Rituel De Fille Review: Should You Try Their Stunning Shades?

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Do you want to dive deep into the world of the Rituel De Fille and experience more than just makeup? Read our Rituel De Fille review and determine if the brand makeup is an art form. Explore more to gauge if it’s worth the investment. Here are all the secrets: the fusion of beauty and artistry in the cosmetic landscape.

There are countless brands on the market today that offer cosmetic products. Therefore, if you are here looking for a brand with a justified background for investment, a brand that offers more than simple makeup, this is the right place for you. Rituel De Fille is a kind brand.

The company has redefined its marketing approach throughout the industry through its award-winning beauty line. Therefore, in this Rituel De Fille review, we will explore the company in detail, covering the history, best sellers, testimonies, contacts, where to get them and give our final verdict.

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Rituel De Fille Review

Rituel De Fille is a cosmetic company whose foundation has a long history. The brand traces its inspiration from the pigment of the witchy wonder and through the mystical power of nature. Thus, the company invites all potential customers to join the bold makeup journey through impressive and artistically inspired product hues. They have products not only targeting lips but also the face and eyes.

Rituel De Fille’s company has been featured in profound publications like Allure, Nylon, Vogue, Goop, Teen Vogue, etc. In fact, through their happy fanbase on Instagram, the company has secured a high-flying public profile. Ideally, the company was founded by the sisters Katherine, Michelle Ramos, and Caroline. These are fully accomplished artists who got the inspiration to establish the brand from the mystical power of natural ingredients.

Through alchemical inspiration, these founders, sisters, and friends produced handcrafted bold makeup shades with various choices. This alone not only enhanced their self-expression but also kickstarted their creative journey. Rituel De Fille was founded  in 2014 in Los angeles. They still rely on the original formulation today in the manufacturing process utilizing traditional and purest ingredients.

Hence, their cosmetic products are creative, socially conscious, clean, and safe. The website has a detailed product description of every element, ci77499 and 77491, which are black iron oxide and red iron oxide, respectively. The company also has an extensive collection of skincare products, such as oil serums.

Rituel De Fille is dedicated to making a bold statement regarding green beauty. They tell a story by bending the natural ingredients and powerful yet unique aesthetic. There is still a lot. However, we will move to the Rituel De Fille pros and cons in summary because of time.

Rituel De Fille Pros:

Rituel De Fille Cons:

Why We Like Rituel De Fille

Rituel De Fille is a famous cosmetic brand that sells skin care products, and all sorts of makeup items, from skincare to eyecare and accessories. The company invites you to enjoy its new and unique version of beauty promoted through the power of the magical side of the natural elements. They count on every pigment for powerful and ceremonial cosmetic products. The company features an extensive collection of stunning shades targeting lips, skin, face, and eyes. They are all handcrafted with bold yet long-lasting shades.

Through color consultation services on the website, you can interact with experts for guidance and make a selection of dial products, keeping in mind the skin tone, your preferences as well and the goal.. all international packages get flat rate shipping, which gives us many reasons to trust the Rituel De Fille brand.

If their products don’t make you look like a magician, feel free to return them, even with a slightly used product. Make a statement without blending toxic ingredients, but enjoy the transformative elements and enhance your outlook, appearance, and shine to the world.

Therefore, in this section, we will still detail and highlight some of the best sellers from all the categories for your information. These customer-favorite products are ideal for guiding you on where to start if you are a newbie in the industry.

The Best-Selling Rituel De Fille Makeup Products

Rituel De Fille has an extensive collection of makeup products for lifting the eyes and skin. Thus, this section will only focus on the best-selling cosmetic products from Rituel De Fille. The rating is based on customer feedback, popularity, and scoreline or the reputation of the products regarding their efficiency.

Thus, the first product we encountered online is 3 Drop Weightless Serum Foundation. It is already making it into the industry. This foundation typically works like skincare through its magical transformation journey. It features sustainable and innovative active carotenoid ingredients, which is the first pure phytoene to have been extracted.

It guarantees short- and long-term benefits to free you from radicals and enhance firmness, smooth skin, elasticity, and brightness: perfect finish powder, lightweight oil texture without drying, and fragrance-free aroma.

Second on the list is Levitation Lash. It is a perfect product for lifting and lengthening mascara and promises midnight black. This product alone gives you 28 color points. Ideally, this is an all-in-one product available to volumize, lengthen, and magically lift due to the blackest formulation. This is a well-crafted formula with wondrous wear-flake resistance, and it is buildable and lightweight.

