Does Amazon Ship to PO Boxes? Here’s What You Should Know

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Online shopping is always fun and easy to do. You can shop for a wide variety of products right from the comfort of your home. Amazon offers online shoppers an online platform to shop for their favorite items. Amazon also offers excellent delivery services after you have purchased an item on their e-commerce platform. Amazon can deliver your product to a P.O. Box where you can pick it up later. Does Amazon Ship to PO Boxes? Everything you need to know about Amazon PO Box deliveries is outlined in this article.

Shopping online is the most preferred shopping method in today’s market. This is because this method of shopping is easy, fast, and reliable compared to visiting brick and mortar stores. Amazon is the leading e-commerce store in the world. Amazon services are available to customers in the US and in many other countries across the globe. Customers can pick from different delivery options. In this post, we’ll highlight everything that you need to know with regards to whether Amazon ships to PO Boxes. Keep reading to find out.

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Does Amazon Prime Deliver to PO Boxes?

Yes, you can get your Amazon package delivered to your local P.O. Box. Amazon Prime ship service is simple once you understand how the delivery process works. You can get swift deliveries if you exercise due diligence. You have to ensure you put down the correct address, or your package might get lost in transit.

Can you use a PO Box as an address on Amazon?

Yes, you can use your P.O. Box address on your Amazon shipment. You can use your postal address by filling in your post details under the shipping address 1 line field. Ensure that your postal address is the only shipping detail on the delivery slip. This will indicate that you want your package delivered directly to your box via USPS.

Does Amazon deliver to a post office?

Amazon and its affiliate market-sellers can deliver your Amazon package to our local post office. Amazon prefers to contract third-party carriers to help them deliver their products. Your package will be excluded if your carrier does not support post office deliveries. However, you can work around this problem by filling in a general delivery address on your package.

Why can’t Amazon ship to my PO Box?

The current situation is that Amazon uses third-party and independent contractors to get their products delivered on time. Contractors like UPS do not deliver to PO Boxes. Amazon has discontinued its delivery services with contractors willing to do post office deliveries.

Why doesn’t Amazon ship to PO Boxes?

Currently, Amazon and UPS do not support PO Boxes deliveries. That means the majority of Amazon’s carriers do not abide by post office deliveries. Some of the reasons behind this policy can stem from the need to avoid supporting their competitors.

What companies/ stores deliver to PO Boxes?

Several companies can deliver any item to a PO Box within the US. Rite Aid, for example, delivers pharmaceutical products to PO Box addresses. Bed, Bath, and Beyond can deliver household furniture to any post office address within the US. You can use Kroger to get fresh groceries delivered to your preferred post office location.

Is Amazon PO Box delivery available in Puerto Rico?

There are some limitations to sending any Amazon package to Puerto Rico. Amazon’s policy dictates that it cannot offer priority or expedient delivery options for packages delivered to Puerto Rico. The company is also discouraged from shipping heavy or hazardous packages to Puerto Rico. The weight maximum limit for shipping a heavy package to Puerto Rico is 70 pounds.

Is Amazon PO Box delivery available in the US?

Yes, you can get your Amazon package delivered to your PO Box in the US. It is recommended that you only put your correct post office address on the shipping address 1 line field. This is the only way to guarantee your package to be delivered via the post office.

Does Amazon deliver to PO Boxes in the UK?

The general concession is that you cannot forward your Amazon delivery to a PO Box in the UK. Forwarding your delivery is not possible even if you use carriers such as DHL and DPD. However, you can use the Royal Mail PO Box to deliver your Amazon package, provided the package is within the Royal Mail’s recommended limit.

Does Amazon Fresh deliver to PO Boxes?

It is not possible to get your Amazon Fresh deliveries routed to your local post office. However, you can try using Amazon’s fresh pick location near you. Amazon Fresh pick-up location is a fast, safe, and easy way to get fresh produce delivered to you.

How to use PO Box as your shipping Address on Amazon 

You can use the following steps to get your Amazon package delivered to you via PO Box.

What are some of the advantages of Amazon shipping to your PO Box address?

What are the disadvantages of Amazon shipping to your PO Box address?


You can have your Amazon package delivered to your PO Box if you reside in the US. Getting your Amazon deliveries via your PO Box is a safe and expedient delivery method. You can easily get a PO Box if you are an adult and of sound mind. You can visit the US post office website to get more details about registering a new PO Box. 

With that said, we wrap up this post on “Does Amazon ship to PO Boxes?” Hope you fund it extremely useful and informative. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to drop them in the comments section below.

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