Does Target Sell Sephora Gift Cards? (Some Credible Alternatives)

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Sephora store sells different cosmetic products at budget-friendly prices. Sephora gift cards are the best when gifting your partner, friend, sibling, or anyone else who loves cosmetics. So, where can you buy the gift cards? Does Target Sell Sephora Gift Cards? Let's find out!

Sephora is the ultimate destination for all things beauty, offering a vast array of makeup, skincare, fragrance, and haircare products from the world's top brands. With a Sephora gift card, your loved ones can choose from thousands of products, making it the ideal present for anyone who loves to experiment with new beauty trends or has a specific beauty need in mind. Target is one of the accessible stores that sell third-party gift cards, but does it sell Sephora gift cards? 

Here is a detailed post on where to buy Sephora gift cards and a further discussion on gift cards available at Target stores.

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Does Target Sell Sephora Gift Cards?

No, Target does not sell Sephora gift cards in their online store or in-store. But, you can buy Sephora gift cards from a variety of retailers both in-store and online. Some of the options include: Sephora stores or JCPenney Sephora stores,  Amazon, Walmart, Lowe's, Rite Aid, and Kroger.

It's important to note that gift card availability may vary by location and retailer, so it's always a good idea to call ahead to confirm that they have the gift card you want in stock.

Which Gift Cards Can I Get at Target?

Target offers a wide variety of gift cards; when you search for "gift cards"  on, you will get over 250 results. Therefore,  even if you can not get a Sephora gift card, you will get other equally good options. Some of the most popular gift cards at Target are;

Alternatives to Sephora Gift Cards at Target

Target sells various cosmetics from top make-up and beauty brands. They stock everything from beauty sets to necessary items for routine skin care, among other things. Target provides third-party gift cards that can be purchased in-store or online and used at any retailer in the United States that takes Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. You can get them as real gift cards or e-gift cards that you may send to the person you want to gift through email.

Where to Buy Sephora Gift Cards

There are multiple places where you can buy Sephora gift cards. The best place to buy them is from their website,, or JCPenny Sephora stores. However, there are third-party stores that also sell them. These stores include;

When buying Sephora gift cards directly from Sephora, you will find them in a range of denominations ranging from $10 to $250. There is something for everyone on the site and in-store! However, when buying them from third-party stores, most denominations are $25, $50, and $100 cards.

Types of Sephora Gift Cards

There are three types of Sephora gift cards:

What You Need to Know About Sephora Gift Cards Before Buying Them

How Do I use My Sephora Gift Card?

Here is a step-by-step guideline for using a Sephora gift card after purchasing it.

Step 1: Scratch off the foil concealing the 8-digit gift card PIN in the right corner of the rear side of the card. You can use a penny or your fingernail to scratch the foil.

Step 2: Enter the PIN and number of your gift card in the Payment area.

Step 3: In the Payments area in the lower right corner, click the Save & Continue button. On the right side of the page, your total order will have the value of your gift card subtracted.

There is no expiration date on Sephora gift cards, e-gift cards, and Store Merchandise Credits, and no fees are applied to the remaining balance. You should use a different form of payment to cover the remaining balance of your order if it exceeds the value of the Gift Cards or eGift Cards. If there is a remaining balance on the gift card after ordering the things you want to buy, it will remain on the card for future use.

Your Canadian gift cards, or eGift cards, will be valued according to the daily exchange rate if used in the U.S. and vice versa. However, you cannot use Canadian or US gift cards in other foreign countries or websites. Sephora will not replace a lost or stolen Sephora Gift Card or eGift Card.

What is the Best Time to Purchase at Sephora?

The best time to shop at Sephora using your gift card is during the semi-annual sales. The sale occurs twice a year, in April and November. The store offers huge discounts at this time, and you can get as much as a 15% discount if you are a member. Try using your Sephora Rewards or Sephora Cash in January to take advantage of the additional 40% discount offered during Christmas.

Where can I use Sephora Gift Cards?

Sephora gift cards can be redeemed in person at any of their in-store or online at You can also use Sephora gift cards at Sephora shops inside Kohls and JCPenney. You can pay for your online order using the eGift card. Call customer care to get up to ten gift vouchers when you shop online.

Sephora eGift Cards on Amazon

You can buy Sephora e-gift cards at Amazon. Amazon sells over 200  gift cards, including Amazon gift cards.


Target does not sell Sephora gift cards in-store or at However, it has over 200 gift cards that you can buy to surprise your loved one. Sephora gift cards are available at their online stores, Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, and many other stores.

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