Ardell Lashes Review: Are They Worth the Hype?

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Do you want to elevate your game through captivating lashes and styles to express your unique beauty? Here is an in-depth Ardell review. Read and explore their dramatic as well as classic ranges of lashes in the falsies' realm.

Using eyeliner and lashes is all the same. You and I understand that the application process is sometimes complex and challenging. But with practice, everything looks easy and impressive as you highlight your beauty to the world. Before everything defeats you, stop being skeptical of such a gimmick concept. We have been struggling as well, but since we came across the Ardell brand, we want to give it a try once again.

Many claim that Ardell company is a beat and a trailblazer in the beauty industry. As one of the names in the household for eyelash enthusiasts, we wanted to know more about the company. Thus, in this Ardell review, we will delve into the company details, explore their best-selling lashes, deals and promotions, contact, and FAQ, and then, based on these testimonies, we will give you an honest conclusion.

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Ardell Review

Ardell is a brand ranked as the top false on the globe. The firm designs and sells profound false lashes and accessories that target customers who value the extra flutter on their eyes. Ardell is one of the famous brands in the beauty industry and has been endorsed by multiple celebrities and makeup artists, like Lady Gaga and Demi Lovato. Still, Ardell has an impressive following of millions of followers on Instagram and Facebook.

Because of their popularity, they have been featured in famous media publications like Glamour,  Vogue,  Business Insider, etc. Business Insider ranked it among the top ten false eyelash brands. Going back into history, Arnold Mille and his wife, Sydell, established Ardell. These founders had the inspiration to enhance the beauty of Syndell's eyelashes.

Thus, through collaboration, the duo decided to take their dream to a higher level, and in 1971, they founded the company. The name Ardell was born by combining the first names of the duos, and the current beast was established. The company was founded to give modern ladies an approach to highlighting their eye beauty and making it unforgettable. Although it has a resounding success story, the company was purchased in 1980 by  American International Industry.

Then, its headquarters facilities were moved to Washington, DC. With this pivotal moment and strategic location, they have developed and expanded their outreach by creating more high-end, better, and cruelty-free. Based on the current information, Ardell also launched the nail addict, which features a new line of nail kits, and the Lash Contour collection, which contains a unique and new collection of lashes. There are many we can still share about the history of Ardell. But we would also like to move into other aspects of our review. Let's start by reviewing the Ardell brand's pros and cons.

Ardell Lashes Pros:

Ardell Lashes Cons:

Why We Like Ardell

Ardell is a one-of-a-kind brand when it comes to beauty products, specifically false eyelashes. While the company has multiple running promotions and lucrative deals, its website has impressive videos and tutorials to guide the customers.

This alone indicates how Ardell is dedicated to serving the customers, and today, they are giving you a seamless experience with their new under-lash extension, and it gets you ready to hear with a naked press on. Ardell guarantees customers that they can easily highlight their eyes with unique lashes, which are sun-kissed and inspired by the Balayage techniques. Let us see from the best sellers

The Best-Selling Ardell Magnetic Lashes

As mentioned, Ardell also pays much attention to their magnetic lash line. These kinds of lashes are available to ensure a thrilling and effortless approach to lash out. These top-selling lashes are effective without adhesive. Blending the multi-magnet with the curved band ensures that it matches any outfit. We will only highlight a few of the best-selling magnetic lashes to give a try.

First of all, Ardell has Magnetic Accent 001. These lashes are ideal in multiples, and customers can decide who they want to look at. Comes with a light volume highlighting the right length. It blends seamlessly to give you a natural look. It contains a pre-curved flare lash style that matches the eyelid contours. If you are searching for effortless, comfortable, reliable, and secure lashes, then Magnetic 001 is here for you, both attractive and blooming. They also have the popular Accent 002, and Accent 003.

Second up is Ardell Beauty Magnetic Naked Lashes 420, 1 PAIR. These are super soft, short, air and light lash fiber ready to highlight your natural lashes. It also comes with feathery criss-crossing patterns. It gives customers a comfortable, durable, and fitting seamless experience. In addition, it has a perfect texture and shape with flawless comfort.

The last Magnetic lash we would like to mention is Ardell Magnetic Lash, 3d Faux Mink 858, 1 PAIR.. these lashes are not just soft but also go beyond to feature luxurious fiber and staggered length. Enjoy its uninhibited volume experience with the length of delectably fine as well as tapered tips.

The Best Selling Ardell Natural Lashes

Ardell offers another type of lash to the market, natural lashes. These are unique on their own. Thus, we will only mention a few of the best-selling today on the website.

First, there is Natural 110, which has been impressive and scored excellent ratings out of 3000+ reviews. These lashes are ready to highlight your already beautiful lashes. They cannot only enhance but also accentuate the lash lines without even overwhelming the thickness or weight. The company claims these lashes will give you a different experience of natural charm, flawless invisible fit, subtle and sweet falsies, and soft and luxurious feelings.

