Does Amazon Ship Products to Puerto Rico? (Steps, Prices, And More Details)

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Does Amazon deliver to Puerto Rico? Yes, with a few tips, you can ship all you want to Puerto Rico without restriction. Read on to learn more about shipping Amazon products to Puerto


Amazon is one of the leading online stores globally. The giant retail store sells a wide range of products and ensures the same is delivered to the customer's preferred address. The company is in multiple international markets, including Europe, Asia, and Africa. This widespread of outlets globally makes this online marketplace ideal for most online shoppers regardless of where they are. Today, we're going to discuss information regarding Amazon's shipping to Puerto Rico.

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Does Amazon Ship Products to Puerto Rico?

Yes, Amazon does ship products to Puerto Rico. Customers in Puerto Rico can purchase and receive items from Amazon's vast selection of products, including books, electronics, clothing, and more. Delivery options and fees may vary based on the size, weight, and destination of the item. 

To learn more about shipping Amazon items to Puerto Rico, such as prices, how it works, and more, read the details below.

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Ship to Puerto Rico

Sometimes when you try to shop from Amazon in Puerto Rico, you may face some difficulties, especially when shipping heavy or hazardous, materials.  One of the most common issues is that there are items that you cannot ship to Puerto Rico from Amazon, US. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can successfully ship and receive your product in Puerto Rico;

Option 1. Check the New Homepage of Amazon Puerto Rico

Avoid using for those living in the US. Instead, use Amazon for your current location, which is Puerto Rico. The page filters all items that are only for US consumers and shows you All the items that can be shipped to Puerto Rico.

Click on the 1-Click Address

To fully optimize your Amazon experience, you need to set up your 1 click address. By doing this, Amazon will detect your location and make it your default address. Go to ‘purchase preference’ on the website and ensure that the Puerto Rico address is the default address. If it is not, go to the settings and save new changes. By doing this, only items that can be shipped to your current address will be shown.. In most cases, Amazon uses the United States Postal Service to ship items to Puerto Rico.

Option 2. Use a Package Forwarder

Even after trying option 1, you may not be able to ship your items because the items are restricted, and they cannot be shipped to Puerto Rico. In that case, use a third party, a forwarder. A forwarder will accept the package into their warehouse in the US and then ship it to your address in Puerto Rico. Here is how to do it;

Choose Your Favorite Package Forwarder

There are many package forwarders available in the US to ship your item. Some of the options include:

However, you need to choose one that is efficient and has a track record of good service. Selecting the right one will determine how long your package will take to be delivered, the shipment cost, and the safety of your items in transit. Here are some things to look at when choosing a package forwarder.

Ship Your Order to the Forwarder Warehouse

Now that you are shipping with a forwarder, you will use the forwarder’s US address as your address for the product to be delivered to their warehouse. If Amazon refuses to accept your home address as the credit card billing address, you will have to use the forwarders’ to buy and ship your item and then pay them the lump sum amount.

The Agency will forward the item

The forwarding company will send you photos of your item when it arrives at their warehouse. They will also give you shipping options that depend on the speed the item will reach Puerto Rico. The more expensive the option, the quicker you will get your item. The price will also depend on the size in terms of weight and dimensions and value of your item. Fragile and high-value items such as breakables and jewelry may also cost you more to ship.

Wait for Your Item

After paying for the service, wait for your product. You will be notified through a message or email when your item arrives in Puerto Rico. The item will take the stipulated delivery time if there are no delays. However, it would be best if you braced yourself for any eventuality. There may be a delay of two or three days, and worse can be a week. This also depends on the forwarding agency you use.

For example, Amazon's standard shipping rate for Puerto Rico looks like this:

More categories of fees are available here

How Much Will It Cost to Ship Amazon Orders to Puerto Rico?

The cost of shipping Amazon orders to Puerto Rico depends on several factors, such as the size and weight of the item, the shipping speed selected, and the shipping method used. To get an accurate estimate, you should add the item to your cart and proceed to checkout, where the shipping options and their costs will be displayed. You can then compare the different options and choose the one that best meets your needs and budget.


How to Pay for Amazon Orders from Puerto Rico?

You can pay for your order using your credit card (UnionPay, visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or diner club), Amazon gift cards, debit cards, or a US-based bank account.

Can You Buy Amazon Gift Cards from Puerto Rico?

Yes, you can buy gift cards from Puerto Rico just like any other Amazon product. Your balance will be applied to your account of the store you bought them from.

Bottom Line

Amazon ships items to Puerto Rico; however, there are items that you cannot ship directly from Amazon to Puerto Rico, such as heavy or hazardous materials. To easily ship from Puerto Rico, you need to set your location as a default address so that only items that can be shipped to your location are shown. You can also use a forwarding agency to ship an item only available for US residents.

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