The next generation guarantees soft lashes due to the presence of castor oil blended with organic oil for significant nourishing impact and wear. They use 94% post-consumer recycled packaging, while 95%  is a natural formula. It features a creative bio-fiber brush. It is fragrance-free and perfect for sensitive eyes.

Thorn Milk Hydrating Skin Mist (Taille De Luxe) also ranks among the best sellers on the website for many reasons. One has the power to help you capture that milk in a limited time but in abundance with this new size. It ensures your body mist, hydrates, and then refreshes with one product. This thorn milk gives you the real magic of the sensorial potion and a sublime feeling of beauty on your skin.

It can impart lightweight moisture alongside subtle dewiness, featuring an opulent blend of aloe, botanical lil with rosewater, and Bulgarian rose. Grab one and experience the true power in the beauty of the Thorn milk. The available aromas are herbal, complex, delicate  Bulgarian rose, and floral.

Besides thorn milk, the company has profound thorn oil known as Thorn Oil Priming Facial Elixir. This is the perfect priming potion care for the canvas. One drop of this red cell can vanish and highlight your skin's luminosity. It is one of the excellent priming oils for the makeup routine. This is because it gives you an unparalleled base for application. Still,

it is the finest skincare on the canvas because ingredients merge the fruit and flower of a plant to formulate healthy, radiant, and plumped effects. It works with all types of skin or a combination because it is vegan.

For the site exclusive, you can buy products like the INTUITION-Gray Tupe, an excellent inner glow creme pigment. RAVENOUS is also another site exclusive, though dried blood red is a forbidden lipstick. Additionally, THE BIOME is a new and exclusive eye soot. It is a perfect brush featuring three ideal shades. It's an excellent first artistry set available at a launch price for the cult favorite.

On top of the best-seller makeup products, there is still ABYSS-deepest back, the black ORBenigmatic Kohl eyeliner. It has an opaque semi-mate to highlight the dramatic eye appearance. You can use it even on your lips because it is not a gel or a powder. It is exclusively cruelty-free with a semi-matte finish.

The other best-sellers are EROS-Rosy Beige- an Inner Glow Creme Pigment; Bee Sting- Pinched Pink-Color nectar Pigment balm, Whitethorn-Natural Freshly pink-which is enhanced lip sheer while Solaris- Iridescent Red PIink is a rate light creme luminizer. 

Customer Review

Through the research session, our Rituel De Fille Revie wanted to dive deep and consider multiple customer testimonials sourced from external sites. This is very important in giving us facts on whether the brand is genuine and delivers based on its claims.

Well, our analysis started with the official website ritueldefille.com.  The site features a detailed highlight on their Allure award winner of 2017, the magnificent Rare Light Luminizer, and the customers have complimented after a long time of use. Reddit still has an impressive thread that reviews the brand in general. Few customers mention the ideal experience using their products, and it is a beast of a brand with innovative products delivering all the customers’ needs.

From Beauty Unhyped, another in-depth review of the company overall and the swatches. The author also covers some of the new releases, which are always up to the point with not only efficient but also practical, exciting, and still beautiful products. Analyzing The Style Shaker, the author gives an overview of the 3-drop Weightless Serum foundation, which is very vital to grasp the facts before buying. The highlight covers the ingredients, application, wear test, finish, and coverage power, giving it a total score of 16 out of 20.

Additionally, Cult Beauty has an excellent rating of 4.63 stars considering 54 reviews; of the total, 41 gave it five stars. One of the customers commented on the Inner Glow Creme Pigment Delirium, saying:-

“The fluidity is beautiful, & the pigment is evenly distributed throughout. It integrates well on the skin with body heat and retains its color all day. The hue resembles a gentle, natural blush.”

You can also find more reviews on other external and honest sites. To save your time, explore the detailed feedback on Unbox Lili, Gone Swatching XO, Amazon with 4.1 stars ratings Forbidden Lipstick Moisturizing, Phyrra, Refinery29, Glamour, and many other sites.

As a formulation, many customers have insisted that application is the key. Most testimonies have sided with the brand, praising the collection, effectiveness, guaranteed results, etc.

Where to Buy Rituel De Fille

Rest easy if you want Rituel De Fille cosmetic products to enhance your beauty. You can have an extensive collection from the official store ritueldefille.com and enjoy multiple deals. From the research, we have also located a few of the Rituel De Fille products from online retailers. among the popular online stores offering these Rituel De Fille products are as listed below:-

Is Rituel De Fille Worth It?

