Buying Perfume and Cologne on Amazon (Is It Real, Tips for Spotting Knockoffs, and More)

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Amazon offers you a wide selection of fragrances at reasonably lower costs. However, are they genuine? Read on for more information on Amazon perfume.

In 2022, you may purchase many different fragrances through Amazon's online store. To avoid counterfeit perfume, buy from Amazon or an authorized Amazon seller. Counterfeit goods sold by shady third-party merchants on Amazon are a common fraud.

Continue reading to get the details on the many perfume brands available on Amazon and tips for spotting and avoiding knockoffs.

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How Many Unique Fragrances Does Amazon Offer?

Amazon's perfume collection is, to put it mildly, unique, with bottles from virtually every brand known. Christian Dior, Versace, Gucci, Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs perfumes are some of the best-selling options on Amazon.

If you're shopping for perfume on Amazon and your primary concern is cost, you may narrow your results by selecting a lower or higher price point. They range from under $25 to over $200, depending on the designer, available quantity, and bottle size.

You may narrow your perfume search on Amazon by selecting a particular perfume brand, scent components, and desired delivery date.

Identifying Fake Perfumes on Amazon

Generally, it's wise to use caution while making purchases from Amazon. Before buying any perfume, it's a good idea to read reviews written by people who have already purchased and used it. Don't waste your money on that poorly-reviewed bottle of perfume. You can sort things on Amazon based on customer ratings and reviews to make your shopping more manageable.

If you're looking for an expensive fragrance, you should probably go over anything with less than three stars. To avoid being duped into purchasing counterfeit perfume on Amazon, you should stick to the company's official store rather than shopping from third-party vendors.

Is It Safe to Trust That Amazon's Perfumes Are Legitimate?

To ensure authenticity, look for the "sold by" symbol on any perfume you consider purchasing. Amazon makes rapid efforts to ban vendors selling counterfeit perfumes. However, because anybody may list an item on Amazon, some fake fragrances will inevitably be for sale. For that reason, if you buy a bottle of perfume that turns out to be counterfeit, you should immediately notify the seller so that Amazon may provide you with a refund and terminate the account of the fake seller.

Why are Perfumes Sold on Amazon at Such a Discount Compared to Other Retailers?

Perfume is just another item you can purchase from Amazon at a discount since they constantly adjust their prices.

Amazon claims it can "match or surpass the lowest competitive price from other sellers," even though these prices constantly change. The information about what its customers have bought helps Amazon provide better prices on similar things in the future.

Is It Safe to Buy Perfume And Cologne From Amazon?

You may assume that with so many people using the site and so many products available, it would be next to impossible to spot fake fragrances on Amazon. Conversely, Amazon is quite good at identifying and eliminating third-party vendors that give buyers counterfeit perfumes.

For this reason, it is essential to be sure that the perfume you are purchasing from Amazon is being sold and sent by Amazon before making your purchase.

The "sold by" mark on the right side of the screen is one quick method to tell whether a perfume is genuine and safe to buy. If so, you may be sure that any scent you buy from Amazon is the real deal.

When You Buy Perfume on Amazon, Can you Return It?

You may be wondering about Amazon's return policy for perfume if you do not like the smell you received. Well, worry not! Amazon has got you covered. You can return the scent no later than 30 days after purchase.

On top of that, returned perfumes must be undamaged and in their original packaging to be accepted by Amazon. Therefore, if you open and use your Amazon perfume or cologne, it is unlikely to be returnable.

Amazon does not accept returns for products delivered by third-party merchants, another vital consideration when making an Amazon perfume refund. Amazon's return policy does not cover perfume purchased from a third-party vendor.


There is no better place to search for a discount on designer fragrances than Amazon. The shop has an extensive collection of perfumes from various brands in different sizes and at affordable rates. There is a fragrance for everyone on Amazon, regardless of your budget. Amazon also lets you filter items with poor ratings to find the best-reviewed fragrances.

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