Next comes Natural 172 — very affordable but high quality, short tapered,  and soft fiber. Though feathered, they have a natural volume to add a dimension without being overly dramatic. They are a round style with their undetectable invisiband.

The Best-Selling Ardell Wispies Lashes

The company has a wide collection of iconic wIspies, which are here to add extra feathery flare and softness without any drama at all. For daytime beauty, these silky wisps are available to make your day a delicate and graceful experience. Hence, we will mention two of the best sellers on the website.

First, Wispies Clusters Individuals - Combo Pack leads the list as the signature wispies on the market. It gives customers a fabulous look; you will get 32 small to medium-length lash clusters in the pack. Though it's full flutter, you can always get that demure look with a bit less. They are knotted via the invisible lash band to give you an easy time using them and a seamless experience. Get a pretty picture-perfect lash appearance matching any daily routine. It also gives you a personalized lash appearance but guarantees long-lasting and reliable Wispies.

Second up is Demi Wispies. This is one of the most loved wispies on the market, and if you want to channel a stunning feathery appearance before your friend or impress as well as make a statement, then get these whooping impacts and eye-catching lashes. Get a themed photoshoot with a pair of these wispies, including all the night events, parties, etc. They are classic & flared style, comfortable, and feature sleek and mid-length fiber to highlight your stylish and sexy wispies.

There are many other best-selling wispies—for instance, Demi Wispies-Brown, Baby Demi Wispies, Wispies, etc.

The Best-Selling Ardell Individual Lashes

The other category we would like to feature is the Ardell Individual Lashes. Thus, we will not waste time here; we will go through two bestsellers that are easy to understand.

Ardell Trios ranks above all. These lashes are available to triple the trouble because they look unique, and every package consists of 32 trios categorized as 216 medium-size and 16 short lash clusters. They are fuller to get your appearance more defined. This is the best option when your lash line needs extra TLC. Select the faux lash for a demure or dramatic look.

Knot-Free Individuals - Short (Brown). These are earthly, rich, custom falsies to give you an impressive and luscious experience. They come in a subtle shape and length featuring a seamless no-knot base to provide a 2-week fab lash affair. They are recommended to use the strip lash adhesive for reliability and to withstand all-day wear.

The other best-selling individual lashes to check out are Double Up Knotted Flare Trio Individual-Medium, Duralash Natural-Medium, Soft Touch Trio Individual-Short -etc.

The Best-Selling Ardell Naked Lashes

The options are countless, and Ardell gives you access to the new Naked lashes. This list is as long as the other options we have discussed. However, we will highlight the best sellers to determine where to start.

Naked Press On Pre-Glued Underlash Extensions - Soft Volume opens up our list. It is readily available and on standby; they are pre-glued under lash extensions that ensure a simple press-on while on your errand. They are lightweight and self-adhesive to help you avoid a few steps using glue. They seamlessly blend with anything because they are soft, and you can use them under a natural lash. Though they are slightly crisscrossed, you can use up to 4 applications coming knot-free for seamless blending.

The second and last is Ardell Naked Extensions. These are salon-applied extensions that customers can easily apply in the comfort of their homes. They are also natural looking and feature a soft 3D  volume, giving you a delicate multi-dimensional curl with a guaranteed knot-free design to simplify blending. They also come with a professional-grade adhesive lasting up to 2 weeks of wear.

The Best-Selling Ardell Aqua Lashes

The other and last category on the Ardell lashes is the Aqua. There is only one option on the market: Aquaaqua Lashes 341 Gift Set, which is always out of stock due to the high demand. These lashes top up your holiday lush feeling. They guarantee customers a gorgeous appearance and simple application. They give you a maximum hold even with the long wear period. They are highly recommended for beginners. They are presented in a stunning winter package gift box, and they can be good when given as a gift to your girlfriend.

Customer Review

To complete our Ardell review, we also have to look at the testimonies and honest feedback online from customers who purchased and used these products.

From the official website, we focused on the Glamour 141 lashes, scoring 4.5 stars from 2 reviews. On Beauty Crew, the author pays attention to the latest Ardell Aqua lashes 340, and 8 reviews give the brand 3.5 stars, which is still perfect.

Evaluating The Point of Vu, the author explores the Ardell magnetic lashes, precisely the Accent 001 and 002, and in the end, she recommends them to any customer searching for the false lashes which are simple to use. Popsugar goes into detail and shares Ardel lashes as an alternative to the Effing, which sucks.

Heading to the Elite Daily, an editor gives us a detailed and figured approach to use these lashes through a prime hack blending the liner with lashes—the Wispies-Ardell fashion lashes pair scores 3.9 stars on Amazon with 365 customer reviews. Most people are satisfied with the purchase because 58% gave it five stars.