Rituel De Fille offers numerous cosmetic products to select from. The brand has established a very reputable base of customers, and the reviews online indicate extreme satisfaction. Looking at the testimonies, Rituel De Fille is worth investment for many reasons. First, Rituel De Fille cosmetic products are handmade, featuring 99% natural and safe ingredients.

Rituel De Fille brand is a clean company that keeps in mind the environment as well as the social being of the customer to promote a positive impact on the earth. The company is cruelty-free and certified by the Leaping Bunny. They never utilize synthetic dye or fragrance at all costs. Hence, it is sustainable, and its products don’t feature harmful elements like parabens and plastic glitter.

Still, more testimonies have highlighted the durability of these Rituel De Fille products, specifying the long-lasting makeup-like products. Although there are few complaints about pricing, the quality is worth the products, which explains why they have more significant return customer numbers. Users have also p[raised the bold color to make them unique from the rest.

The handcrafted formulation explains their slightly high price tag. But in the long run, Rituel De Fille products are effective, safe for use and the environment, and reasonably priced to serve everyone. The products are still accessible from numerous stores and retailers around the world. Our review justifies that Rituel De Fille is worth the investment.

The brand is committed to quality and ethical sourcing, and its artistic expression speaks volumes. It blends integrity and infuses innovation and creativity throughout the manufacturing process. It is worth giving this company attention for all cosmetic needs regardless of skin type or beauty goals.

Rituel De Fille Discounts

All customers value the benefits of lucrative deals in online shopping. Thus, our Rituel De Fille review wanted to determine if this brand allows customers to save on their budget. Well, the research gave us something to smile about. Based on the current active promotions and discounts, Rituel De Fille offers free US shipping for orders totaling $50 and above. If you are based in the EU and UK, you can also get free shipping with orders of $250 and above.

Still, Canadian customers can qualify for free shipping with orders of $150 and above, which is fantastic. For the new customers, you can sign up for the newsletter updates, join the circle, and earn 10% off the first order. The ritualist reward program is another fantastic deal on the platform. You earn the point or color, which you can redeem for the store credit or voucher in the future.

They have samples on the websites that target specific products. Enjoy the wholesale offers or go to the pro artists programs on the website. Follow them on social media for updates about future deals, promotions, and discounts.

Rituel De Fille Contact

The Rituel De Fille review summarizes what you need to know. If the highlight does not address your concerns and you want more explanation, contact the Rituel De Fille support team. Thus, research to find ways to reach the customer care desk. On the website, they have listed a few of the approaches. First, you can contact them by emailing them at the address order@ritueldefille.com, and they promise to get back to you in the shortest time possible. Or fill out the contact form on the website and submit it.

One of the team members will attend to your concern and reply via the official email address. Additionally, the Rituel De Fille support team is active on social media. Interact with them on their Facebook, Instagram, X(Twitter), or watch their YouTube video for tutorials.


Q. What is the shipping policy of the company Rituel de Fille?

Reading from the website, Rituel de Fille guarantees to ship your order within one week of purchase only if the product is in stock. Rituel de Fille often ships the package using USPS, where the delivery time is different based on many factors, such as your location and shipping method.

If you are based in the US, the first class shipping takes 2 to 7 working days, while other locations take longer. The company also claims they do not guarantee the delivery time besides the guidelines. Still, the US-based customer can enjoy free standard shipping and sales to Canadian as well as EU and UK customers when an order surpasses a particular threshold.

Q. What is the return policy of the Rituel de Fille company?

In caseIn case the Rituel de Fille products are not pleasing or ineffective based on your anticipation, the company gives you the option to return them to the stock, except for the clearance products, samples, and eye soot swatches. They still accept the return of slightly used products as long as the customer initiates the return within 30 days from the date of purchase.

However, Rituel de Fille insists that all the returns must feature the original packaging, all inserts, etc. Initiating a return is very simple. Send the support team an email to get more return shipping details. Include the location, which is very important. Customers must incur the return shipping charges. You are also advised to sue the carrier for tracking services because Rituel de Fille will not issue a refund for the products they have not received.


Rituel De Fille is more than a makeup or a cosmetic brand. The company blends creativity, inclusion, individuality, and artistic expression through the manufacturing process. In the above article, we have unveiled the company's essence from history; through best sellers, promotions, and testimonies, we have seen that Rituel De Fille is worth the investment. They have an extensive collection of efficient, effective, and perfect beauty products.

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