Does Walmart Take Apple Pay?

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Do you want to know if Walmart accepts Apple pay when you shop with them in 2022? learn about Walmart's reliable payment methods and how to use Apple products to pay at Walmart.

There are a lot of features that make this brand very unique. One of the important features you can easily make use of when you shop at Walmart is its numerous payment methods. They offer a variety of payment methods of which Apple Pay may or may not be part of the acceptable payment method. One good thing you will enjoy about shopping at Walmart is the stress-free, secure, and fast payment method available both for first-time customers and regular customers.

Apple Pay has been ranked one of the most common means of payment in the United States. This is because statistics have shown that among the people who have cell phones, over 60 percent of them are Apple products. Apple Pay is a payment method just like the Master card, Paypal, etc. Where you can buy items and use your Apple devices such as iPhone, apple watch, or any apple pay enabled gadget to pay for items. We have found out numerous online stores accept Apple pay as a means of payment since 2014 when it was introduced.

You might be wondering if Walmart accepts apple pay as a method of payment while you shop with them, or you might have started shopping already and you want to be sure if you can pay with your apple pay wallet. You can keep reading to get all the necessary information if Walmart accepts apple pay as a method of payment in 2022.

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Does Walmart Take Apple Pay in 2022?

When it comes to payment in Walmart. The brand also has a unique means of payment called the “Walmart pay”. In 2022, we found out that you cannot use Apple pay directly at Walmart both online and across all their in-store locations. However, the brand saw the need for customers to still pay conveniently because most customers use iPhones. They created a way in which customers can still pay using their iPhone but through Walmart. So if you still have some money on your apple pay and you are already worried that you might not be able to pay for what is in your shopping cart, then you need to put your mind at rest because you can still pay via Walmart pay. You can use the iPhone through Walmart pay by using the self-checkout and register aisles.

There are reasons why this brand does not accept the direct use of apple pay, the reason why is interesting. As a result of this reason, they created another suitable way of shopping, you can keep reading to find out everything about it.

Can I Still Use my Apple Watch to Make Payments at Walmart?

Unfortunately, the only possible way you can make a payment using Apple products is through the iPhone. Walmart does not accept the apple watch as a means of payment. So if you have an apple watch and you are hoping to make a payment using it, you will not be able to pay. You will need to get an iPhone before you can make a payment. Walmart has also issued a statement that they will not introduce third-party payment methods on their brand.

How Can I Pay with My iPhone Using Walmart Pay?

You might have already bought some items at Walmart and you want to pay using your iPhone, then you are lucky because you can pay using your iPhone. The steps are simple and quick. The brand knows how important how the secured method of payment should be, this is why they introduced this method. The methods can be done by anyone with the iPhone. Read on to learn how to pay using your iPhone.

When you are about to pay, you will have to go to your App store and down the Walmart Pay app. It is available for all IOS versions. You just need to create a new account and make sure you use the correct information since you are using it for payments for future purposes. You just need to connect your credit/debit card to the app for payment authorization. You can easily add up your apple card to it to start making payments. You will be charged from whatever card you add to the Walmart app.

After creating the Walmart pay account and adding up your debit/credit card, then you can proceed to pay for your items. You just need to carry your items to either the registers or the self-checkout aisle to complete your transaction. When you have gotten to where the total amount is calculated, you can proceed to scan the QR code there for payment.

The moment your QR scan is confirmed, it will automatically open the Walmart app where you will need to pay via your card. You just need to select the card you want to make payment with. Then your payment will be confirmed immediately. You will also get a receipt for your transaction for future purposes should in case you want to return, etc.

With this, you still can pay digitally without taking cash. The only difference now is that you are making use of the Walmart app to confirm your payment instead of the Apple pay app.

Why has Walmart Refused to Accept Apple Pay in 2022?

Even before 2022, Walmart has not been accepting the direct Apple pay method of payment. So when they introduced Walmart pay, they saw they could integrate the iPhone into making payments via their payment app. They did not accept Apple pay even before introducing Walmart pay because they had a deal with a company known as MCX or Merchant Customer Exchange.

