Does Amazon Ship to Hawaii? (All You Need to Know)

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Hawaii's stunning reefs and warm water make the islands a fantastic site to go snorkeling and scuba diving, but getting your hands on some supplies from the mainland may be challenging. You're probably curious whether Amazon offers to ship to Hawaii.

This article provides further information on Amazon's presence in Hawaii and also details how you may take advantage of Amazon's free shipping offers. Read through the rest of this article to learn more.

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Does Amazon Ship to Hawaii?

Amazon does indeed ship to Hawaii and has a receiving and distribution facility located at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. Amazon is also planning a new distribution Centre in Honolulu, which may entail using company-branded vans and individual drivers' cars to transport products to customers. These updates will speed up the last step of Amazon's order fulfillment process, resulting in shorter wait times for your deliveries.

How Long Does Amazon Take to Deliver Packages to Hawaii?

Amazon delivery in Hawaii may be two to three days longer than on the U.S. mainland, despite Amazon's reputation for speedy delivery. Many products may take up to two weeks to arrive through standard delivery. However, faster shipping options from Amazon may be able to bring your package to Hawaii in a matter of days, but they come at a premium.

Amazon often gives an estimated delivery time with a range of dates rather than a guarantee for Hawaii due to the complexity of freight shipment and the possibility of disruptions to air freight.

How Much Does Amazon Charge for Shipping to Hawaii?

Amazon's shipping fees to Hawaii are higher than the rest of the country, and the company lists these fees online so customers know what to anticipate. Hawaii's shipping fees are determined on a per-item and per-order basis.

The current rates for standard delivery are between $5.00 and $12.99, plus $0.99 to $1.99 for each item, while the rates for expedited shipping are between $15.99 and $20.99, plus $1.99 per item. Keep in mind that there are certain restrictions on Amazon's ability to ship to Hawaii, which will affect the final cost of your shipment. Where shipping limitations apply, you'll see them on the product page before you purchase.

Why Is It Expensive to Ship to Hawaii?

Higher postage costs and coping with lengthier delivery dates might give shipping to Hawaii a negative reputation. The cost of shipping your shipment is determined by the size, weight, and delivery method you choose. The United States Postal Service does not charge additional fees for any mail class over the standard domestic rates.

If you're exporting from the United States, Hawaii is in Zone 8, and the price of sending a package through Standard Mail from Miami to Honolulu is the same as shipping one from Miami to Los Angeles.

Is There a Way to Get Free Shipping with Amazon Prime to Hawaii?

The free delivery benefits of Amazon Prime are a significant reason for its widespread popularity. Although it may take a little longer, Prime members in Hawaii or elsewhere may still take advantage of free delivery. Standard delivery to Hawaii is free for Prime members and typically takes between 3 and 7 business days.

For Prime members, the standard charge for expedited delivery in 2-5 business days is $5.99. Another option is expedited delivery, which takes 1-4 business days and costs as little as $11.99 per item.Keep in mind that the cost of Prime's expedited and priority delivery to Hawaii will change depending on the size and weight of your package.

Ways You Can Get Free Deliveries from Amazon to Hawaii

With the high inflation rate worldwide, it would be a relief if you found a way you can save some money. The ability to get orders in only two days at no extra cost is a significant perk of being a Prime member. Fortunately, Amazon Prime membership is not required to qualify for free delivery.

You may use the Subscribe and save option to save money on recurrent purchases. In addition to the price reductions you'll get from participating in this program, any recurring deliveries you set up will be sent out at no cost.

If you're an Amazon Prime member, you can have a $3 item sent to you for free. If your total does not meet the $25 threshold, Amazon will apply delivery fees unless you have Prime. However, you may save on shipping costs if you order many goods.

Use Amazon prime, which has prime risk-free for 30 days available to anybody who hasn't subscribed to the service during the last 12 months. Even if you're sure you don't want to pay for Prime, you can still get the most out of the service by scheduling your 30-day trial when you know you'll be doing a lot of online shopping.

What Items Are Prohibited from Shipment to the Hawaiian Islands?

The Hawaii agricultural department has stringent regulations that may prevent you from purchasing food from Amazon. Shipping cooked, canned, frozen, or commercially processed and packaged goods to Hawaii is generally permitted from anywhere in the United States.

Shipping frozen or refrigerated meats to Hawaii is likewise permitted so long as the animal is slaughtered domestically.

Unfortunately, you cannot ship some items to Hawaii without first obtaining the necessary permits, procedures, and certifications from the state. Plants and seeds of many different kinds are included in this group, from corn on the cob to pineapples to cruciferous root vegetables to passion fruits.

How Much Do You Have to Pay for Amazon Prime Membership?

Amazon Prime membership costs vary by plan, but first-time users get 30 days free. If you want all the perks of Prime yet prefer to pay for it monthly, the annual cost is about $180, but if you qualify for government aid, you can get Prime for only $6.99 a month. If you pay for your membership all at once each year, it will cost you $139.


Amazon does send to Hawaii; however, you should realize that the shipping prices are more significant due to the distance. Expedited delivery times to Hawaii are significantly longer for Prime members as well.

Fortunately, Prime members may still enjoy reduced shipping charges to the Hawaiian Islands. A fulfillment facility is being constructed for Oahu, which should improve delivery times and costs for everyone.

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