Body Fortress Whey Protein Review: Is It a Good Choice?

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Looking for super advanced proteins to support your immune with healthy formulation? Body Fortress Whey Protein might be your solution for effectively dosing from medical research. Please read our article and learn more about this brand and any questionable highlights.

When you go to the market, you will come across multiple protein powders with different contents to amaze you. Still, most boast unique ingredients and properties optimized for the best results. If you are an athlete or any professional worker in the field, you have multiple options to conder on the market to make you better on the field. Among the options, Body Fortress Whey Protein is undoubtedly the best staple for any supplement cabinet.

However, the marketing hype is becoming challenging because everybody is going for the unique tub on the market. The Body Fortress Super Advanced or Fortress whey protein are perfect choices because it is cheap and has gained popularity for many years on the market. With that in mind, we will dive deeper into the Body Fortress Whey Protein reviews today and help you make an informed decision while selecting the protein powder or tub.

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Body Fortress Whey Protein Review

Body Fortress is a brand founded in 1987 based in Holbrook, new york. It was established with the aim of not only providing the bodybuilder but also athletes with a cheap option for fitness and nutritional supplements. The company utilizes the same high-quality ingredients that reputable brands use in manufacturing the tubs, but all come at a hefty cost to the market.

Body Fortress is a subsidiary of the famous brand, The Nature's Bounty Co. Currently, The Bountiful Company is based in Ronkonkoma, New York, as a dietary supplement. It has been on the market since 1971. In their portfolio, you can also access related wellness and health brands like Solgar, Pure proteins, Osteo Bio-Flex, and Nature's Bounty.

In 2021, Nestle bought most of the Bpuntifulk brands at $8.75 billion. The company retained Body Fortress, other related activities, and sports nutrition supplements. Because of this, you can find numerous Body Fortress Whey proteins with different vitamin contents and supplements for retailers. Therefore, if you want to build serious muscle and improve your workouts, read our article to learn more about the Body Fortress Whey Protein brand.

The brand sells cheap supplements, shakes, and powder for athletes and professional amateurs to achieve goals. It has established a solid online reputation, and today, it has thousands of followers on its social media platforms with numerous success stories online. The company has also been featured in publications like BarBend, Men's Journal, Fitness Volt, etc.

The brand offers you multiple protein powders to select from. Our reviews will help you make the right choice with the best-selling supplements on the market, considering multiple aspects. Other than the cooperate acquisition, let us now take a different approach and analyze the brand pros and cons before going deeper into what the company has to offer you among its nitty-gritty products.

Body Fortress Whey Protein Pros:

Body Fortress Whey Protein Cons:

Why We Like Body Fortress Whey Protein

well, you know that when you exercise, you tear down the muscles while trying to gain the body-building block to become stronger. Body Fortress has multiple products to help you exercise before, during, and after the workout. Here are the reasons we prefer the brand.

Numerous Best-0 Selling Products

The Body Fortress powder is simple to mix with any drink and comes in multiple tantalizing designs and flavors for different fitness goals. In our reviews, we came across a few best-selling products. Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein is perfect for all your cravings. At the same time, you pursue your training goals. as stated, the scoop contains 30g of protein that is supercharged with amino acid-rich responsible for muscle strength growth while promoting weight loss.

In the meantime, during, pre or post-workout, you can mix and drink the powder within 10 minutes. Based on the data online, proteins are known for having not a tasty flavor but today; they come in multiple delicious flavors. These include chocolate, vanilla, banana creme, strawberry, Chocolate peanut butter, cookie creme, and cinnamon swirl.

The powder comes in two lb container, which consists of 18 scoops that go for only $13 to $52 based on the retailer you have ordered from and the flavor. They also have the5lb contains with 45 scoops costing between $34-70. The other best-selling product of this company includes Body Fortress Super Advanced Isolate Protein good at maintaining lean muscle, and Body Fortress Super Advanced Mass Gainer, which is responsible for packing your muscles.