They are involved with creating payment solutions for their customers using the option of QR code known as CurrentC. We have found out this brand is a major substitute for Apple pay, google pay, and Samsung pay. They don’t even use any of these payment methods at all.

Another reason we found out is that if Walmart decides to use Apple pay, they will not be able to get access to the data of the customers which might not be helpful to them in the future when they want to send recommendations and other offers to shop at Walmart. They are also after their customers not paying the additional charges that come with apple pay.

Will Walmart Still Introduce Apple Pay Later?

Honestly, we don’t think the brand will be willing to introduce apple pay directly at Walmart or other payment methods like apple pay google pay and Samsung pay. The reasons why we think they will not be able to introduce them are listed above. Then you also know that you can make use of your iPhone to pay for items using the Walmart pay, so there is no need to bring the apple pay again since you can still pay using your iPhone.

How Can I Get My Refunds After Use My iPhone to Pay at Walmart?

Walmart has already said you can make use of the iPhone which is an apple product to pay for items since you will need to download the Walmart pay app available on the apple store and bind whatever card you have. So if you have added an apple debit card (if there is any) to your Walmart pay and you have made payment using the selected card (apple card for instance), you will have to get refunded via that method.

You might want to return the items you bought to Walmart for many reasons. One good thing about the brand is that they offer refunds for the original method of payment. So if you have paid using the iPhone via the Walmart pay app, then you can expect your refunds within 10 business days.

You will need to return the items first in-store or online. If you have bought your item through physical shopping, then you will need to return in-store only, but if you have made a purchase online, you can return via mail or in-store. Whatever is more suitable for you is okay.

You will have to make sure you carry your shopping receipt alongside you if you are returning in-store. When you use the iPhone to pay via the Walmart pay app, you will get a receipt for your transaction instantly. This is very important because you need to keep it. For instance, you can pay through the registers or self-checkout in-store after your scan.

Once the payment has been confirmed, you will get a transaction receipt. We advise you to keep it because that is what you will use to get your full refund, it is proof you used your iPhone to pay for such items.

What are the Items I Cannot Return When I Pay with My iPhone?

There are guidelines to the rules of returns and refunds. If you break those rules, then you might not qualify for a return. When you pay using your iPhone at Walmart for items that will be listed below, you will not be able to return them. Items such as medications, ammunition, pepper spray, firearms, video games, and CDS/DVDs that are opened, alcohol, tobacco, perishable items, gas-powered items, sanitary products, etc.

If you have bought items that qualify for returns, but you end up damaging them yourself, you will not be able to return such items. There are some other conditions that you need to meet before you can return items that are eligible, for instance, when you bought an item, you should make sure they are returned in its original package, some can even come with a price tag that you might need to maintain.

If you have bought online, you might not get the full refunds because of the shipping cost. So if the items require you to get a full refund with free shipping, then you will be refunded in full. You can check out Walmart's website to know more about their return and refund policy requirements.

Why Can’t Walmart Use NFC to Facilitate Walmart Pay?

One reason why Walmart pay is very active is to make sure the brand wins a lot of customers itself. You know the Walmart pay can only be used by Walmart customers why shopping with them. So it is a marketing strategy too. Then when it comes to technology for payment, Walmart makes use of QR CODE instead of NFC. If they have been using NFC, they will be able to introduce Apple pay.

But their payment solution provider makes use of QR CODE. NFC is a touch-free technology while QR CODES is a contactless technology. It means while you shop you might not need to meet anyone before making payments. This is why the Self-checkout option is very effective in Walmart. So Walmart does not use this service that Apple uses, so it is impossible to introduce it now.


Walmart is a brand that cares so much about its customers and also they have an obligation to the number of external companies that make payment solutions that make it easy for customers to shop at Walmart. They have been using the services of MCX in providing a solution to the payment method needs such as scanning QR codes.

This is why they have refused to introduce Apple pay on their website or in-store. Another reason is their need to provide relevant information to their customers. However, Apple does not permit them to get access to the data of customers. You can still make use of your iPhone to make payments via the Walmart pay app.

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