Chefs Plate Review: Does It Worth the Money?

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Are you searching for a budget-friendly meal kit online? Then try checking out the Chefs plate website for delivery. Please read our reviews to learn more about the company and its meal kits.

Based on multiple types of research, the US consists of 92% of the total population that is not accessible to the proper diet. Most people are suffering not only the deficiency-based diseases but also from mineral-based dietary instances. In addition, 84% of Canadian beliefs that whatever they eat has at least an impact on their well-being.

Because of these challenges and issues arising in Canada and worldwide, most people are looking for a solution. Not just a solution, but it must be a trustworthy solution. Therefore, if you are among the people affected and are searching for a cost-effective meal kit, you can probably start with the Chefs plate. This is the cheapest meal kit you can consider putting on your table.

In this Chefs plate review, we will cover multiple things. First, read detailed information about the company, their pricing, what customers say about the products, etc. We will also review some of their discounts and where to get this meal kit.

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Chefs Plate Review

Chefs Plate is simply the meal kit service provider that operates within Canada. They mainly deliver fresh meal ingredients to the doorsteps every week. These guys ensure you have all the healthy ingredients you need and get you a delicious meal within 30 minutes. Previously most people could spend money on online applications ordering food, which could take longer than enough to be delivered.

Today, there is no need to go to the store, grocery, and market looking for the food or ingredients with a perfect recipe. Chefs plate was founded in 2014 by Patrick Meyer and Jamie Shea as the founders. Their main aim was to give the people of Canada convenient food at an affordable price. This is the best method for making home meals than before.

This subscription service is considered a healthier option that rewards the option of takeout. Since 2018, this brand has been managed and owned by Hello Fresh, the famous American meal kit service provider, which we are aware that you have ever heard of today, maybe from the influencer or fave YouTuber. Therefore, even if you are a full-time worker with minimal time to go shopping, you can have this subscription for a healthy meal. as the research shows, 36% of Americans cook in their homes daily.

And in such a situation, this is the right place the Chefs plate comes in o save your day. Chefs Plate is an ideal choice for the busy Canadian that still needs to get a healthy meal without much hustle. The brand has become the town's talk and established a robust reputation among the people in the north. Here, you will have the healthy ingredient accompanied by the relevant recipe to prepare the meal at home easily.

In terms of the nutritional value, when you compare it with restaurant food, this subscription is healthier, though doable when it comes to the amateur chef. Going back, the brand is based in Canada and headquartered located in Toronto and is entitled to put the Canadian people back into the kitchen but with a simple recipe. It is not much about the company but other things you will get to learn as we proceed with this review. In the next section, we will also understand other aspects of the brand, the available options, what customers say,  and many more. For now, let us start with the pros and cons of the products in summary.

Chefs Plate Pros:

Chefs Plate Cons:

Why We Like Chefs Plate

It Makes Meal Planning Easy

The brand has made everything easy, especially for busy people who are at work full-time or sit-at-home moms. You can simply order the menu, and with a click on the button, you will have then weekly subscription delivered. There is no more grocery shopping and struggling with meal planning.

Delivery to the Doorstep.

The company is almost everywhere in Canada. Therefore, they guarantee delivery of diners to the doorstep. You only have open the box and access all the ingredients you need to make your delicious dinner with a relevant and simple recipe to follow. Their products are fresh and packed with ice.

Money and Time Server

As long as you skip the trip[ to the grocery, the company has made everything more straightforward. You can not only save money because of the friendly price but also saves your time. It only takes you 30 minutes to get your delicious meal ready. When you save time, we are sure that you will enjoy the eating, which is the best part of it.

Excellent Customer Reviews

The company has scored multiple 5stars reviews since its inception. Very few customers have complained though attended to. Even the reviews on the site are sourced from the Trustpilot and portray an accurate picture of the company. More on reviews later in the next section.

Multiple Plans and Options to Select

On the platform, you can select the meal ingredient depending on the state. They have options for the family, busy people, vegetarians,  calorie watchers, picky eaters, and even novice cooks. You can select the meal for up to 4 people per plan and are guaranteed 2 to 4 meals weekly. Therefore, the company gives customers the option to select preferred plans and menus and leaves the brand to auto-choose, depending on their preferences.

They edit the taste preference on the accounts so that any package delivered they ensure that it accommodates at least all your needs and preferences when you have any complications. Regarding catering, the firm is somewhat flexible with the customers. This means that when you are busy and forget to select the package, the site will auto-choose, considering the preferences you stated on the account.

You will still have to enjoy the delicious meal in your comfort, and by 8 pm, the meals are delivered to the customers though they sometimes vary because of the postal code. The good news is that these guys notify you when they deliver the subscription. Again, the packing is neatly covered to keep the ingredients safe and maintain the temperature. There are many good things we like that this company offers. Before deciding whether it is worth it, let us start with customer reviews.

Customer Review

Our review would not be complete without looking at what customers say about the company and its services. First of all, the website does not have reviews. Instead, looking at it keenly, the available ones are sourced directly from Trustpilot, The Better Business Burea, and the Facebook page. That is even enough to give us data on customer reviews.

First of all, we have to consider Trustpilot. Looking at the website, the customers on Trustpilot are simply satisfied. Chefs plate has a rating of 4 stars out of 5. This is a total rating that is excellent after 5455 reviews. And of all these, 41% of the customers gave it 5 stars while only 5% disliked the service. Sounds encouraging, especially with this huge number of reviews on the platform. And on Trustpilot, their customers support responding to all the negative reviews with a 97% rate.

