Does Target sell Amazon gift cards in 2022? (Try Alternatives)

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Target is one of the largest discount retailers in the United States. It sells groceries, including food, beverages, candy, and beauty products. Like Amazon, Target stocks and gift cards. However there is a fierce competition between the two retail giants, which brings us to the question of “Does target sell Amazon gift cards?” You will be surprised at the finding to this and a couple other related questions in this post. Keep reading to find out…

Target is the second-largest discount retailer in the United States. They sell almost everything and all of it at a low price. From groceries to electrical goods, they have many items on offer. Aside from these, they also offer a range of services and products to suit every shopper’s needs, including gift cards, magazines, and electronics. But do they sell amazon gift cards? Let’s find out.

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Do Target Sell Amazon Gift Cards in-store?

Target does not sell amazon gift cards in stores. Amazon gift cards are electronic and not physically distributed through Target stores. It means you can't buy them in-store, nor can they be used at Target point of sale terminals. Most stores only have the most popular cards, and Target does not carry Amazon cards.

Why Does Target Not Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

Target does not sell Amazon gift cards because Amazon is their competitor, and they would be sending traffic to their competitor and lose sales of their products in the process. Most major retailers don't sell each other's gift cards Target has its brand of gift cards, so why would they sell their competitor's gift cards? It's a matter of business; it's not personal. Target does not sell Amazon gift cards to customers, but a workaround gives the same effect. Target sells gift cards for Amazon's top competitors, including Walmart, Best Buy, and iTunes. So you can get an Amazon gift card by purchasing one of those and then using it to buy an Amazon gift card from the retailer's website.

Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards at Target?

The question is complex since it depends on what kind of Amazon card you're trying to use. There are two types of Amazon gift cards:

These cards are redeemable on and through the Amazon app. You can also use physical at other merchants that accept Visa debit cards, such as grocery stores, gas stations, and drugstores. You can't use it at Target's competitor Walmart. Amazon and Target have extensive online catalogs of items that can be shipped to your home or place of business. If you want to shop online with an Amazon gift card, you need to shop at Amazon. Shopping online with a Target gift card, you will need to shop at Target. Both companies allow you to sign up for membership programs that include additional discounts and benefits for members, such as free shipping or expedited delivery options for members who pay for their membership annually.

What Gift Cards Does Target Sell?

Target sells hundreds of gift cards. Gift cards can be purchased in-store or on When you buy a gift card at Target, you’ll receive a receipt for your purchase that includes the gift card number and PIN (if applicable). With this information, you can check the balance of your Target gift card online, over the phone, or in-store. Gift cards can purchase items in Target stores,, and the Target mobile app. If you'd like to use your gift card online, note that most eGift cards will be delivered instantly, but some may take up to 24 hours to arrive. Target sells a variety of gift cards for dining, gaming, movie theaters, and more. It has a gift card used at its stores or Target carries the following gift cards:

Which Retail Stores Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

Amazon gift cards are available at many retail locations. They are known by Amazon, Whole Foods Market, and Starbucks. Amazon sells physical Amazon gift cards in various styles, including birthdays and kids. The cards are available in dollar denominations ranging from $25 to $2,000. However, the retailer also sells Amazon Coins and "top up" cards that add money to your account rather than giving you a code to redeem them. It is helpful if you don't know how much credit someone has on their Amazon account already. Amazon gift cards are available at a variety of stores, including:

How to Redeem an Amazon Gift Card?

You can use Amazon gift cards to purchase items from A variety of designs are available. If you want to use the Amazon gift card on other websites, you must redeem it into your Amazon account and transfer it to your bank account or credit card.

You can redeem Amazon gift cards in different ways, including:


While the answers are complicated, the consensus amongst retailers and consultants is no, as Amazon already has an e-gift card for sale on their website. However, many parties in the industry believe that there will be greater demand for these gift cards in the future. It is unclear whether Amazon will partner with Target to sell their gift cards online if they begin to gain traction. If it isn’t Target, it appears likely that another retailer would take on this role. We can only wait and see what the future holds.

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