DoYouEven Clothing Review: Does It worth the Hype?

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DoYouEven is a popular sports apparel that makes high-quality clothing for sports people. Read on to know what it has to offer to the fitness industry.

If you’re a workout enthusiast, you need to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. As you will most likely be covered in sweat, the clothes should either absorb it or pull it away. Activewear should help your body to breathe while working out and not constrict it. You should wear something that moves with or accommodates your body shape.

DoYouEven Clothing is a brand dedicated to producing activewear such as sweatshirts, leggings, hoodies, and sports bras. It makes sports clothing for both men and women of all sizes. The brand designs and makes activewear that is moisture-wicking and lightweight. It is making waves in the sports industry with its range of stylish yet affordable clothing.

In this review, we will be looking at what DoYouEven clothing brand has to offer and if it's a brand worth trying out. Read on to learn more.

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DoYouEven Clothing Review

DoYouEven is a Melbourne-based activewear clothing brand founded in 2012 by Ediz Ozturk. He discovered his passion for sports in his last campus year while doing law. In his obsession to find out what motivated athletes, DoYoUEven was founded. Fast forward, this company now makes customized sportswear that brings out the passion in gym goers.

It grew to be a popular activewear brand in Australia among gym enthusiasts and a few years later went international. The company’s goal is to help you push your limits through innovation, functionality, sustainability, and performance. Its logo symbolizes a warrior's mark, which is a sign of readiness before facing a challenging situation. It means “I’m ready”.

DoYouEven Clothing Pros

DoYouEven Clothing Cons

Why We Like DoYouEven Clothing

It Has a Wide Range of Activewear

DoYouEven designs and makes a wide range of sportswear for both men and women. The brand ensures that all body types are catered to, allowing you to feel comfortable and stylish. Among the categories of activewear include leggings and bottoms, hoodies and jackets, shorts, t-shirts, and tops, as well as accessories. The clothing comes in a wide range of colors and sizes depending on the type of your body.

It has a collection of activewear made from different materials depending on your needs and budget. Among the collections include the evoke, hyperflex seamless, excel, untamed, breeze mesh, victory drip, and others. Men's clothes also include compression tights, stringers, and tankers. Among the accessories you can buy from DoYoEven include duffle bags, backpacks, and bumbags. Women’s accessories include resistance bands and scrunchies which are great for absorbing sweat while working out.

It Makes Sportswear from High-quality Materials

Looking at most reviews online, users say that they love the feel and texture of most activewear produced by the brand. The company has taken the time to design and make clothing from high-quality materials. Such include breathable and lightweight materials made from ultra-modern microfibre technology.

Items like the Scrunch Seamless leggings are made to cinch your waist and give a flattering fit. It contours your leg area, thereby providing great support even on vigorous fitness regimes. The clothes are made to fit different sporting activities depending on your needs. It also creates loungewear that can be used for less vibrant activities.

Customer Review

Currently, DoYouEven’s website doesn’t have customer reviews. However, you can find many of them online. One such website is Trust Pilot, with a host of positive reviews from different people. The review website rates DoYouEven 4.4/5 stars which is proof that the brand has made a positive impact. Out of 150 reviews of DoYouEven at site jabber, the brand scores a total of 3.35/5 stars which is indicative that most people are satisfied.

This is not to say that there aren’t any complaints about the brand. Some have claimed that the DoYouEven label started coming off right after the order was delivered. Others feel that the fit is not as good as they expected.

“Holy moly! The color, the fit, and the packaging are just great. This is the best activewear experience I’ve had in a long time. I need more in my life, so I’ll be ordering more.”

Where to Buy DoYouEven Clothing

You can purchase DoYouEven clothing directly from the brand’s website on the link provided below.

DoYouEven ships the activewear to various countries, including the US, UK, Canada, and Asia. Other DoYouEven retailers are mostly based in Australia, and their addresses are as follows;

Does DoYouEven Clothing sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found DoYouEven stores on Amazon.

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Is DoYouEven Clothing Worth It?

Having seen the many positive reviews from users, we’d say it is worth it. The brand makes high-quality sportswear that is comfortable and well-fitting. The brand sells apparel at reasonable prices and it has become popular among fitness and gym-going people around the world. The material is made from ultra-modern microfibre technology, which is breathable and lightweight.

The sportswear is compatible with all types of physical activities and is made to contour your leg area and cinch your waist. The brand has a wide range of products for both women and men to fit their various needs.

DoYouEven Discount

You can get various discounts when you buy activewear from the DoYouEven website and sales outlets. The discounts vary from time to time and on specific products. However, all students enjoy a 10% discount when they buy from the brand’s website.

DoYouEven Contacts

If you need more information regarding DoYouEven sportswear, you can contact customer support in the following ways;


Q. What categories and sizes can you find at DoYouEven?

The brand provides various categories of sportswear that cater to different body types. Among the clothing, you can find include sweatshirts, leggings, hoodies, sports bras, and various accessories. The company caters to both women's and men’s sportswear needs.

Q. What is DoYouEven’s shipping policy?

If you live in Australia, you can get free shipping for orders above $99 and it takes between 2-4 days. This includes New Zealand, however, all international deliveries are charged based on the shipping method. Visit DoYouEven’s website to learn more about the shipping rates that apply to your country.

Q. Can I cancel or change my order?

Yes! DoYouEven has a returns portal that is easy to use but only works for Australian clients. Refunds are also processed through the same portal on the brand’s website. International orders cannot be returned unless the items are faulty, however, the shipping costs are borne by the buyer.


Working out with comfortable sportswear is very important. You focus better, train harder, and gain more. DoYouEven makes good quality activewear for your sporting needs. The apparels are light in weight and allow your body to breathe while doing intense exercise. We recommend DoYouEven whenever you’re going to the gym.

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