Walmart Headphone Return Policy: What You Need to Know?

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Looking to return headphones at Walmart? Read on to learn all about Walmart's headphone return policy, including important information about the return process, deadlines, and any applicable fees.

Headphones can help you listen to your favorite music, shows, and movies without disturbing others. Being one of the easily accessible stores, Walmart sells a wide variety of headphones. You'll effortlessly find top-rated headphones with various styles and prices to meet your needs.

While Walmart aims to satisfy its customers with its impressive collection of headphones, that's not always the case. You may receive headphones that are damaged, broken, or not working completely. Therefore, you may be concerned with Walmart's headphone return policy. Keep reading this article to learn more about Walmart's Headphones return policy.

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What Is Walmart Headphones Return Policy?

Walmart allows you to return all types of headphones 30 days after purchasing them. This includes Bluetooth, wired, noise-canceling, AirPods, and many more. Therefore, when you purchase headphones from Walmart but don't like them, you can return them in-store or through free mail or Mobile Express Returns.

How to Return Headphones to Walmart?

Walmart makes it easy for its customers to return headphones that don't meet their expectations. However, before returning the headphones, you should ensure they are placed in their original packaging. You should include any additional accessories and ensure you return within the 30-day window. You can return your headphones to Walmart by:

Going to the store

If you bought the headphones from Walmart's store or even online, you could return them to a Walmart store. You'll have to go to the store where you purchased your headphones. If you paid with a credit/debit card, it's recommended you bring the exact card because Walmart will not issue refunds to a different card.

It is also advisable to bring your receipt, government-issued photo ID, an online order form for online purchases, or any other proof to help the returns process. Walmart will process your return request and refund you within 3-5 business days.

If you paid for your purchase with a Walmart gift card, the money would be deposited on a new in-store gift card or store credit.

By Mail

Walmart also allows you to return online headphone purchases through free mail. Therefore, if you purchased it from, you can ship and mail the product to Walmart. You can do this by taking the following steps:

  1. Log into your Walmart account
  2. Under your order history, select the headphones that you would like to return.
  3. Select either Refund or ReplacementThen select Return by mail

You can then print and attach the free returns shipping label and drop the headphones at your local USPS or FedEx location. Walmart will start processing your return as soon as they receive your package. You should allow up to 10 days to receive a refund. Even when sending products by mail, you should adhere to Walmart's headphone return policy for your return to be processed.

In some cases, Walmart may decide not to process your return. This happens when you have insufficient proof of purchase or fail to meet the return requirements. If that's the case, you can try looking for another store to process your request. Alternatively, you can request an exchange or repair of damaged or defective headphones.

Do You Need a Receipt to Return Headphones to Walmart?

You'll need a receipt or online order number when returning your headphones to Walmart. Walmart usually offers a full refund for the headphones when you have your receipt. However, if you've lost the receipt or it's missing, Walmart associates will first verify your return before processing it.

If your product is eligible for a return, you'll receive either a replacement, repair, refund or Walmart store credit. You'll only get a cash refund if your headphones cost less than $25. However, for headphones above $25, the refund is loaded to a Walmart gift card that can be used in-store and online.

Can You Return Used or Opened Headphones?

Walmart can accept open or used headphones as long as they are in their original condition. This means they should not be damaged or defective unless they arrived damaged. If the headphones are in returnable condition, you'll have 30 days from the day of purchase to return the headphones. You'll have to ensure that the headphones are in their original packaging with all accessories, such as wires, included.

If the headphones are damaged or defective, customers can exchange them for an alternative from the same manufacturer. Alternatively, you can also receive a refund for the original cost.

What Is Walmart Marketplace Headphone Return Policy?

Third-party sellers on the Walmart Marketplace can have varying return policies. However, Walmart enforces a minimum of 14 days for customers to return headphones they buy from Walmart's Marketplace. Before purchasing headphones from a third-party seller, you should check their return policy found on the product's description under the sold and shipped section.

Typically, you can return headphones purchased from third-party sellers by contacting Walmart's customer care or logging into your account and initiating the process.

Can You Return All Types of Headphones at Walmart?

Walmart's headphone return policy applies to all types of headphones sold at Walmart. Therefore, it does not matter the type or brand of headphones you purchased; you can effortlessly return them as per Walmart's headphone policy. Some of the different headphones at Walmart include:

Even when your headphones are from popular brands like Apple, Samsung, or Sony, you're free to return them if they don't meet your expectations.

What Is Amazon Headphone Return Policy?

Amazon is a top Walmart competitor, which would make you ask what Amazon's headphone return policy is. Like Walmart, Amazon gives you 30 days from the day of receipt to initiate a return. You'll also have to ensure that the headphones are packaged in their original packaging with all the accessories included. You should also remember that Amazon third-party sellers could have a different headphone return policy.


Walmart strives to ensure customer satisfaction by making it easy to return products, including headphones. According to Walmart's headphone return policy, you have 30 days from purchase or receipt to return the headphones.

While Walmart marketplaces are required to give their customers a minimum of 14 days to return headphones, their return policies might vary. You should ensure that the headphones are well packaged in their original packaging before returning or sending them through free mail to Walmart. This policy also applies when returning headphones to Amazon.

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