Best Buy Headphones Return Policy (All You Need to Know!)

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Most of the newest and best electronics can be found at Best Buy, making it one of the best places to shop. You can save a lot of money on various electronics, from televisions and computers to mobile devices and smartwatches.

But does Best Buy sell headphones, and what is their return policy? In this article, you will learn more about Best Buy's return policy; whether you need a receipt to return headphones to best buy, whether they accept used headphones, and more.

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What Is Best Buy Headphones Return Policy?

You may return headphones from Best Buy in-store or online within 15 days after purchase. Thanks to this policy, you get enough time to test the new headphones to ensure they are perfect for you. However, according to the return policy, customers must return the headphones in "new-like condition" and have all accessories for a full refund.

Which Models of Headphones Can Be Return to Best Buy, and Which Brands Do They Accept?

Any headphones you buy from Best Buy are eligible for a return for a full refund within 45 days after. You may return them for a replacement, exchange, or refund if you aren't satisfied with the sound quality, the comfort, or the fit or if you change your mind.

All sorts of headphones, from Skullcandy, Apple, Sony, Beats by Dr. Dre, Bose, and many more, are available at Best Buy, from over-ear models to on-ear models to earbuds in-ear models to truly wireless models. Best Buy has headphones to suit everyone's tastes and budgets; if you don't love them, you can always return them.

Do You Need A Receipt to Return the Headphones tTo Best Buy?

Consumers must show acceptable proof of purchase when returning headphones to Best Buy without a receipt. The original receipt, the credit card used to make the transaction, and a government-issued photo ID are all acceptable evidence of purchase. For a full refund or exchange, you have 15 days to return an item purchased from Best Buy.

If you don't have the original receipt but can provide some other evidence of payment, Best Buy will nevertheless issue you the gift card for the item's current selling price. The shop manager decides whether or not to offer a refund without a receipt. Depending on the store, you may be unable to return an item without a buying receipt.

Does Best Buy Accept Used Headphones?

When you shop at Best Buy, you may find a wide selection of reconditioned and previously used headphones. The Samsung Galaxy Buds+, True Wireless In-Ear Headphones from Apple, and the Sony C400 Cordless Behind-the-Neck in-Ear Headphones are two examples of refurbished headphones available at Best Buy.

According to Best Buy's return policy, customers have 45 days to return headphones for a full refund if they are unhappy with their purchase. The policy also mentions the possibility of restocking costs.

What Are the Guidelines for Returning Previously Opened Headphones at Best Buy?

The return policy at Best Buy for used and unsealed headphones is simple and flexible. With the original packaging and accessories included, you may return the headphones for a full refund, replacement, or exchange.

You may avoid the inconvenience of returning the headphones for just a refund and then buying a new set immediately by opting for an exchange instead. Although the store will charge you for the difference in price between the two pairs of headphones you are replacing, Best Buy's policy is straightforward and reasonable.

Can You Exchange Your Existing Headphones for A New Color at Best Buy?

You may get a new set of headphones in a different color if the ones you bought don't suit your taste at Best Buy. Remember that a color change may result in a new model number, stock keeping unit (SKU), and hence a new pricing.

For instance, the MJ503LL/A model number and the SKU (4900921) for the red Beats by Dr. Dre wireless noise-canceling headphones differ from the MJ4X3LL/A model number and the SKU (4900915) for the black Beats from Dr. Dre earphones.

If the replacement color has a higher cost than the old pair, customers will have to pay for the price difference. If you're ready for a change, visit the Best Buy near you and pick out a new set of headphones in the shade that best suits your personality.

Does One Have to Pay a Restocking Charge to Return a Pair of Headphones Bought from Best Buy?

There is a common misconception that customers must pay a restocking fee when returning headphones they bought from Best Buy. On the contrary, this isn't the situation. When returning headphones to Best Buy, you won't pay a restocking fee, regardless of the price level or manufacturer.

Your membership agreement will detail when it is possible to return items for a complete refund. Be careful to replace the headphones with any cases, cables, and other extras in the box. Therefore, you know that your return trip to Best Buy to exchange your headphones won't cost you anything more.

Are There Instances When Best Buy Declines Headphone Return Requests?

Before you try to return a pair of headphones to Best Buy, be sure you are familiar with their return policy. Suppose the headphones don't fulfill Best Buy's return policy requirements. In that case, the store may reject your request to return them.

Furthermore, if the headphones are damaged, missing accessories or packing, or the customer has made excessive requests for the same pair of headphones in a short period, best buy could decline the return request. Best Buy may limit or revoke your return request if they believe you are violating their policies. You should read the return policy thoroughly before trying to return the headphones.


Best Buy is the place to go if you're looking for headphones. Their selection is extensive, including many different manufacturers' models, plus they have a user-friendly return policy. Customers may also maximize their membership benefits to take advantage of the incredible bargains available. You can get the perfect set of headphones for regular use or a special occasion at Best Buy.

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