Does Target Sell Nike? (Something You Might Be Interested In)

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Looking to buy Nike products? Find out if Target is the place to go! Discover whether or not Target carries Nike gear and apparel by reading our informative article. Get all the details you need to know before you start shopping for your next pair of sneakers or workout clothes.

Target does not sell Nike products. Nike removed its inventory from Target to prioritize its stores and e-commerce platforms with an aim to boost the brand’s popularity across the globe. However, Target offers other reputable brands such as ASICS, Reebok, and All In Motion as an alternative. Herein is a discussion on why Target does not stock Nike and how to buy Nike products at a discounted price.

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Why Doesn't Target Sell Nike?

Nike Inc. decided to stop selling its merchandise at Target and other retailers. It is focusing on improving the company's brand identity globally while putting its retail locations and eCommerce platforms first. Furthermore, the brand wants to promote paying a premium cost for their clothing rather than getting used to paying lower prices.

Where Can You Buy Nike Products?

Nike currently sells its goods mostly in its stores. It own 1046 stores worldwide by 2022, including 350 in the United States. You can use Nike’s online store locator to locate a Nike store near you. You can find Nike products for kids and adults at athletic gear, and if you are looking for Nike shoes for adults, go to Kohls.

You can also find them at Macy's, which has a variety of Nike accessories, including running shoes, kids' sports equipment, and sportswear for adults. However, Nike products at Macy’s are second-hand. Alternatively, you can browse online marketplaces like ASOS, Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, and eBay for a more comprehensive selection of their products at reduced prices.

Which Sports Wear Brands Does Target Sell?

Even though Nike removed their products from Target, other brands still stock their products in this store. Here is the complete list of sportswear brands that Target sells.

Target feels it is crucial to offer a wide variety to cater to every customer's needs and wants.

What Private Label Clothing Brands Does Target Sell?

In the last six years, Target has launched several clothing brands to differentiate itself from competitors. In 2021, Target decided to enter the sporting goods business, and now it’s known for its expansive selection of sportswear brands.

Private label brands only sold in-store and online at Target make up most of the growing clothes department's inventory. They have outfits for infants, children, and adults. Here is a list of some of the brands:

Does Target Have its Sporting Cloth Brand?

Yes, Target has an activewear brand called all in motion. It was launched in 2020, just before Covid. The activewear clothing includes sports bras, yoga mats, women's and men's workout pants, leggings, trousers, t-shirts, and button-downs. Activewear is available for adults and children, and they have different sizes fitting almost all body sizes.

They also advertise the brand with actual photos of models, not the air-brushed ones the other brands have been using. The brand became one of the best-selling lines in Target, generating over a billion dollars in 2020.

Are the Clothes of Good Quality

Customers are thrilled with All in Motion's lightweight, fashionable sportswear and the great pricing. Positive reviews imply that the products offer improved mobility and size accuracy. These items also include performance-ready innovation that enables 4-way stretching, moisture-wicking, SPF 50, and secure pockets.

Parents laud Cat & Jack for its enduring yet fashionable design and the freedom to swap items for a different size for free within a year of purchase if the child outgrows them. Fashionistas have also praised A New Day's cutting-edge style that complements current trends.

Why is the Nike Brand Hard to Find?

It's hard to find the Nike brand across many retail stores because the giant athletic sneakers and apparel company has cut ties with most retailers. In recent years, the company has been working on eliminating "undifferentiated” retail partners. According to Nike, Undifferentiated retail partners are retailers who plop Nike products on their website or shelves, hoping clients will find the items.

The company has resolved to only sell Nike accessories to retailers working to enhance the brand's visibility. Meanwhile, Nike sells its products directly to consumers through its online store and mobile apps.

Who is The Target Market For Nike?

Nike’s target market is global, with people of almost all age groups as their demographic, from children to the active middle age. The company's marketing strategy has mainly been targeting athletes, those in sports, and sports lovers.

In recent years, the company has further broadened its strategy to include other market segments, such as women and children inspired to become athletes. However, up to now, the company’s most significant consumers are men. The sale of men's Nike products contributes to more than half of its wholesale revenue each year globally.

Can I sell Nike on Amazon?

You can sell Nike on Amazon as an independent, third-party retailer. However, you must fulfill the requirements that Amazon places on its sellers. Here are the Conditions to become a Nike reseller on Amazon.


Target does not sell Nike products because Nike decided to remove its products from Target stores and several other retailers. Nike wants to promote its stores, and currently, it is focusing on opening more stores globally. However, you can still find Nike in stores such as Macy's, athletic gear, and other online marketplaces where third parties can resell Nike products.

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