Does Target Sell Stamps? (Typ, Price, and More )

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Are you wondering if Target stores offer stamp services worldwide? Worry not; we have done meticulous research for you.

Target is not just a US store but also among the largest retailers in the US market. It serves multiple customers around the world, offering a variety of products. The company has established its name among customers because of its friendly online and in-store pricing plan. They promise impressive packaging and shipping policies.

That is not everything because many customers online still ask if the retailer sells stamps or offers postal services. Well, read our article and find out if the company offers the stamp from their stores. We have also analyzed numerous tips and FAQs for your understanding.

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Does Target Sell Stamps?

Our research indicates that most of the Target locations sell stamps. These stamps range and are chosen depending on your preference from the international to the national and various classes. You can choose from different options for delivery and pickup, including Same Day Delivery, Drive Up, or Order Pickup. Free standard shipping is available for orders over $35.

Note that Target has not been selling Postage stamps online. They have been limiting customers to in-store stamp purchases hence customers were not in a position to earn reward points for every stamp they bought. Today, things have changed. Target sells stamps only as a roll, book, sheet, or coil. The price varies from one location to the other and from one class to the other. Ideally, they start from 2 to 25 bucks.

If you want to explore beyond the above simple statement, keep reading our article. We will analyze the types of stamps, the pricing, and many other factors to remember. Let us get started with where to purchase the Target stamps.

Where to Purchase Stamps from Target?

Most of the Target stores in multiple locations offer stamps, which can be found in their office supplies section. If the local Target store does not sell the stamps,  we would like to refer you to the customer service desk or support team for further direction. You will also get more auxiliary products and stamp stocks from the customer service desk.

So, before going to order one, you need to make sure you check on the availability using the Target store locator feature. You will also be informed of the available types of stamp information check out the website for the postage stamp collection.

Types of Stamps at Target

Target is a profound retail store that gives you access to multiple types of stamps, and you can get any based on your preferences. You can purchase international and national stamps. Besides the above, they also have two primary classes of stamps. That is First Class forever, and the first class stamps are for selection.

Getting one for the first-class postage is enough to complete a standard 1-ounce letter. It can mail your letter to any place within the United States region. To explore the stamps these guys offer, refer to their website under the stamps section and sort using many assists here.

Pricing of Stamps at Target

The pricing of stamps on the Target website is similar to the one listed on the United States Post Office website, as well as the locations.

The good news is that Target only sells stamps in bundles. Thus, you can save more purchasing time from the Target customer service desks than ordering from a different location. This means purchasing in bundles is more cost-effective than buying a single stamp.

A single book of 20 First Class United States postage stamps costs you $11. This is a charge without tax, and the prices vary based on your locality or location.

Also, remember that though Target sells stamps priced based on the sheets, book,  and rolls, the overall price is also determined by the class, design, and size.

Plan to pay about $2   if you order a large quantity of stamps; you incur up to $25 for the limited edition stamps or designs from Target. Remember that the above pricing quotation is only limited to the time during the research session and it is subject to the future changes as well.

Benefits of buying stamps from Target

Target has made it easy to access stamps from their customer support desk. Hence, there are a number of benefits you can enjoy as a Target dedicated customer compared to ordering from the post office as well as another firm out there. Some of the benefits are listed below:-

1. Extended opening hours.

Target is famous because of the extensive friendly pricing and because their stores open much earlier than a post office. Most Target stores are open as early as 8 am; hence, you will have more time to get your preferred stamp even with a busy day.

2. Variety of accompanying products.

The Target store has an extensive collection of products. Besides purchasing stamps, there are also other products that you might buy under one roof. Target gained a competitive advantage because the post office only offers stamps.

Multiple store locations. Target is so well spread across the United States. At least one store in your locality will give you access to the stamps when needed. Thus, buying stamps from Target is much simpler than visiting the post office.

3. Available over the weekend.

Target services operate not just on the weekdays but also during the weekend. This gives you an advantage over the post office working days.

4. Ample parking space in Target premises.

Target features an extended parking lot for their customers. This is impressive compared to the post office that is situated downtown and has a limited parking lot.

5. Target gives you a loyalty program or rewards.

For your purchase from the store, you are entitled to the points that later save your expenditure. You can also confirm the credit card offers and rewards for more information on how to save with Target.

Target return policy on stamps

There are points when, upon buying the stamps from Target, you might get dissatisfied for private reasons. As long as the stamps are unused, Target allows you to return them, but you can do this within 90 days from the date of purchase to get your total refund.

Initiating the return process is simple, and you can easily make it a breeze by carrying the receipt as proof of purchase. The team or associate will work on the other process. To get a refund or seek an exchange, there are a few conditions that you must meet. The stamps must remain original, not damaged, oned, or opened. This means the customer needs to handle the stamps with great care.

Target aims to make customer satisfaction its top priority. This is reflected in their return policy and 100% satisfaction guarantee. The store is dedicated to serving the customers, and in case of anything, you can return the stamps to the store for exchange or refund.

How to Buy Target Stamps Online?

While we have learned that Target sells Postage stamps in bulk and no individual, you also need to remember that the retail store has advanced and lately is offering these stamps online; they can be delivered to your doorstep upon request, and your preference matters.

Therefore, when you want to buy Target postage stamps online, it is straightforward. Here is a quick process.:-


Q. How does Target sell stamps?

As we have seen in the above article, Target currently sells stamps in bulk, book coils, or rolls. You will never get a single stamp from Target. You will get the under 10 to over 20 stamp booklets to select from, and the choice is your preference. Head to the customer support desk and request the stamps of your choice or order online for delivery.

Q. Does Target sell stamps online?

At the moment, Target sells postage stamps through its website and in-store. Though they display a variety of stamps, you can order for delivery to your home. The Target website also sells other shipping supplies, from mailing labels to envelopes.

Q. Do other stores on the market sell stamps?

Besides Target's ranking as the profound retail store offering stamps, other stores still offer many services. Other stores give you access to in-person and online stamps. Some stores sell stamps at Walgreens, CVS, Staples, Costco, etc. Many shops still give you the option if you opt for an online purchase. To mention a few: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.

Q. Are Target stamps also eligible to receive the Circle reward points?

If you want to earn the Currently Active Circle reward point, it is unfortunate that stamps are not eligible for purchase. This reward is only available to Target members. If you are a Target RedCard holder, you can earn the points alone and the in-store reward point on your transaction.


Target sells postage stamps from most of their locations in the US  and online for delivery to your home. You can buy various postage stamps from national to international, first-class to first-class forever stamps, and other products. However, you are not entitled to the Circle reward point with stamp purchases. Still, Target sells bulk stamps priced the same as the post office and not individual stamps.

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