Amazon Gift Wrap 2024: Here's What You Didn't Know

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Amazon has everything you would like to send your loved one as a gift. However, the big question is, does Amazon offer gift wrapping? Amazon offers gift wraps on most products from selected retailers. Colorful ribbons, wrapping papers, and decorative boxes make a present actually a present. In this article, let's help you understand everything about Amazon Gift Wrap  and how you can take advantage of it to surprise your loved ones.

Gift packaging is an excellent way of showcasing your love, care, and affection for others. Even though you might want to send your loved ones a gift, how it will be wrapped will stop you from ordering online. That's why you are wondering whether Amazon wraps gifts.

Whether it is a gift during the festive season or whatever reason, many Amazon purchases have the option of having the gift wrapped. Let's look at everything about the Amazon gift wrapping service and how it can change the most ordinary item into a beautiful sparkling gift.

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What is Amazon Gift Wrapping service?

The Amazon gift wrapping services allow buyers to have a gift wrapped up and placed in an appropriate box with a decorative ribbon before delivery. You'll then add a personalized card with your printed gift message to let the receiver know where the gift came from. The receiver will not see the item's price, but you have an option to allow the price to be included. Even though most Amazon products can be sent as a gift, you can only choose eligible items in selected stores. Items like Amazon books, music videos, or DVDs are not available for the Amazon gift-wrapping services. That also applies to an item with an unusual weight, size, or shape.

Does Amazon Wrap Gifts in 2024?

Yes, Amazon offers gift wrapping on most of its items. Your gift wrap will include a box, printed gift message card, wrapping paper, and colored ribbon. You will pay an extra $3 to $6 for an Amazon gift wrap. Amazon offers wrap gifts on selected products and merchants. If you order an odd-shaped or odd-sized item, you will receive it in its original packaging. However, you can choose "Ship in Amazon box" as you check out to have it wrapped and packaged.

Does Amazon Send Items Gift Wrapped?

If you choose the Amazon gift-wrapping option, Amazon will send the items gift-wrapped. They will place it in a gift wrap, decorative box, or bag, depending on the item's size and design. The item will be wrapped at the Amazon fulfillment center before delivery. Therefore, you will receive the gift after it is wrapped.

Does Amazon Gift Wrap for Free?

Amazon gift wrap is not available for free. You will have to pay an extra amount for the wrapping paper. Depending on your item, this could be between $3 and $6. The price of the gift wrap is automatically added as you checkout. However, when your gift item is delivered in an Amazon box, you'll not pay anything.

Can Amazon Gift Wrap My Orders?

Yes, Amazon can gift wrap your orders. However, Amazon can gift wrap specific items or items from particular stores. If you do not have the gift-wrapping option on your order, you can use the Amazon boxes. Amazon boxes allow you to send gifts while hiding the contents of the package. Orders with unusually sized or shaped items cannot be gift wrapped. Amazon allows you to edit your gift message before your order enters the delivery process.

How Much Does Amazon Gift Wrap Cost?

How much you will pay for Amazon gift wrap depends on the size and shape of the item. It is also determined by how much wrapping paper will be needed. Typically, an Amazon gift wrap will cost $3 to $ 6 per item. Amazon will show you the price of the gift wrap during the checkout process after you provide the shipping address.

How to Get Amazon Gift Wrap?

Having your Amazon gift wrapped is a straightforward process. To get an Amazon gift wrap, you can follow the following steps:

1. Place your order for the item like you usually do

2. Select the 'This order contains a gift' checkbox

3. Click on Proceed to check out

4. Select or add the shipping address of the recipient

5. During the checkout process, click on Add Gift Options

6. Here, you can select whether you would like to:

7. Select the Gift wrap option. If the gift option is not available, you will receive a notice to let you know.

8. Select Save gift options

9. Complete the checkout process to place your order.

Amazon Gift Wrap and Amazon Boxes: What Is the difference?

When checking out, you will have the Amazon gift wrap and Amazon boxes option. So, what's the difference between the two? Amazon gift wrap is pretty similar to wrapping gifts under your tree or delivering them in person at any store. Therefore, it is convenient during holidays or when you would like to turn an everyday item into an extraordinary and appealing gift. Amazon box is an alternative to gift wrap that allows you to send a gift while hiding its contents. It is best for items that do not have the gift wrap option. Even though you'll pay more for the gift wrap, the Amazon boxes are available at no additional cost.

Can You Personalize Your Amazon Gift?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow you to choose the color or style of the gift's wrapping paper. Nonetheless, the gift wrap is pretty aesthetic even though it is not selected per the customer's preference. Despite that, there are different ways that you can personalize your Amazon gift. These include writing a custom message that's included on the package or removing the price tag so that the receiver does not know its price.