Broad Target Group and Clear Exception

The brand clarifies that the products are not meant to work as weight-loss drinks or diets. They will never yield any benefits if you work around such a mentality and if the exercise is only based on the couch. The powders are only effective when combined with an appropriate, balanced diet and regular, thorough exercise. Though the brand consists of calories and carbs as opposed to other brands on the market.

Fortress mainly aims at serving committed athletes, amateurs, and professionals. Again, the presence of the severe buff preponderance means it is a perfect option for bodybuilders, which is a subset of the athlete class type. From the label, it is also clear that there are exception groups of people that are not recommended to consume the powder. These include children under 18, people with kidney disease, or pregnant women.

Better than Normal Whey Protein.

The reviews also noted that the brand; Body Fortress Whey Protein is mainly an amino acid-rich protein. And what makes it more effective than the typical ones is that it consists of the creatine monohydrate blends and the free-form amino acids(Taurine and L-Glutamine). You know that creatine is responsible for supplying the body with energy through multiple.

Still, the Contencrated monohydrate form, which is perfect for high-intensity, is known for strength training sessions. Elsewhere, the L-Glutamine helps speed the post-workout recovery, and Taurine performs vital parts like burning fat and mitigating damaged muscles while exercising.

Effectively Dosed

since the brand serves a different group of people, these people have different needs based on protein or dietary requirements. The difference comes in the form of age, sex as well as weight. Primarily, people need protein pow3ser to help in enhancing their workout. This is simply the basis. If we go deeper into the science, the protein is effectively dosed and contains 30g of protein per scoop.

And based on this information, the content is high to the minimal requirement, which is 20g. Therefore it helps you optimize post-sexercise muscle functioning. For this reason, we highly recommend using one scoop. It is also noted that these proteins are somewhat obtained from conventionally raised animals, which means they are nutritious since grass-fed animals have more fatty acid ratio.


The brand has the NSF certification; it is a perfect indicator that it offers quality protein supplements and is legit to the market. NSF tests any supplement's contaminant and ingredient levels and guarantees they have the right purity and accuracy. Therefore, the brand is free from harmful content such as heavy metals and steroids.

Customer Review

Body Fortress Whey Protein review is a waste of time without customer feedback. This is the only way to gauge the quality and customer reviews of the brand and details. If customers are happy, then you could be ready to start with the brand on the market. Meanwhile, we searched for the customers' reviews and got a bunch of them. Mostly, the customers get satisfied with the products.

Therefore, we will start with Amazon. Here, you will find a lot of product reviews on the brand. The protein powder scored a 4.5 stars rating after a whopping 9888 global rating. Most of the customers are amazed at the service, the flavors, the pricing, and the results of the product. You can also move to the Barbed website, where the author gives specific information and mixed reviews of the brand.

He praised the content, label accuracy, pricing, and many contents. In conclusion, the author sums up 5.8 ratings by saying:

 " No protein powder is meant to replace a whole-food centric diet, and this product is no different. But for those who want to shore up some weaknesses in their supplement cabinet, the Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey is an acceptable choice, particularly for those short on cash who want something that can deliver the nutrients they need at the right time."

The brand also scores 8.9 stars on the Don't Waste Your Money website. The author also closes the and with a statement:

 "If you are looking for a protein powder that tastes good, go with this protein powder. This powder comes in a chocolate flavor and is designed to stir, mix, and blend easily. Users who add this supplement to their daily routine will experience leaner muscles and a quicker recovery time after each workout".

You will also see honest reviews if you navigate the Go Ultra Low website. The site lists the 10 bets top selling proteins to select from. The listed option got different ratings based on amazon and ranges from 8.30 to 9.25 stars. This is based on quality, price, material, durability, customer services, performance, designs, features, and many more factors.

Dietsportlight also gives you honest reviews of the brand. However, the author also raises a concern with the point:

" Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein appears to be a great way to add more protein to your diet. Unfortunately, increased protein intake alone is not enough. To lose weight, you need to make healthy lifestyle changes."

Therefore, generally, the brand has excellent customer ratings even on eBay though it also has drawbacks that do not seem to hinder anything or any customers.

