Does Hobby Lobby Accept Apple Pay? (Try This Instead!)

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Does Hobby Lobby currently take Apple Pay as a contactless payment method? We have everything you need to know about Hobby Lobby and payment methods. Please read our article for a comprehensive answer before stepping into the store.

While many retailers are upgrading and transitioning the payment method with the latest contactless alternatives, different companies still find it hard, especially with the costs involved. Apple Pay is an ideal payment method that guarantees transaction safety, efficiency, and reliability. Because of its simplicity, the method has become popular among customers.

If you are targeting to shop at Hobby Lobby and are an Apple Pay enthusiast, you might be tempted to rely on your Apple Pay as the only method. The question is, does Hobby Lobby accept Apple Pay? This is the real question, and we have everything in our article. Read and gauge the plain truth if Hobby Lobby takes Apple Pay with many more pro tips.

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Does Hobby Lobby Accept Apple Pay?

While you might be wondering, it is clear that Hobby Lobby does not currently take Apple Pay as the payment method. It is not available for both in-store purchases as well as online orders.

We all know that significant retailers today accept Apple Pay; Hobby Lobby is so unique, and for a reason, they do not provide the services. One of the primary reasons is that Hobby Lobby has a slow point of sale; hence, they have difficulty upgrading to the new technology. Still, the store partnered with the profound PayPal.

However, few editors are claiming Hobby Lobby accepts Apple Pay. Such blogs are on Go Cashless Now and reading from the latest Shopping B.Xplained website, the author denies that fact and goes to share more alternatives and hacks about Apple Pay.

With that curiosity, you are likely interested in exploring more about the Hobby Lobby and Apple Pay relationship. Thus, keep reading our article and learn more about the tricks, tips, and hacks around how to use Apple Pay at the Hobby Lobby store, settle the bill, and alternative payment methods.

Why Hobby Lobby Doesn’t Take Apple Pay Currently

As of now, Hobby Lobby does not accept Apple Pay, both in their physical stores and online. This decision appears to be influenced by their current point-of-sale systems. At Hobby Lobby, the checkout process predominantly involves traditional payment methods.

Items are not scanned at the counter or register, which complicates the integration of Apple Pay. This technology would likely require significant financial investment and extensive staff training. Presently, Hobby Lobby only allows payments through cash, credit, or debit cards.

There's speculation, highlighted by some online sources such as Wealth Quint, that Hobby Lobby's refusal to adopt Apple Pay might be linked to its relationship with PayPal. However, this theory is not entirely convincing.

Although Hobby Lobby does offer PayPal as a third-party payment option online, it doesn't support PayPal's 'Pay-in-4 ' installment feature. Thus, the claim that Hobby Lobby prefers PayPal over Apple Pay due to its longstanding popularity doesn't fully explain its reluctance to embrace newer payment technologies in both its physical and online stores.

Hobby Lobby’s Alternative Payment Method

While we have seen that Hobby Lobby doesn’t take Apple Pay, you can use multiple alternative payment methods to make payments at the Hobby Lobby store. As our liens on their website, Hobby Lobby currently accepts the below Online payment methods:

Likewise, Hobby Lobby accepts multiple payment methods for in-store purchases. These methods are not only limited to Credit cards but also extend beyond store credit, personal checks, though with a valid ID, Hobby Lobby gift cards, debit cards, and cash.

Therefore, when shopping from the Hobby Lobby website, you can utilize either of the above methods. Still, a few workarounds exist about using Apple Pay at the Hobby Lobby. Let us find out more in the next section.

How to Use Apple Pay at Hobby Lobby via Zip

Customers can utilize a few workarounds while checking out at the hobby lobby with Apple Pay. In this case, you must link Apple Pay with the ZIp. It creates a virtual or one-time visa card, which you can use to settle the payment at the Hobby lobby.

With the Zip, you can also pay through the 4 equal installments spread over the 4 weeks. Hence, get the item from the Hobby Lobby on the buy now pay later approach. This is the silver lining workaround for Apple Pay users. If you want in-store shopping, ZIP will give you a virtual card to use at the checkout. Bridge the gap through the Zip and enjoy the hobby lobby experience.

Thus, in this section, we will share some of the steps to follow. Here is what you need to follow while integrating the functionality:

The above procedure involves downloading and adding the zip to your device. You must link the zip with the Apple Pay account. Therefore, you can use the generated card to make payment at the Hobby Lobby store. More detailed procedure here:

If you follow the above steps, you will have an easy time shopping at Hobby Lobby online. for in-store purchases, then follow the below steps as well and obtain the virtual card:-

Remember that once you download the Zip app to your device from the app store, you must first create the account. Enter personal details with the security measures. You can settle the payment at the Hobby Lobby store once you generate the one-time virtual card in-store and the Visa debit card online. Remember that Zip is linked to your Apple Pay account; hence, all the payments are deducted from the account. You must confirm the payment notification from Apple Pay as well as Zip.

However, there is a minimal charge that Zip will charge you when you use these services while making the decision; factor in such costs as well. In short, Hobby Lobby does not take Apple Pay directly in-store and online. However, Zip allows you to make Apple pay indirectly. The main reason why Hobby Lobby has not integrated the Apple Pay technology is the training expenses as well as the costs of slow sales.


Q. Does Hobby Lobby offer a payment plan?

At the moment, Hobby Lobby has an impressive payment plan because Aim Tutorial website lists the store among the best 10 online stores offering payment plans. Thus, through Seezle, the customers can split the payment into four interest-free installments. You only need to download the Seezle app, locate the Hobby Lobby store from the menu, and pay with Seezle.

Q. Does Hobby Lobby Accept Google Pay?

Based on multiple feedback online, many writers justify that Hobby Lobby does not accept Google Pay. Please keep checking on their website for future updates about new payment methods.

Q. Does Hobby Lobby offer the Tap To Pay option?

The available information in the store does not feature any tap-to-pay function from the online store. According to their website, Hobby Lobby only accepts the above-listed alternative payment methods, from credit cards to gift cards, cash, etc. They have never recorded any contactless payment method, including Samsung Pay. Thus, we hope they will integrate the tap-to-pay functionality once they upgrade to Apple Pay.


Though Hobby Lobby is a popular store, they currently don't take Apple Pay online or in-store. They have multiple alternative payment methods, from PayPal to gift cards, cash, and credit cards. The above article explored a unique Zip workaround and made payments with your Apple Pay. Linking Apple Pay with Zip helps you generate a virtual Visa card to check out at the Hobby Lobby and other retail stores.

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