How Does Amazon Ship So Fast? (Process of Its Development)

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Fast delivery is one of Amazon's key selling points. With Prime membership, customers can get items delivered to their doorstep on the same day! How is Amazon able to ship items so quickly? We were wondering the same; the following is what we uncovered.  

As of 2022, Amazon is the largest online retailer. It has an extensive inventory containing a wide variety of items. You’ll find everything from home goods office supplies, and electrical accessories. As a result, many customers now turn to Amazon for their online shopping. If you are a regular Amazon customer, you may have noticed that Amazon ships more quickly than the competition. This is even more evident if you have a Prime membership.

What makes Amazon shipping so quick, then? Find out the answer to that and more by reading on.

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How Does Amazon Ship So Fast?

Amazon is involved in both owning & operating its own delivery vehicles and planes. This way, they can offer same-day and overnight shipping that's quicker than other companies. Your Amazon products are delivered at lightning speeds thanks to Amazon's logistics algorithm and extensive warehouse network. They also have a huge global supply chain.

Amazon’s In-House Logistics

The secret behind Amazon's quick delivery time is its in-house logistics. It's not an exaggeration to say that Amazon is building one of the world's biggest package delivery systems. As of 2022, Amazon has logistics operations rivaling companies such as UPS and FedEx. The in-house delivery operations have enabled Amazon to have more control over how products get to the customer's doorstep. This way, Amazon can depend less on external carriers, making delivery operations quicker and more efficient.

Amazon also leverages its fleet of trucks and planes to ensure products are delivered on time. In 2019, Amazon delivered 58% of all packages, making it the fourth largest delivery service in the U.S. That was with the infrastructure put in place then. Things were much better in 2021. It was estimated that Amazon delivered 66% of its packages. This saw an improvement in the delivery speed and efficiency.

So how did Amazon manage to handle the increase in orders placed during the pandemic? Amazon adopted a unique strategy at a time when every other company was firing workers. Instead of laying off workers, Amazon hired an additional 40,000 employees to work in the warehouses. Additionally, Amazon leased 12 more Boeing 767-300 cargo aircraft. This increased the overall fleet to almost 80 aircraft. As a result, Amazon was able to fulfill the orders that were coming in.

It is clear why Amazon has a significant advantage over its rivals, given the kind of strong logistical infrastructure it has built. Amazon has been building the logistics infrastructure and the technology platform driving it for over two decades. This makes it difficult for rival businesses to replicate it overnight.

Amazon Warehouse Technology

Large warehouses are another strategy used by Amazon to speed up delivery times. A fulfillment center may be something you've heard of, but what exactly is it?

Picture this in your mind; it is a large advanced warehouse filled with robots roaming all around, carrying towers of inventory. There are also miles of conveyor belts carrying the inventory across the building.

The fulfillment centers are central to Amazon's logistics operations. When your order something on Amazon, it is most probable that it will be delivered from a fulfillment center close to you.

To first-time employees, the scale of the warehouses can be difficult to grasp. Some of the warehouses are as large as 28 soccer fields! On any given day, they can hold millions of items, enabling Amazon to ship items to customers more quickly.

Amazon operates more than 175 such warehouses internationally, making it a leader in the warehouse industry. With that many warehouses, Amazon can reach more customers quickly compared to the competition.

Additionally, the efficient packaging and sorting procedure provided by the use of cutting-edge technology, such as robots, speed up the entire process.

How Quickly Does Amazon Ship?

We've already seen that Amazon has the infrastructure and capacity to ship out items quickly. But how long does it actually take for Amazon to ship an order to you?

Shipping time varies greatly and primarily depends on your location. One way to guarantee fast delivery is by getting an Amazon Prime membership. With Amazon Prime, you get Same-Day and Two-Day shipping options.

Prime shipping is also free for all Prime members. If you do not have a Prime membership, you’ll have to pay an additional fee to get the expedited shipping.

To qualify for same-day delivery, you must have an eligible ZIP code. It's also vital to keep in mind that not all items qualify for same-day delivery. Only products that have the Amazon, Same-Day Delivery logo are eligible.

You must also place your order before the same-day delivery cutoff time to guarantee on-time delivery. Follow the guide below to get free same-day delivery on Amazon:

Tip: If your order contains many items, it may be ineligible for same-day delivery. Try to cut the number of goods in your order if that occurs.

Why Is Amazon Shipping So Cheap?

You may have noticed that Amazon’s shipping rates are more affordable than the competition's. So, how is Amazon able to offer such quick shipping while keeping costs low?

They leverage their internal logistical operations to make this happen. Amazon doesn't have to pay third-party carriers for the majority of orders. By handling the shipment, Amazon can save expenses and keep prices low.

Bottom Line

The secret behind Amazon’s quick shipping is its in-house logistics. The system put in place is so advanced that, in some regions, it rivals UPS and FedEx. It enables Amazon to depend less on third-party carriers, therefore, minimizing delays. Amazon also uses its massive warehouses to keep products close to the customers. This way, when a customer makes an order, it comes from the closest fulfillment center instead of one central one. Indeed, Amazon is an industry leader in both retail and logistics, and it will take the competition a couple of years to catch up.

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