Does 711 take Apple Pay? (Yes, But You Must Know...)

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Besides the 24-hour working economy, does 711 accept Apple Pay through their stores? If you are a 711 customer, you might wonder if they take Apple Pay. Thus, our article will address all the concerns and answer your questions about 711 and payment methods.

While Apple Pay has been in the industry for a long time, many businesses are incorporating it into their system as an ideal payment method. It is becoming mainstream as many online and in-store firms accept Apple Pay.

Still, 711 is among the most profound and convenient store chains around the world. Thus, as a target customer, you might ask: Does 711 take Apple Pay? Therefore, in our research, we have explored every corner and found a few facts about 711  and payment methods, specifically Apple Pay.

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Does 711 Accept Apple Pay?

Generally, 7-Eleven accepts Apple Pay as a payment method in almost all locations. The company is well known for being progressive as the payment method is concerned; hence, it accommodates nearly all the options on the market because of the 7-Eleven wallet account.

711 has a reward card that is compatible with Apple Wallet. With easy steps, it can be ready for use with Apple Pay. But to make it easy, you can download and install the 7Reward application to your device. Since 2018, 711 have been accepting Apple Pay, which they declared on 10th September. This also applies to the stores offering gas services, making payment more convenient. Let us learn more about 711 and if they offer Apple Pay at their gas pumps.

Does 711 Accept Apple Pay at the Gas Station?

There are a few claims that 711 only accepts Apple Pay in-store but not at the pump. We are delighted to confirm that the company accepts Apple Pay even when buying gasoline. However, this is only available in a roundabout way. Thus, customers cannot utilize Apple Pay to settle the bill at the fuel pump. However, you are advised to download the 7Reward app for a loyalty program, which will ensure you make the process seamless. You are good to go as long as you have upgraded the application to the latest version. Set up our Apple Pay as the primary payment method through the app beneath the account setting option here.

After that, you can settle the payment by selecting the fuel pump number and getting it paid. In this case, the customer is entitled to the reward point. This is a lucrative deal; taking it seriously can save a lot on your budget.

Besides using the 711 app to settle the gasoline bill, you can also pay for multiple things or items as long as you order from the store. Suppose you are a frequent user of the 711. In that case, we recommend downloading their app from the Google Play app store, creating an account, adding the funding method, or configuring it with the Apple Wallet to pay any bill automatically. In summary, 711 does not accept the tap-to-pay method or Apple Pay at their pump. Use the above option to utilize Apple Pay at the gasoline station.

For the newbies, you might still wonder how to pay at the gas station. Assuming you have configured the Apple wallet or loaded your 7Rewards wallet with enough money, authenticate the transaction by verifying the top-up and head to the fuel station. The payment process is straightforward. Here are a few steps:

Once done pumping, you will get an official receipt from the app as well as send an email confirming the payment. Working with the 7Rewards in conjunction with Apple Pay, there is no transaction fee you will be charged. Hence, in this case, Apple Pay gives you convenience and a secure and excellent payment experience. This is because you are guaranteed the reward points. For every 1000 points, you can redeem for a dollar to spend at the station again. There is also a frequent discount you can enjoy at a go.

How to Add 711 to the Apple Wallet?

To this end, you might get stranded on how customers can perform this process. Adding 711 to the Apple wallet is a breeze. With your 711 Reward loyalty card, you can efficiently utilize it with Apple Pay, but only at a participating store. The configuring process is easy not at the store, but first, add the card at home.

Head to the account settings under the 711 Reward app, then keep scrolling to locate the Add to Apple Wallet option from the menu. This is above the signing-out button on the app.

Once you tap on the icon, you will be able to access the virtual version of the 7Rewards Loyalty card. On the card, tap add, and without wasting time, it will be added to your Apple wallet, ready to make a payment. You can contact the support team for direction and prompt assistance if you get stranded.

Note that for the in-store purchases at the 711, you can typically make the Apple Payment following the standard procedure. But first, you must have an Apple wallet ready.

How to Find a 711 Store Near You Accepting Apple Pay?

We have all discovered that 711 accepts Apple Pay in almost all locations. But for the sake of the confirmation, you also advised me to try accessing the neighboring store and find out if they are accepting Apple Pay.

There is a simple way to find the 711 stores participating in Apple Pay with internet access; you will not have to connect to the support team. As long as you have an Apple device, install the Apple map and follow the below procedure:

If you find either of the above options, remember that you are good to get started because it indicates that they accept Apple Pay.

Alternative Payment Methods 711 Accepts

Other than Apple Pay, 711 still takes multiple payment methods. The store also accepts cash and other typical payment methods, including credit cards.

As well they offer various contactless payment methods, progressive cards, and many more.. with the 711 wallet, you can also make payment as long as you first preload the cash to the wallet.

Other Stores that Accept Apple Pay

Numerous stores have incorporated Apple Pay through their payment methods. Many online and in-store businesses struggle to use the contactless payment method. However, note that not all stores accept Apple Pay. This is because companies must install the cash register technology before using it.

This alone limits the number of stores that accept Apple Pay. Based on the research, we have noted that as many stores as possible accept Apple Pay because they have the software in place. Some of these include:-


Q. Does 711 take Google Pay?

Definitely, besides Apple Pay, Google Pay is another contactless payment method that 711 stores accept. They started using Google Pay in 2018, and through gas stations, you can settle bills using the Rewards app. You can add Google Pay as your preferred payment method and incorporate it through the app.

Q. Does 711 accept Samsung Pay?

Since 711, the store has featured an NFC payment interface; they accept almost all mobile payment methods like Samsung Pay. This service is only available for in-store purchases. To settle the payment at the gas station, configure the Samsung Pay with the Rewards app.


Generally, most 711 stores use Apple Pay because it's a convenient, secure, and fast payment method. 711 is a progressive company in terms of payment methods because they accept almost all forms of payment. Though they take Apple Pay for in-store purchases, customers can pay for gas by linking Apple Pay with the Rewards app or wallet to make everything seamless.

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