Does Walgreens Sell Nike Gift Cards? (No, But You Can...)

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Need to buy Nike gift cards but don't know where to start? If you have Walgreens nearby, you may want to check online. Find out now whether the store offers Nike gift card services near you!

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Does Walgreens Sell Nike Gift Cards?

If you're searching for a unique gift but don't know what to get, you might want to visit Walgreens. Their website provides excellent gift suggestions for people of all ages, from college grads to babies and beyond. If you're looking to buy a Nike gift card from Walgreens, you're out of luck. As of 2022, Walgreens no longer sells Nike gift cards online or in-store.

The business stated that it will continue to sell physical Nike merchandise, like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats, but not online. Nike's official website is the only place where you can purchase physical or digital gift cards in any denomination between $25 and $500. Gift cards from other retailers, like Amazon, Microsoft, and McDonald's, are available at any Walgreens store.

Where Can You Purchase Nike Gift Cards?

Nike Gift Cards are available to purchase at all Nike and Converse retail locations in the United States. Additionally, you can use your Nike Gift Card online, including the official Nike and Converse websites. Nike's gift cards can be purchased through the official website. Because of this, you won't find Nike gift cards in stores like Walgreens. You can use a credit card and pay for them in advance or use your PayPal account and pay later.

To purchase a Nike gift card, go to the Nike website and choose one of eleven designs. Any amount between $25 and $500 can be put on the gift card. After choosing your design, you will be prompted to either buy a digital gift card (emailed to the recipient within 2 hours) or a physical gift card (shipped to the recipient in a mini-sized Nike shoebox).

How Do I Check My Nike Gift Card Balance?

Gift cards from Nike are a great way to show how much you care. They are easy to use and can be bought at any time. Here's how to check your Nike gift card balance:

Step 1: Go to or the app on your phone

Step 2: Click Check Balance on the same page

Step 3: Enter the unique code from your gift card

Step 4: Click Submit

You can also check your Nike Gift Card balance by asking the cashier at any Nike store. Tell them you want to check your balance, and they'll give you a card with all the information about your account on it.

How Can I Redeem My Nike Gift Card?

Nike Gift Cards are perfect for anyone who loves to run and play outdoors. You can use it to buy gear, take advantage of special deals, or buy a new pair of shoes. The recipient will receive an email confirming the gift card purchase and a unique redemption code that they can use to redeem their gift card. The Nike Gift Card can be redeemed at any store that sells Nike products, such as the Nike Store,, and some stores in the United States that sell Nike products. Sign in to your account and click Redeem Gift Card to use your gift card.

What Are Other Gift Cards Available at Walgreens?

There are a number of gift cards available at Walgreens, and they can be used to pay for a variety of products. Many of these gift cards are available through the store's website, but some may be available in-store only. Some of the most popular Walgreens gift cards include the following:

You can also use your Walgreens gift card at Bath and Beyond, Microsoft, Google Play, or Apple stores, where they sell sports equipment like badminton sets or drones, among others. The possibilities are endless.

Can You Use A Nike Gift Card On Amazon?

Yes, you can use a Nike gift card on Amazon. The company has a partnership with the retailer that allows you to use your gift cards at their site. However, do not expect to get all of the same benefits as if you used it for purchase directly from Nike's site. For example, if you want to buy something from Nike and ship it directly to your home, you will need to pay shipping and handling fees separately.

Where Else Can You Use A Nike Gift Card?

Nike Gift Cards are versatile and can be used anywhere you want! You can use them in stores, online, or on the go with the purchase of new Nike shoes. They're also perfect for treating yourself or someone special at any time of year. Nike has a variety of gift cards available for purchase in-store and online. Some of these include:

Nike, Converse, and Nike-Converse stores in the US and Puerto Rico are the only places you can use a gift card to buy products. You can redeem your gift card at,, or by calling 1-800-806-6453.

Bottom Line

As online gift cards continue to become the standard, physical gift cards may become a thing of the past. The only place you can purchase Nike gift cards is on itself. Of course, Walgreens does sell gift cards for other retailers and restaurants, but so far, it doesn't seem that they will be carrying gift cards for brands like Nike.

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