Does Safeway Take Apple Pay? (Your Full Guide)

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Are you also wondering if Safeway accepts the popular contactless mobile payment Apple pay method in-store and online? Read the article for more information if you are curious to explore through experts' answers.

Many people are asking the same question from the internet concerning Safeway often: Does Safeway take Apple Pay? Because of the curiosity among the potential customers, we are delighted to take the time to research the topic. Our results will not present you with a clear cup solution to the question.

Apple Pay has become a safer and more convenient mobile payment method, leaving alone the old credit and debit card options. Therefore, we would like to explore the topic and go deeper to present you with a well-researched article. Keep reading to the end and avoid these worries for your next purchase. Have the Safeway Apple pay policy at hand.

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Does Safeway Take Apple Pay?

Many online stores are shifting with technology and upgrading to Apple Pay. Like other stores, Safeway also accepts Apple Pay as one of their legitimate mobile payment methods. They take Apple Pay not only in the United States locations but also in the Canadian stores. Safeway app store features a compatible app.

However, when it comes to online orders, especially packages to be delivered and picked up, it is unfortunate that you can never pay the subway using Apple Pay. Still, they clarify that they are not taking Apple Pay for orders made through the Safeway app to be delivered or picked up from the physical store.

In short, Safeway accepts Apple Pay through in-store purchases of groceries and other products to the nearest subway location. The limitation applies not only to In-store but also online.

Hence, if you want to explore more and plan for the next shopping spree at the subway, read the Safeway payment terms and conditions to grasp the facts. Please read our article and learn with us throughout the preparation journey.

Safeway's Policy on Apple Pay

Safeway's policy concerning Apple Pay is generally the same as other stores. Well, Safeway allows you to pay for the groceries in-store. Still, you can not use it to settle the gas bill or pay for products to be picked up and delivered to your home. The stores have not incorporated NFC technology at their gas stations. Therefore, only pay for the Safeway in-store, not at the pump. Also, remember that not all Safeway store locations take Apple Pay. You need to seek the availability first.

Safeway's Apple Pay Policy on Refunds

There comes a time when you don't like a product after purchasing from Safeway. As long as you bought using Apple Pay, the company will gladly refund your original Apple Pay account. However, the refund will only be reflected in your Apple wallet within 3 to 35 working days. Contact the support team for more information if you have further concerns about the Safeway Apple Pay refund policy.

The policy is very straightforward. Still, if you are having issues paying at the Safeway store using Apple Pay, let us find out what to do in the next section.

How to Locate a Safeway Store that Accepts Apple Pay?

Since Safeway only accepts Apple Pay for in-store purchases, how do you locate a Safeway store that takes Apple Pay? Apple Pay is a reliable contactless mobile payment method so you can rely on it. Hence, locating a participating store becomes one of the most significant steps.

Therefore, search for Apple Pay using the Apple map, and you will have a list of the neighboring stores that accept Apple Pay. For the newbies, follow the below steps:

What to Do If You Are Unable to Pay Safeway Via Apple Pay?

If you get into a problem and find out that Safeway is not taking your Apple Pay payment after shopping, you might wonder what to do next while in line at the checkout. Well, we have found out some of the things and steps to take and find a solution:-

1. Use another payment method.

If you cannot pay at the safety of Apple Pay, then it's recommended that you try using a different payment method. Among these methods are credit cards and cash.

2. Contact the customer care center.

This is the end step you can also take when you don't have any options. Contacting the support team might help troubleshoot the problem and help restore issues to settle the Safeway Apple Pay payment.

3. Try using a different NFC-enabled device.

Your device might have an issue that causes it to fail to complete the Apple payment at Safeway. The solution here is to try using a different compatible device. If you are using an iPhone, try changing to utilize the Apple Watch or iPad in that case.

4. Shop from different stores.

There might come a case when you jump into the Safeway store and shop, then realize at the checkout that the store in quote is not accepting Apple Pay. The only option you will have is to use a different payment method or move to a different Safeway store in the neighborhood.

5. Be patient for the updates

you have to read this fast: Safeway doesn't accept Apple Pay at the gas station, orders for delivery, or pickup. Therefore,  if you are in such a situation, then understand that shortly, they will update and start accepting beyond the current limitations. Just wait for the updates concerning the payment methods before going for a gas refill or shopping.

Safeway Apple Pay Cashback Policy

Generally speaking, many online stores that take Apple Pay guarantee a  cashback option in case product issues arise. The only condition you need to meet here is to link the Apple wallet account with the right debit card. Still, the store must have a cashback policy to get the services.

Otherwise, we have seen that most customers mentioned that numerous Safeway store locations have cashback on Apple Pay. However, few don't offer cashback when you pay using Apple Pay.

Therefore, cashback is an option that depends on the discretion of the management. Even the Safeway store is under individual management; hence, there is a location that doesn't have a cashback policy. It is not just about Apple Pay but does not give cash back regardless of your payment method. Before seeking the cashback, always check if your local Safeway store has a cashback policy. Call customer care to head to their help desk for assistance if they offer cash back through Apple Pay.

Other forms of payment Safeway Supports

Besides Apple Pay and cash, Safeway supports other multiple payment methods. If it is online purchases on the website, the store accepts methods like credit and debit cards that fall under Visa, Discover, American Express, and MasterCard.

The eligible customer can also utilize the SNAP EBT cards to settle the purchase of the qualified products, but only when you choose the pickup on the menu.

When it comes to in-store purchases, understand that this is where Safeway accepts Apple Pay, electronic wallets, Safeway coupons, SNAP EBT, American expenses, discover, cash, MasterCard, visa, etc.

Note that the Safeway online and Canadian websites do not take Apple Pay. In short, the website accepts no electronic wallet as a payment method. Therefore, when you purchase from the Safeway platform for delivery and pickup, you can count on other payment methods, like MasterCard, Discover, visa, and many more, as mentioned above.

The same limitations apply when shopping for the Safeway application. The application doesn't feature any in-app digital wallet option to make payments.

If you are a Canadian, you can agree that all the Safeway stores in Canada accept Apple Pay in all locations. That is cool, and it is clear from their social media platform. Canada stores utilize debit terminals that are compatible with the NFC payment methods. But understand that this is only a service available for in-store purchases and does not apply to online shopping.

Other Grocery Stores that Accept Apple Pay

Leaving alone the Safeway store, there are also numerous stores in Canada as well as USA locations that accept Apple Pay. The store features debit technology, which is compatible with tap-and-pay methods.

In Canada, you will be able to find stores like Costco, Co-op, No Frills, Save On Food, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Walmart Superstore, etc. when it comes to the US location, you can count on the profound stores such as Meijer, Walgreens, shoppers, BJ's, Whole food market, etc. the list is long. The above list does not limit the possibilities. As long as the store has a credit tap-friendly machine, they accept electronic wallet payments.


Safeway is a popular grocery store in the USA and Canada. While the store accepts Apple Pay in almost all locations, it doesn't take electronic wallet payments for online or in-app purchases. Still, for customers who prefer delivery or pickup shopping,  unfortunately, you can use other payment methods we have shared in the above article. SNAP EBT is one of the payment methods that Safeway offers for pickup purchases.

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