12 Best Perfume Subscription Brands of 2023

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Are you on your signature scent discovery journey from the best brands without spending too much? Well, perfume subscription boxes have you; but you must sign up for available monthly plans with different companies. Thus you can start your scent sampling and get the best perfumes from all designers dropped off at your doorstep.

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Finding a new designer scent to roll with or a special day scent can be frustrating. Perfume subscription brands allow you to sample just a fraction of a full-size bottle of designer fragrances and niches. It is not about just wearing any perfume; a perfume subscription helps you discover your signature scents. They ensure they send you enough sample perfume to last you a month. Here is a guide to your favorite perfume subscription brand.

1. Skylar Scent Club

Skylar is the best-known clean ingredients beauty product brand. Cat Chen founded it after her different daily fragrances caused her daughter's allergic reactions. Skylar products are vegan and cruelty-free with a reasonable packaging bottle. Skylar allows its members to choose a monthly limited edition scent or any other rollerball from Skylar's catalog.

Features of Skylar scents

2. Scentbird

Scentbird is the best variety subscription perfume box. It was launched in 2013 with over 600 designer fragrances, inclusive of niche brands. Each 8 ml bottle comes with roughly 120 sprays with the scent of your choice for at least a month. Scent bird expertise helps you select your starting scent.

Features of Scentbird

3. Scent Box

Scent Box is a unique monthly subscription fragrance service that allows its clients to review its comprehensive perfume catalog. The brand has three plans where access to more expensive fragrances depends on your monthly subscription. Scent Box members can get different and refreshing scents each month.

Features of scent box

4. Olfactif

Are you looking for a truly signature scent? The Olfactif subscription box comes with unique and rare scents. Suppose you want a distinctive personal smell; go for Olfactif subscription boxes. Although sample bottles are small at 2ml, they offer membership discount perks. You have three fragrance types to choose from; masculine, feminine, or unisex scents.

Features of Olfactif

5. Luxury Scent Box

Popularly known as LUXSB, best for scent recommendation, it started as a local service in 2010 and later launched nationwide in 2016; it's a women-owned brand that allows you to choose sample fragrances from its extensive brand collection. They feature brands that are hard to track, such as TokyoMilk, Jimmy Choo, and Juliette Has a Gun.

Features of luxury scent box

6. Perfume.com

Are you on a budget? Perfume.com is the box to go for considering their first-time perfume .com subscribers discounts. They have over 500 brands to choose sample fragrances to choose from. The best thing is that it allows clients to browse all available fragrances before subscribing. Perfume .com scents expert will choose your scent shipment if you fail to choose one.

Features of Perfume.com

7. The Fragrance Club

The Fragrance Club perfume subscription comes with multiple options, including bi-monthly shipments. Clients are free to plan for their next three adjustable shipments. Their welcome package is shipped with a luxurious admirable atomizer. The fragrance club subscription is cost-efficient; each shipment comes with a 10ml perfume-size bottle.

 Features of The Fragrance Club

8. Perfume surprise

Perfume surprise brings you a perfect combo of Perfume and jewelry. The fragrance and the jewelry delivered to your door perfectly align with the monthly theme. Perfume Surprise has a line of desirable brands like Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, and MarcJacobs.

Features of perfume surprise

9. Margot Elena

Does the name Margot Elena ring a bell? It is the name behind most brands you have sniffed around, like Library of Flowers, lollies, TokyoMilk, and The Cottage Greenhouse. Margot Elena's seasonal subscription box comes with a collection of fragrant scents products. What's best about Margot Elea is its beautiful packaging.

Features of Margot Elena

10. Scent Trunk

Scent Trunk is a scent discovery company. They take you step by step, helping clients to discover and learn about scent families, notes, and layering. They offer a discovery palette to start your journey that consists of six different fragrances families.

Features of scent trunk

11. Wicked Good Perfume

Are you a cocktail scent lover? Wicked Good Perfume is the best scent for you. Initially, Gallagher Fragrances launched Wicked Good Perfume as a seasonal edition, but it became a frequent release after getting ample positive feedback.

Features of Birch Box

12. Pinrose

Pinrose is unique in the sense that they market and sells its perfumes. To get your three most suitable scents out of the given, you must take a profile scent quiz and answer questions about your personal style and perfume experience level, among others.

Features of Pinrose


Generally, Perfume subscription boxes are aimed at aiding scents lovers to try samples before committing to a full-sized bottle. They ensure a variety of options to satisfy even the pickiest perfume lover. This guide helps with what you want to expand your scent wardrobe before settling on a specific one.

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