Where to Buy Body Fortress Whey Protein

If you want to buy the Body FotressWhen protein is on the market, we first encourage you to order from reputable online retailers in your area.  These products are available from retailers in these stores

Is Body Fortress Whey Protein Worth It?

From the reviews and experience we have thus far about the brand based on the customers' reaction and nutritional supplements data. Our review would recommend the brand for the person that targets to make visible fitness gains but operates on a fixed budget. However, some exceptions are worth noting as well.

The Body Fortress When proteins mainly target to help people committed to daily high-intensity training or workout as well as the action in the overall lifestyle like athletes. It is not a miracle powder but if you want to see the best results, put in your workout-balanced diet before, during, and after the exercise. It is, thus, worth your money since it is NSF certified and effectively dosed.

Body Fortress Whey Protein Discounts

In our Body Fortress Whey Protein reviewed article, we never came across discounts or promotions. Despite that, on amazon, the brand has the deal filter option, which is not displaying any available deals at the time of writing this article. Maybe, this is because the site does not offer the product directly to the customer on their official website. Therefore, everything remains at the discretion of the third-party retailers to offer the discounts, promotions, and promo codes that are not available on either retailer platform above.

Body Fortress Whey Protein Contact

If you have a question concerning the brand, which is not covered in our article, then you have the other best option to get you sorted. There are multiple means through which you can contact the Body Fortress Whey Protein. These include filling out the contact form on their official website. If not, you can mail them through the email address

They also provide you with the telephone number 1800 215 5980, operational from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm EST. Alternatively, you can engage with them on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also decide to main them on Body Fortress, attn: customer affair, 4320 veterans memorial Hwy, Holbrook, NY, 11741.


Q. Where are Body Fortress products made?

All the products from the Body Fortress company are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility in the US. However, you must note that the Touraine, a constituent of the super advanced whey protein, is made in China and imported to the US.

Q. How many calories are in Body Fortress of Whey Protein?

The body Fortress when protein powder contains 200 calories per scoop. But the mass grainer and isolate protein contain 540 and 140 calories per scoop, respectively.

Q. When is the best time of the day to take Whey Protein?

From our review, we recommend that you take the advanced whey protein after the workout to help you in the post-workout recovery. Therefore, you can take it before bed or in between meals.

Q. Why are Body Fortress products so affordable compared to other supplement brands?

From the online research, it is clear that the brand offers affordable protein supplements. This is because whey protein utilizes less refining than the other related supplements. Besides protein Isolate, the brand uses concentrated protein, which is also expensive, making the powder cheaper than the high-grade type.

Q. Is the Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey worth the money?

This brand is one of the best bangs to help you save bucks in terms of affordability and availability on the market now.

Q. Will I see results from Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey even if I’m a beginner?

From the research, the supplement is not meant as a gatekept to benefit or generate experience for anyone with equal results. Instead, they are dosed responsibly, and you can use them to supplement the balanced diet and during the training regimen.

Q. Should I use Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey daily?

Though there are no negative effects on using this protein powder daily, we highly recommend that you get whole protein from food sources based on the vast majority. Daily shake is effective in helping you manage the macro target when you are operating on a fixed budget during the training session.

Q. What is Body Fortress’ Shipping Policy?

Body Fortress does not have a shipping policy. This is because the products are not available on their official website. This means the rate and delivery time vary based on the retailer site you select to buy the product.

Q. What is Body Fortress’ Return Policy?

From the official website, under the term page, it is clear that the product can be returned, which is only available during the unspecified time limit. And if the brand deems it to be the cause of the return, you are entitled to a full refund. But unfortunately, there is no specific process to initiate the return, but you can contact the brand through the above addresses.


Body Fortress is a company that provides effective protein doses to athletes and professional amateurs operating on a fixed budget. This is a perfect option for supplementing proteins. However, it contains artificial sweetness as well as vitamins. But above all, the brand is NSF certified and manufactured in FDA-approved facilities in the US. If you are operating on a low budget, consider Body Fortress Whey Protein.

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