Is Amazon Gift Wrap Worth it?

Yes, Amazon gift wrap is worth it. Wrapping gifts on Amazon is much simpler and cheaper than doing it yourself. You will have everything done for you without doing anything. This is important, especially when sending gifts to long-distance loved ones or during the last minute. Amazon will wrap gifts for you; if not, send the item in an Amazon box at a reasonable price.

Does Amazon Gift Wrap Multiple Items Together?

Amazon does not gift wrap multiple items together for various reasons. Amazon is not just an online store but rather a marketplace for many sellers. Sellers have different products in different locations, making it a complex and time-consuming process to combine and wrap them together. That would lead to extra shipping costs and delayed deliveries. Also, grouping items need more irregular boxes to meet the economical packaging space. Amazon does not gift wrap multiple items together to maintain the quality of its services.

Does Amazon Gift Wrap Include the Bill?

No, Amazon gift wrap does not include the bill. When you choose an item as a gift, the packing slip does not have the product's price. The invoice is sent to the billing address, while the product is sent to the recipient as a gift. Even though the gift does not contain the price tag, it has a tag that makes it easier for the receiver to return it.

Amazon Prime Gift Wrap

Amazon allows you to gift Prime Membership to others. You can buy a one-year Prime gift membership for $119 or a three-month Prime gift membership for $39. To purchase a Prime gift membership, you will be required to:

  1. Visit the Amazon Give the gift of Prime page
  2. Select your membership plan
  3. Select Add Prime to Cart
  4. Choose Proceed to checkout
  5. Provide the recipient's email address, delivery date, and personalized gift message
  6. Select Save gift option
  7. Complete the checkout process

An email notification will be sent to the recipient with instructions on redeeming the gift.

Amazon Gift Wrap UK

Like any other Amazon gift-wrapping service, Amazon gift wrap UK is available to products fulfilled by and certain stores. Amazon gift wrap UK allows you to include a packing slip, hide the item's price, consists of a personal message, wrap your gift and share a digital copy of the gift receipt with the receiver. It is available to select items, and those that are not eligible have Amazon boxes as an alternative.

Amazon Gift Wrap Canada

Amazon Gift Wrap Canada is available for items in the store and selected sellers. Gift wrap Canada includes a gift wrap, box or bag, decorative ribbon, and printed card with your gift message. You can mark your item as a gift as you checkout on the store. If your item cannot be wrapped because of its unusual shape and size, Amazon boxes are better alternatives if available.

Amazon Gift Wrap India

Amazon gift wrap India allows you to send items fulfilled by or from specific merchants as gifts. You can choose to gift-wrap any item by checking the This will be a gift box next to it. You can also check the Ordering a gift box as you checkout for your order to be considered as a gift. Amazon gift wrap India is available for a minimum of 30 Indian Rupees.

Amazon Christmas Gift Wrap: Is it Always Available?

Yes, Amazon Christmas gift wrap is always available. Christmas and other holidays are the perfect times for sending presents. Therefore, Amazon gift wrap is a quick and efficient way that customers can send gifts during the busy festive seasons. Since Christmas and other holidays are the busiest times, customers wait until the last minute to buy presents. Amazon gift wrap becomes a fast and reliable way that speeds up gift buying and wrapping. Most gifted items like toys and clothing are available for gift wrapping, and the holiday-themed wrapping helps maintain the festive look.

Advantages of Amazon Gift Wrap

Amazon gift wrap help in saving costs by utilizing the available wrapping paper. You will only use what is needed hence avoiding wastage of wrapping paper. In most cases, there are always leftover wrapping rolls, something which Amazon helps you avoid by wrapping the gifts directly. Amazon gift-wrapping services are also affordable.

For a minimum of $3, you can have your gift-wrapped and delivered to your loved one. The price varies depending on the size and shape of your package, but all in all, it is cheaper than doing it yourself.

Selecting Amazon gift wrapping saves you the time and hassle of doing it yourself. As a busy buyer, you might not have the time to wrap gifts and send them. Amazon handles the whole process from wrapping to the delivery of your gift. Making Amazon gift wrap a better alternative.


Amazon gift wrap is basically among the best services offered by Amazon. It comes in handy when you don't have time to wrap a gift and deliver it. Amazon wraps your gift for you and ensures that it reaches the recipient. It may cost some additional charge, but its efficiency and convenience make it easier to send gifts to your loved ones across different nations. In addition to that, Amazon has holiday-themed packing, which makes the holidays more memorable. It is important to note that items with odd shapes and sizes are not available for gift wrapping. However, Amazon boxes are a better alternative.

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