Does Lowe's Take Apple Pay? (The Latest News)

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Do you want to grab one of the DIY projects from Lowe's and other home improvement tools but are unsure if the store accepts Apple Pay? Our researched article provides clear, concise information on Lowe's Apple Pay policy for your hassle-free shopping experience.

Lowe's is one of the major retailers in the United States that provides home improvement tools. The store accepts multiple payment options not only for in-store purchases but also for orders placed online. Hence, shopping from Lowe's is simple, easy, and fast.

However, sure, you own an Apple device and wonder if Lowe's currently accepts contactless payment methods like Apple Pay. NFC is one of the latest payment terminals enabling various digital wallets to make payments. However, not all stores have access to or have adopted the technology.

Through this article, we will evaluate if Lowe's accepts Apple Pay as a payment method and go beyond to analyze the other payment methods Lowe's gives customers. Please Keep reading to find out what we got from the expert research.

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Does Lowe's Take Apple Pay?

Definitely, the short answer to whether Lowe's accepts Apple Pay is yes, they accept, and this means customers can utilize Apple Pay while settling their orders not only in-store but also online orders. The report on Phone Arena indicates that at the end of 2023, Lowe's started using Apple Pay as their contactless payment method.

However, remember that not all the Lowe's stores worldwide accept Apple Pay. Thus, before counting on Apple Pay to make payments at Lowe's, it is good to check if they offer the services. The company still has other forms of payment from its website, which range from credit cards to debit, cash, gift cards, digital wallets, etc. We will explore more in the next section.

Interestingly, the company still supports NFC payment, allowing smartphone customers to pay even with the relevant app. Through the Loes app, it is clear that they accept Apple Pay. Before anything else, let us also find other alternative payment methods at Lowe's.

Alternative Payment Method at Lowe's

Lowe's also has numerous payment options besides Apple Pay. If you want to explore these methods, we will list some of the forms of payment at Lowe's. The list is long and still expanding.

First is the any of the Lowe's stores, customers can pay using money. Credit and debit cards are other crucial payment methods. This includes American express, discover,  visa, and master cards.

Lowe's also has the option to pay using digital wallets. These cover forms of payment like Google, Samsung, and Apple Pay. In addition, they also accept payment through gift cards. If you are in possession of Lowe's gift cards, rest assured of purchasing with it both online and in-store services.

As mentioned, the other contactless method that Lowe's offers is the NFC payment method. Even with your smartphone, as long as you have the relevant app downloaded, you can use it to make payments at Lowe's.

How to Make Payment at Lowe's with Apple Pay?

New users might get stuck using Apple Pay to make payments at Lowe's. This section will guide you through detailed procedures on what to do and how to do it. For the next purchase at Lowe's. Here is how to make payment with eligible Apple devices:

Step 1: Add your cards, such as debit and credit cards, to the wallet app with Apple devices. Launch the app, and using the prompt, follow them as you enter the card details.

Step 2: Once you're done making selections from the Lowe's store, please navigate to the checkout desk and hold your device close to the terminal point to make payment.

Step 3: Double taps at the sides of the device, like an iPhone or Apple Watch, to initiate the payment.

Step 4: Verify your identity by entering the passcode, face ID, or sometimes fingerprints, enabling the device to authenticate the payment and complete the transaction.

Step 5: Give it time for the transaction to get approval. You will grab the receipt, and then, generally, you can go home.

The above is the simple procedure for paying for Lowe's using Apple Pay. But you must first check to confirm if the local Lowe's store takes Apple Pay.

Advantages of Paying Online Orders with Apple Pay

The main benefit of using Apple Pay for online orders is guaranteed security and safety. Besides the above, online payments at Lowe's have countless advantages and benefits. Among them are as listed below:-

Note that the above benefits allow you to save time and budget through promotions and rewards.

How to Use PayPal as an Alternative Payment Method at Lowe's Store?

Typically, it is hard to make payments at Lowe's using a PayPal account. Especially when ordering from the physical location. The good news is that the store allows you to pay with PayPal only through their website.

Assuming you have ordered products through the Lowe's website, to make payment with PayPal at checkout, navigate to other payment methods. There will be access to PayPal as an alternative payment method; you will have to enter the correct information to make a payment.

Note that Lowe's restricts customers regardless of in-store or online purchases; you can never use the PayPal QR Code or cash card to settle payments.

Other Stores that Accept the Apple Pay Method

Since Apple Pay is becoming a convenient, secure, and faster payment method, it has been adopted by many online and in-store stores. For some of the companies, stores, and firms that accept Apple Pay, the alternative payment method is not limited only to the below listed but extends beyond to:

You can still learn many facts from the Lowe’s and Apple pay relationship or other stores. Refer to our previous articles or keep on checking for updates. Before summing up, let us go through some of the frequently asked questions in the next section.


Q. Can customers make payments at Lowe's using Samsung Pay?

Although some reports give contradicting stands on the Smsung pay at Lowe's, the fact remains that Lowe's accepts Smasung pay. Yes, Lowe's accepts digital wallet payments. The only issue is that Google and Apple Pay utilize NFC technology. At the same time, Samsung uses NFC and the MST-Magnetic Secure Transmission approach to make payments.

Still, note that Samsung pays on counts on the software updates rather than physical technology upgrades. Thus, there have been issues with Samsung Pay at Lowe's, though it is one of the payment methods.

Q. What are the contactless payment methods that Lowe's accepts?

Lowe's also accepts the contactless payment method in a few selected stores today. Previously, they only relied on Samsung Pay as the contactless payment method but added Apple Pay and Google Pay to the list. These contactless payment methods rely on NFC technology, and the store currently accepts several of these methods. Refer to their website for more information.

Q. Does Lowe's accept Google Pay?

Currently, Lowe's has the NFC technology. Hence, they accept Google Pay as one of the contactless payment methods.


Lowe's is a famous online store for home improvement and DIY projects. While the store takes Apple Pay today, they offer alternative contactless payment methods like Samsung and Google Pay.

There are several benefits to using Apple Pay while checking out at Lowe's. Please read our article for more, from convenience and safety to speedy services,.. Apple Pay is the reliable contactless payment method at Lowe's, and it's worth trying for the following order.

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