Does Amazon Deliver To South Africa 2023? (Cost + How To)

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Amazon is the world's biggest online store. The company is proud to be a global business that can provide customers all over the world with the exact products they want. If you reside in South Africa, you may be wondering if Amazon can ship purchases to your doorstep. Continue reading to find out!

TL;DR -  Amazon delivers to South Africa using Aramex services, offering various shipping options and accepting multiple payment methods, with delivery times ranging between 2 to 16 business days.

  1. 🌍 Amazon delivers to South Africa using Aramex services as of 2022.
  2. 📦 Amazon has a physical presence in 58 countries and ships 1.6 million shipments daily.
  3. 💰 Shipping to South Africa costs between $10 and $40, depending on shipping type.
  4. 💳 Accepted payment methods include Amazon Gift Cards, Credit/Debit Cards, and Payoneer.
  5. 🚚 Delivery times range from 2 to 16 business days, depending on shipping choice.
  6. 🏠 Update your Amazon account address to enable international shopping for South Africa.
  7. 📬 Previously, deliveries were made through South African Post Service (SAPO), now replaced by Aramex.

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The biggest online retailer in the world, Amazon, presently has a physical presence in 58 countries and distributes an astonishing 1.6 million shipments daily. Amazon's entry into South Africa has been anticipated for the last 12 years, and market rumors are widespread. It was revealed in January 2022 that Amazon was considering finding storage space in South Africa. It was thought that Amazon had negotiated with couriers and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies to obtain storage space in South Africa.

Despite not confirming it, industry rumors suggested that the internet retailer might bring its online selling services to South Africa. So, does Amazon deliver to South Africa? Continue reading to discover further interesting Amazon-related topics, such as the cost of shipping Amazon orders to South Africa.

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Does Amazon Deliver Orders To South Africa In 2023?

Yes, Amazon delivers shipments to South Africa using Aramex services as of 2023. If you reside in South Africa and have attempted to purchase anything from Amazon, there is a high possibility you have encountered problems. Because of regulatory and safety restrictions, only some items are authorized for shipping to South Africa.

Consequently, some of your purchases will not be shipped, which is disappointing. However, if a product is ineligible for shipment to South Africa, Amazon will notify you before you complete your purchase. For orders to be delivered in South Africa, Amazon website automatically filters out ineligible items for shipment.

How Much Does Shipping From Amazon To South Africa Cost In 2023?

As of 2023, Amazon South Africa's shipping costs are determined by the total number of items, the number of products in the cart, weight, and type of item. The prices are clearly shown on their website, so you will know precisely how much you need to spend. Amazon does not charge any additional costs for delivery to South Africa; what you see on the website is what you will pay. In addition, the cost of an estimated custom is calculated before checkout on the Amazon Global site. According to Amazon, shipping to South Africa costs between $10 and $40.

This is based on whether you choose Priority, standard, or expedited shipping. In the event that you are undercharged, the company will bear the expense of the error, but if you are overcharged, you will get a refund of the extra amount. Amazon delivery to South Africa has additional payment choices, including the use of local credit cards. In the beginning, this was something no one had ever heard of.

How Can I Make Payment For Amazon Orders Delivered To South Africa?

You may want to know which payment options are accepted for Amazon purchases shipping to South Africa. Amazon accepts the following payment methods for international shipments to South Africa:

How Can Amazon Orders Be Delivered To South Africa?

When Amazon first started delivering to South Africa, they did it via independent dealers, and the delivery was done through South African Post Service (SAPO). Today, one may easily order products from the company's website and have them delivered to their actual location. Amazon Global Service handles worldwide shipments for Amazon purchases. The platform shows the items to be delivered, associated fees, and the delivery address of the dependent costs. To have your Amazon purchases delivered to South Africa, you must update your address, particularly if they are normally sent to an address in the United States. It is easy to change your default address on Amazon:

Step 1: Head over to your Accounts settings

Step 2: Change your address to a South African residence

Step 3: Select Manage Addresses to change your settings.

After updating your Amazon account with a South African address, you'll be directed to the International Shopping Portal, where you may browse the full range of products available for shipment to South Africa. You may now continue shopping as you normally would.

How To Order From Amazon And Ship To South Africa

Follow the instructions below to learn how to order on Amazon from South Africa.

Step 1: Go to Amazon's website (com).

Step 2: Select all your chosen purchases and add them to your shopping basket by clicking the Add To Cart option towards the bottom right of the page.

Step 3: Proceed to the Checkout page and enter your shipping address.

Aramex courier services will deliver your purchases to your doorstep. Aramex is a more trustworthy corporation than the previously used South African Post Service (SAPO). After determining the total cost (including taxes and customs), the firm will arrange shipment to your doorstep.

How Fast Does Amazon Ship Orders To South Africa?

Through a partnership with Aramex, Amazon has simplified the process to provide fast and efficient delivery services. Aramex has shortened the time it takes to deliver packages throughout the country. In addition, Amazon pays all customs charges in advance to avoid any delays at the customs office.

According to the Amazon website, the standard delivery time to South Africa is 10 to 14 working days. Priority shipping always takes 2 to 7 business days, and expedited shipping takes around 8 to 16 business days. It is important for Amazon consumers to understand that this time may be extended due to a number of factors.

Bottom Line

As of 2023, Amazon delivers packages to South Africa using Aramex services. Orders are delivered to Amazon customers' doorsteps between four and sixteen days. The e-commerce giant offers quick and reliable delivery to South Africa. Amazon South Africa's shipping prices depend on the total number of goods, the number of items in the shopping cart, the item's weight, and the type of item.

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