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A highly competitive retail sector means stores must do everything they can to retain customers and compete with their rivals. Many retail stores have implemented price adjustment policies to help them compete, garnering the business of consumers who have shopped for the best price on a particular item.

When Best Buy or a competitor offers a discount on a product, customers can get a partial refund. Best Buy allows price adjustments up to 45 days after purchase, depending on the product and the customer's membership status. Read on for more information about the best buy price adjustment policy.

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What Is the Best Buy Price Adjustment Policy?

Price adjustments are made per Best Buy's Price Match Guarantee, enabling customers to obtain the best product prices. This policy applies to all product purchases made at Best Buy stores and to online purchases only if the order is placed within 14 days of purchase. You must provide a valid price matching offer from another retailer to receive a price adjustment.

Suppose you have an online or in-store price match guarantee from another retailer. In that case, you can present that information when purchasing at Best Buy and receive the lower price without further action.

The policy ensures that Best Buy adjusts the price of certain products to match a similar product at their local and online competitors, whether we make the purchase in-store or online. In addition, Best Buy will refund you the difference in price if an item you purchase goes on sale within the specified return period.

How Do I Request for Price Adjustment At Best Buy?

When purchasing an item at Best Buy, you can ask for a price adjustment by identifying a lower price at a competitor. The Best Buy Price Match Guarantee allows you to get the difference between the price you paid and the lower price within 15 days of your purchase. For your request to be approved, you must present proof of the lower price and return any extra merchandise purchased with your original transaction.

Some exclusions may apply for specific items, so it's best to check with customer service before making your request. You must be within a 25-mile radius of the local retailer when requesting a price adjustment based on the price of a product., however, allows you to request a price adjustment only if you identify the qualifying products from BestBuy's eligible competitors, such as:

How Do I Show Price Adjustment Proof At Best Buy?

To prove price adjustment, notify Best Buy of your competitor's product prices and website address. You can also show proof by taking a photo of the product and the price tag. This is especially helpful when looking for an item that isn't available in stores. To show proof of price adjustment, follow these steps:

In addition, you can bring along an advertisement showing the competitor's price.

Does Best Buy Price Match with Amazon

Best Buy does a price match with Amazon, and it is a pretty simple process. The store will match any local competitor's in-store or online price, including Amazon and other online retailers. The only catch is that you need to show an ad with a lower price.

Can I Request a Price Adjustment after Purchasing An Item At Best Buy?

Members of the standard plan have 15 days after purchase to request a price adjustment from Best Buy. If you need to check if you're part of the standard plan, check your membership status on your My Best Buy app or online account.

The extended time for Best Buy Elite and Elite Plus members to request a price match is 30 days and 45 days, respectively. However, it is important to remember that this period may vary depending on the item you purchased.

It is only possible to receive a price adjustment after purchasing cellular wearables or cell phones, regardless of your membership level, 14 days after your purchase. Before requesting a price adjustment, check the product's return and exchange policy.

Can I Request for Price Adjustment Using the Best Buy Mobile App?

Best Buy's mobile app offers the same prices as Best Buy's stores and, so you can request a price adjustment using the app. The process for requesting a price works similarly to how you would request a price match for online purchases. You can also make returns from your mobile device using the Best Buy Return Shipping Label. Just scan or enter your order number and follow the instructions on the screen to print your label.

Does Best Buy Adjust Prices to Match A Warehouse Club?

For warehouse clubs that are Best Buy's local competitors and whose prices match Best Buy's, Best Buy will adjust its price to match theirs. But if a warehouse club is not in your area or has different products than Best Buy, then their prices do not affect you. Enjoy shopping for the best prices without worrying if the store will match them.

This is only the case for some products or even all categories of products. It also depends on whether the item is being offered at a discount by either company. The policy only applies to items that are identical in features and quality (or if they're slightly different, they're comparable).

Bottom Line

The Best Buy price adjustment policy is one of the best return policies you can use in your favor. This policy allows you to take advantage of a lower price advertised for an item within fifteen days. Note this timeframe, though, is that you are no longer entitled to a refund or price adjustment after this period.

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