you are looking for where to buy the Inkbox products. You can get the tattoo delivered to your home country if you are an international customer.

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Is Inkbox Worth It?

Inkbox is worth it all for tattoo lovers. The experts have proved the Inkbox tattoos to be a safe option and worth your budget. This is because all their products are made from natural ingredients.

This means the materials sued are all approved by the FDA. Because of this, all customers rest assured that the tattoo application is harmless without any ingredient to be afraid of. In terms of pricing, the product is affordable and offers plenty of designs, making it worth it all, even when you want to test it before getting a permanent tattoo.

Inkbox Discounts

Inkbox offers products at affordable pricing. But again, the products come with plenty of discounts. When you navigate the internet, you will come across various discount codes. Though the brand also has sales discounts on the platform, you can get great promotional codes for additional savings. From our research, some of the coupons are as listed below. They are the best deals in your purchase when you use them appropriately:-

That is not all; there are plenty of discounts and promotion codes on their side and in other stores. Exploit them and make a purchase.

Inkbox Contact

Inkbox brand offers good customer service. Whenever you run into an issue, you can always contact customer support. Recently, you can contact the team through the phone number, email address, or in-person at the Canadian head office; they are still available through the webchat once you tap on contact us or through the online help center button.

To reach out to them through the phone number, here 416-999-9999, the email address is Click here to contact them through web chat or here to help on the online help center forum.

Or Canadian Head Office:

393 King St. West

Toronto, ON M5V 3G8




Q. Are Inkbox Tattoossafe on your skin?

Inkbox products are desigend form the organic ingrdients sucha s plans hence safe. They are made free of toxic chemicals as opposed to competitors. Hence, the materials used in making the tattoos are approved by the FDA since they have been tested and deemed safe for children and adults.

Q. How much do the Inkbox tattoos go at?

Temporary tattoos are exceptionally affordable. Generally, the costs vary with the design. For instance, the Inkbox catalog tattoo ranges between $12 to $20, while the freehand pro kit goes for $49 at the sale price but is priced at $55. Couple this with various discounts and promo codes the brand offers; you can enjoy cheap products from the company.

Q. What is the longevity of the inkbox tattoo?

The above reviews show that Inkbox tattoos are semi-permanent and last between 7 and 14 days. Thin tattoos last longer than large ones, which tend to fade after. Hence thinner tattoos have fewer errors and last longer. Again, it also depends on the placement of the tattoo.


Generally, Inkbox tattoos are the safest products made from organic ingredients. When considering having a tattoo, consider the INnkbox brands the best choice. They are an affordable, wide range of designs and styles with coupes, discounts, and promo codes on their site.

Inbox tattoo is chemical free, and the materials used to make the FDA approves the brands; hence tested to be safe for adults and children; semi-permanent tattoos are safe, they last longer, are waterproof, and are a good option for testing before you get the permanent tattoos. Meanwhile, a tattoo is cautious for the more sensitive skin. Before you apply, seek a professional doctor.

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