Does Target Replace Watch Batteries? (No Longer and Do This Instead)

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Does Target used to offer a battery replacement service? If so, why is it not available anymore? Where can I get my watch battery changed?

Target does not replace batteries on and in-store. However, customers can get a replacement of their batteries at selected stores such as Zales, JC Penney sterling, and many others. However, some stores will only replace a battery if you bought the watch from their branches. Read on to learn which stores will replace your watch battery. But first;

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Why Doesn't Target Replace Watch Batteries?

In the recent past, Target used to replace watch batteries. They, however, stopped due to the numerous complaints from customers who were dissatisfied with their services. They also complained about their watches having received minor damages and scratches, forcing the store to incur more costs in repairing and replacing them. Thus, they had to stop replacing watch batteries to stop incurring additional charges.

Which Stores Replace Watch Batteries?

1. Batteries plus bulbs

Battery plus bulbs is a retail store specializing in selling and repairing batteries, phones, lighting, and smart home. They have over 700 stores in the US. Take your watch to their ‘we fix it’ counter, and you will be served by one of the attendants.

They have numerous watch batteries from various brands. You will be charged approximately $20 for a lifetime battery replacement and $12 for a one-time replacement. Batteries plus bulbs services are quick, you will take 5 to 15 minutes, but this depends on the people waiting to be served.

2. Ashcroft & Oak/Rogers & Holland

The store has several branches around the US in states like Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, Kentucky, New York, and Tennessee. It is a jewelry store that also offers watch battery replacement. Unfortunately, they only replace watches bought at one of their stores. It will cost you around $50 for a replacement, and you will have to wait for 2 to 3 weeks since they will have to order and ship the replacement.

3. JCPenney

JC Penney has OVER 670 stores in Puerto Rico and the US. Take your watch to any of their local stores for a battery replacement. However, the store only replaces the battery for watches bought at any of their outlets. You will have to wait for around 3 weeks because they will have to ship the battery from the manufacturer. It will cost you about $10 for most of their brands.

4. Zales

Zales has over 700 stores in North America. You can also find them in Puerto Rico. It is a jewelry store that also replaces batteries. They have numerous batteries in store, and they will take at least 10 minutes to serve you. The price of replacing a watch battery is around $20 for most brands.

5. Ben Bridge Jeweler

You can also find a battery replacement at Ben bridge jeweler. They have over 70 stores in 9 states. You will find them in Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Alaska, Washington, Hawaii, Canada, California, and Washington. It will cost you around $20 to replace your watch battery. The company stocks most brands, so you will not have to wait for shipment. Service time will take about 20 minutes.

6. Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs

The store specializes in repairing both watches and jewelry. They will offer other services like inspecting your watch, cleaning it, and checking the watch's stems and crown when you take it for a battery change, all at no extra cost. They have exceptional customer service. You will also receive a warranty for either 1 year, 2 years, or 5 years depending on the cost of the battery. It will cost you approximately $10 for a replacement, and you will spend around 20 minutes as you wait.

7. Fred Meyer Jewelers

This is one of the largest jewelry retailers in the US, with more than 120 stores offering excellent services to their customers at affordable prices. It will cost approximately $15 for a battery replacement and take 15 minutes to complete the service.

Online Stores for Watch Repairing

1. My Jewelry Repair

The store offers jewelry repair and watches battery replacement at affordable price. You can mail your watch to the store, and they will replace the battery and mail it back to you. After replacing the battery, they will perform a pressurization test to ensure the case is tightly sealed. Their service will cost you approximately $40 and take around 2 weeks. They are also certified, watchmakers.

2. The Jewelry Center

It is another online and in-store store you can easily mail your watch for a battery replacement. The in-store is located in Wisconsin, so if you live in that area, you can visit them for a quicker service instead of mailing. It will cost approximately $15 for battery replacement and $10 for shipping. Or around $6 for in-store replacement.

Does Target Sell Watch Batteries?

Target sells watch batteries at a relatively lower price when you compare them to competitors' prices. You can get a watch battery for as low as $4 for a pack of 3 or $8 for a bunch of 5. The price depends on the brand.

Does Target Sell Watches?

Target sells a wide variety of watches, including both fashion-forward and functional. They stock various watch brands in their store suitable for all genders. Their prices are also affordable when compared to competitors. You can find yourself a sports watch, a metal band, a leather band, silver, black, or gold watch. Some brands are specifically designed for men, such as Timex, NFL, Simplify, Goodfellow, Apple, and many more! They also have impressive and inexpensive models for women.

How Much Do Target Watches Cost?

You can find women's watches of as low as $10 or more expensive brands. Men can get cheap and costly branded watches for as low as $35. Furthermore, Target only sells watches with fully functional batteries. You will also receive a warrant of 90 days to return the watch should it malfunctions.


Target does not replace battery watches. However, the store sells both batteries and watches at affordable prices. There are other online and in-stores like Zales, batteries plus bulb, and My jewel repair that will help you replace your watch battery.

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