Does Burger King Take Apple Pay? (It's Not that Simple...)

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Does Burger King accept Apple Pay through in-store and online purchases? If you are wondering whether the Burger King app is compatible with Apple Pay, keep reading our article and clear your doubts. Here is everything you need to learn.

Different mobile transactions have been launched and integrated into our daily lives. Besides Apple Pay, you must have come across Venmo, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Cash App, etc. These approaches guarantee customer flexibility and ensure advanced security and improved payment efficiency. As a dedicated Burger King customer, you wonder if these guys accept Apple Pay for online, drive-thru, and in-store purchases.

It is vital to learn the available payment methods before visiting Burger King. Therefore, we will explore details about the Burger King payment method and seek to know whether they are taking Apple Pay. Read the articles for further information.

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Does Burger King Take Apple Pay?

Burger King has been going back and forth over Apple Pay. Still, many online articles claim that Burger King does not take Apple Pay, but few insist the company accepts the contactless payment method online. Besides Burger King using payment methods like cash, debit cards, Venmo, and credit cards, there have been mixed reactions regarding Apple Pay.

From the app store, the Burger King app is compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay, and this alone must tell us something. Still, articles on Apple Too, Supermoney, Best Stocks,  and Today’s iPhone clearly review that Burger King accepts Apple Pay in some selected restaurants. Cashy Transfer lists Burger King as a fast food restaurant that takes Apple Pay.

Lastly, Reddit threads claim that Burger King restaurants in Indianapolis and California accept Apple Pay. Then note that Burger King is currently accepting Apple Pay but in few selected locations and has made it seamless for customers to make an online payment, drive-thru as well as In-store. Hence, Apple Pay has made everything not only secure but also convenient and effortless at Burger King. So, the acceptance of Apple Pay may vary by location or over time. 

The payment method is faster and guarantees an extra layer of security. In the Burger King extra features, the app supports Google Pay and Apple Pay, which also comes with multiple benefits to enjoy, like VIP coupons. Therefore, amid such confusion about whether Burger King accepts Apple Pay or not, you might be curious to learn more about Burger King, why it stopped and resumed Apple Pay, etc. Thus, please read our article along to the end and find out.

Using Apple Pay at the Burger King Store

You must first ensure the Apple Pay account is on the standby mode. Before making the payment, set up the account and link the wallet with the relevant card. This way, making the contactless payment at the burger king will be easy. Whether you are using an Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPad, here is the procedure you need to follow to make a payment at Burger King with Apple Pay:

No more need to carry the cards. Burger King also gives you lucrative deals to earn BKCrownCard loyalty points. Though no official plan exists, the company has gone forth and forth about Apple Pay. Apple Pay is not available in all Burger King restaurants. Hence, always check on the availability before deciding to use it.

Alternative Burger King Payment Methods

Besides Apple Pay, Burger King still has multiple payment options. Thus, you can utilize alternative methods if you do not have an iPhone or Apple product. These methods include debit and credit cards, Venmo, cash, PayPal, and physical and digital gift cards. To use PayPal and Venmo, customers must link their payment method through the Burger King application.

There are numerous other payment options that this store accepts, both in-store and in-store. Online as well as drive-thru. Note that a few devices are eligible for this method when you are using Apple Pay. Therefore, the method is only compatible with Apple devices like the Apple Watch, iPad Pro, Mini 3, air 2, and later versions. They are also compatible with the iPhone SE, version 6, and new versions.

Burger King Loyalty Program

Currently, Burger King has multiple offers on the platform. There are active loyalty programs targeting customers to save on expenses. With the BKCrownCard, customers get the opportunity to earn points as well as cashback on orders where possible.

Still, you can use the BKCrownCard to settle your meal bill and get rewards. As with the Apple Pay account, add the BKCrowdCard information via the wallet app and get moving. Refer to their website for more information about the many loyalty programs and how to earn more points.

Note that when you use the Apple watch to make payment through Apple Pay, you initiate the payment by double tapping the side button and moving the watch close to the terminal. The process is straightforward. If you have compatible devices, add the payment method to the wallet account and make a contactless payment at the Burger King store in simple steps.

Why Burger King Initially Dropped the Apple Pay

Though Burger King initially used Apple Pay, they dropped the method on their mobile application. Hence, most people cannot use the services to pay at the drive-thru or in-store. The company stopped using Apple Pay because of its partnership with PayPal in 2014 and dropped Apple Pay in 2019. PayPal and Venmo conflicted with the Apple pay methods and decided to drop them.

Paypal gave many people a reason to trust the payment methods, and they integrated their UI into the Burger King app to make the process much easier. Today, Burger King has started accepting Apple Pay because their app is compatible with not only Google Pay but also Apple Pay.

The major competitor of Burger King is McDonald's. We all know that McDonald's accepts Apple Pay. This must have been why Burger King has resumed using Apple Pay as the contactless payment method. Even while in process, Apple Pay offered customers a value coupon to buy the whopper in any participating Burger King restaurant.

Burger King App and Apple Pay

Regarding the ease of use of the Burger King app and the Apple Pay methods,  we cannot see any compatibility issue—the app and payment method function effectively while guaranteeing increased security. There are many benefits customers can enjoy by using the Burger King app. Among these are access to coupons and lucrative deals.

Still, with the app, customers are served on a first-come, first-serve basis. The above perks and benefits are accessible online and through the in-store and drive-thru. For the classification purchase, customers point here when you use the Burger King app. We call them Crown. Refer to the website for more information.

Other Mobile Pay Apps Burger King Uses

Besides Apple Pay, Burger King still supports other mobile payment apps. First, you must remember that Burger King has partnered with Paypl since 20014. Thus, they are as well aligned with Venmo as the payment method. It mainly targets the younger generation alongside the continental with promising millennial diners.

This is aimed at helping the Burger King Franchise appear to be the youngest in the business crowd. The known promotion '$1 Your Way' was attached to creating awareness among Venmo users, in which the brand featured the drinks, favorite bacon cheeseburger, chicken junior sandwich, etc.

Other Restaurants that Use Apple Pay

Although Burger King accepts Apple Pay, many other restaurants have used this method. The Apple Pay app is famous worldwide, especially at fast food chains. thus, the restaurants that accept the apple pay are listed below:-


Q. How can customers use the Burger King application?

First, download the Burger app from the official website and install it on your device. To launch it, click on the Burger King icon, which is on the home screen. Once the app opens, users will be prompted to enter their personal information and add their payment method, giving them a seamless experience while ordering the products from the restaurant.

Q. Is the Burger King application free?

The Burger King app is exclusively free to download and install on your device. With your Apple devices, head to the app store or Play Store and locate the app to start downloading.


Burger King is a reputable restaurant. Today, the company also accepts the ap[ple Pay through the Burger King app. Apply the workaround, add the payment method to your wallet account, and settle the Burger King order. Though the restaurant has partnered with rivals of Apple Pay, PayPal, and Venmo, they have, for various reasons, resumed taking Apple Pay and Google Pay as contactless payment methods. Though I have gone forth and back, I always check on the nearest Burger King restaurant before actually visiting if they accept Apple Pay.

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