The rating on Trustpilot is based on the quality of the services, delivery, variety, and many more things, including customer support. From this data, it is clear that most of the customers are satisfied with the service. First, they love the broad collection and fresh ingredients. Some even complement the simple recipe and fast doorstep delivery. Cheap pricing is another thing the company ash got from customer reviews on the platform.

One of the customers on the top reviews states, 'Awesome range of options. Always intriguing ingredient combos, and the meat and fish quality is outstanding. We frequently have a third serving left over for one of us to eat for lunch. This came in handy this summer when I was teaching at a children's day camp and needed to bring my lunch daily. Also, the value is excellent...about $90 for four meals for us (two servings plus each).'

And the simplicity of the recipe can well be seen in these reviews as clients complement the statement ' Fresh and simple recipes! They are made by my 12-year-old daughter!' that is enough to show how satisfied and happy these customers are on the platform as the brand looks be a game-changer, easy and convenient with responsive customer support. The above comment shows how the Chefs plate is easy.

Since there are also negative, some few customers complained about the auto ordering cases which never gave them what they needed.

Another external site with the review on the Chefs plate is Meal Kit Canada. The author of this review gave the brand a 96.2% recommendation and praised it for the wide selection, affordable pricing, high quality and fresh products, and multiple discounts and promo codes that save you bucks. The author still went ahead and outlined the available meal options and menu, where he praised the company for its credibility and strong reputation online.

There are many other external websites with honest reviews about Chefs plates. These include the Review MooseThe Parents PotFit Healthy Momma, Savvy News Canadian, and Geny Money websites. All the above site praises the brand for the service and sounds like customers are generally satisfied with the ingredients. And we compliment them for the friendly pricing, simple recipe, and fresh ingredients. If customers are happy, they deserve our credit as well.

Where to Buy Chefs Plate

Chefs plate is a company that deals with sensitive services. Therefore, they do not have other recommended outlets but are distributed throughout Canada. Therefore, when you want to order the subscription, you can only access them on their website, and you need to create an account frit. Again, they have the Android app, which is available on the play store. Hopefully, they also have the app on the app store. Check out the website and make an order for delivery today.

Does Chefs Plate sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Chefs Plate stores on Amazon.

Is Chefs Plate Worth It?

The company is worth going for. Even looking at the reviews, many customers are satisfied. Still, they have multiple options that customers can select from. Again, you can have time and money because the ingredients always kept fresh are affordable and delivered to your doorstep. Customer can also decides to skip a week, and if you forget to make an order, they will auto-check and deliver based on your preferences.

One thing about the company is that their meal is delicious and customer support is excellent, and from that, the company proves to the customer that it is worth the healthier package, which consists of a balanced diet. The box also comes along with a recipe that is easy and simple to follow.

Chefs Plate Discounts

first, we need to mention that many companies offer similar services and give discounts to customers. This is the case with the Chefs plate. To start with, the company guarantees you 50% off the first order you make. If you want to snap the next promo code from the Chefs plate, you can subscribe to their newsletter on the website. Otherwise, enjoy the discounts and save money with Chefs plate firm.

Chefs Plate Contact

with responsive customer support, you rest assured that there is a way you can reach out to them when you have a burning issue. If the reviews did not address something and need clarification, then the company offers means through which you can contact them. First through phone number at 1 (855) 420 2327. Then they also have the email address through which you can direct your concerns as


Q. Are Chefs Plate meals healthy?

9ndeed, the Chefs' plate meals are healthy and come with fresh ingredients. They ensure that the meal is nutritious, balanced diet and is also portion controlled but made with love. They even list the nutritional values of the emails on their website.

Q. Is Chef Plate vegan?

With Chefs Plates, you can also get a subscription under the vegetarian plan. This plan also includes free daily meals; currently, they only have the no vegan means listed on the website.

Q. How much is the Chefs plate?

Although this question is not specific, from what they offer on their website, they have different subscriptions with different pricing plans. On the homepage, you can start serving at as low as $8.99 per serving. Then for weekly plans, if you need 2 meals per week, you will pay $46for two people; for 4 people, two meals per week cost $72.

Q. How long does Chefs plate food stay fresh?

First, the brand recommends you start cooking the seafood, which lasts only 2 days. While vegetables and meat can go up to 4 days upon delivery, guaranteeing they will still taste great.

Q. What are some meals that Chefs Plates offer?

The company has a variety of meals on its schedule, which you can select from. Their menu keeps changing and rotating. If you are bored with similar means, the Chefs plate is here to serve you changing meals. These options include BBQ chicken sandwiches, loaded chipotle beans Tacos, Tuscan chicken pasta, Classic Poutine, Veggies Pasta Primavera, etc.

Q. How can I cancel my Chefs Plate subscription?

From the reviews online, we found that one can cancel the active subscription anytime. However, it would help if you were fast enough before reaching the cutoff point for the next week's order delivery, Wednesday, to be refunded the full amount. That is when you are already charged from the card. Therefore, you can decide to contact them through their number or email address.


Chefs plate is among the best meal serving kit for the Canadian people. The services are available at an affordable price but with guaranteed delivery of fresh ingredients, products, and simple recipes to your doorstep. It is simple to prepare, and the company has established a strong reputation online. In the reviews,  the firm has various means one can select from and are specified packed to meet your needs considering the preferences.

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