The Residents present a detailed but quick review of these natural lashes. The author concludes with a statement:-

"I would absolutely use Ardell often to include artificial lashes throughout my cosmetic routine. While it's not stuff I'll wear every day, I'm glad I now have a false lash spectrum that works for myself and is ideal for a big, fun night out."

Pretty and Polished as well continues to explore the Ardell Natural 172 while the Glossy Box intends to find out if these Ardell magnetic lashes are worth investment. The author recommends comparing the pros and cons.

Ideally, Ardell scores well on testimonies with multiple recommendations, though some customers highlighted a few issues.

Where to Buy Ardell

You are here because you are stranded on where to purchase the Ardell products. We have done everything to ensure our readers get the best. Therefore, the first place we recommend ordering the Ardell products form is their official website,

However, the research also noted that Ardell Lashes exist in multiple online stores. You can as well gauge from the profound stores and grab a few lashes  such as:-

Is Ardell Worth It?

Ardell is a unique brand that offers countless beauty products and guarantees multiple reasons to smile again. Ardell lashes are effective, reliable, and of high quality. Ardell brand is famous not only because it offers affordable products but also because of the guaranteed high-end false eyelashes.

Still, they are exploring more lines, developing and innovating to ensure customers access new and improved products, focusing on the magnetic lash line. The website features eyelashes and many other products in various styles. Hence, Ardell has almost everything for everyone. Many customers have praised the brand for their styles, highlighting the dramatic effects if you prefer such.

Though there are a few drawbacks, many online testimonies claim that these Ardell products are simple to use and that you need a makeup remover to remove them. This means they are long-lasting on your skin. Though they have a complex return policy, we still recommend that these guys are worth trying.

Multiple external sites with above-average star ratings confirm the brand is worth investment and remains a safe bet among many online customers. While the Ardell lashes are for the low risk, they have guaranteed high rewards, multiple lucrative deals, and extensive options. Hence, it is worth considering the collection in your business.

Ardell Discounts

Our Ardell review also wanted to know if the brand offers promotions and discount pricing. Thus, we spend some time researching discounts and many more lucrative deals to help save on the expenditure while shopping. When writing this review, Ardell company claims that when you sign up for the email listing, you are entitled to receive 20% off on the first order from their website and will be the first person to get updates.

Still, they also guarantee customers free standard shipping when they place orders totaling $30 and above. Additionally, Bogo has 50% off on the nail addict eco mani collections. Besides, they also offer 20% off all Brows plus free sculpting Gel when you order a total of $50 and above.

However, the offer is only valid for customers ordering online on their official website. On top of all the above deals, Ardell guarantees customers access to holiday gift shop services, which you can also capitalize on and save during the festive seasons.

Ardell Contact

We are dedicated to giving our readers access to reliable and enough information. However, we know that the above Ardell review might fail to address all the information you wanted because of time, but we still have alternatives to give you ideal direction on what to do when stranded. Throughout the research, we also paid much attention to the Ardell contact details.

The findings indicate that customers can reach out to the team,  and if you have an urgent query, call 00-621-9585. Secondly, you can also mail them and address them to Regardless, the company is also active on social media.

Thus, you can engage with them with only a single click on their Facebook page, Instagram, X(Twitter), get in contact, ask your queue and ries, and access all the updates in real time. Note that the team is present from Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 4 pm PST.


Q. Who is the owner of the Ardell brand?

American International Industries owns and manages the company, headquartered in Washington, D.C.

Q. How are Ardell lashes made?

The profound Ardell lashes are made using 100%sterilized human hair. Still, the company claims that sometimes, they utilize faux Mink to obtain synthetic lashes and list them on the website for sale.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Ardell brand?

Currently, the company offers ideal shipping services in the U.S. and around Canada. They are also extending their coverage, and they will be shipping around the globe. Processes your order and ships it within 1 to 3 working days. If you have placed an order above $30, you can get free standard shipping. The other shipping method is the FedEx Smartpost, which takes 7 to 12 working days to deliver, while the Free 2-day FedEx rate takes about 2 to 7 working days to arrive at the destination. Refer to the website for detailed pricing.

Q. Does the Ardell brand have a return policy?

It is sad to report that the Ardell brand does not give an exchange or return option on all their orders.


Ardell is a bacon brand in the beauty industry, and the company can even demonstrate its power in designing and selling false lashes. Through the above review, we have focused on the commitment of the company to serving customers, the extensive collection of lashes under different categories, highlighted the best sellers and explored the testimonies, contacts, and lucrative deals.

Ardell covers you if you want to express a unique beauty and make a statement, from the dramatic flair to the natural flutter. The brand offers lashes to match any style at an affordable price. Grab a few and enjoy a seamless journey.

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