Wet n Wild Cosmetics Review: Are They Really Affordable and Cruelty-Free?

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Wondering what wet n wild Cosmetics makeup is made of or if professionals make its products for efficacy? The answer is only found in one conclusion. Reading our review to evaluate this cosmetic brand is worth the money.

We are all in the fashion and beauty industry. We intend to review and discover all the latest brands by testing their products to have real experience before giving you real and honest feedback. We are always the best in both fashion and the cosmetic or beauty industry, with a passion for guiding you to make the right decision. In this review, we will deeply analyze Wet n Wild cosmetics.

Though it is among our favorites, you also need information before purchasing it, as this company falls under the first beauty industry ventures. Will Wet n Wild cosmetics hold a unique place in your heart? Let us find out more in the below review. Before giving you a conclusion, we will deduce the facts from the customer ratings, the collections they offer, and their worthiness from our experience. Here is a roundup of the company overview before anything else.

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Wet n Wild Cosmetics Review

Wet n Wild is a cosmetic brand founded in 1979 by Stanley Acker based in Brooklyn, New York. The company offers beauty products that are not only cruelty-free but also affordable and accessible from any part of the world. The brand offers cosmetic products perfect for customers who want to elevate their looks through makeup. Wet n wild cosmetics are the number one American makeup.

This is after it was featured in numerous popular publications like Allure, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, etc. hence its strong reputation. It also won countless awards, such as the Best of Beauty Award by Allure, the Beauty Award by cosmopolitan, etc. It has also established a lively presence on social media handles with a huge audience base.

However, during the inception of this company, it was originally offering lipstick, which only went for less than a dollar. This sounds like a humble beginning for these guys. They are among the pioneers of the black nail polish brand, under the drugstore as an iconic product. Going deep into history, the wet n wild cosmetic brand was purchased by Markwins in 2003.

This was when the brand relocated its headquarters to the present city in Los Angeles, California. Though cruelty-free and has headquarters in the US, the company has manufacturing plants in china. That is enough on the company overviews; let us move a step deeper by comparing the pros and cons before making the right decision.

wet n wild Cosmetics Pros:

wet n wild Cosmetics Cons:

Why We Like Wet n Wild Cosmetics

Wet n wild provides multiple cosmetic and beauty accessories to customers worldwide. Even though the brand does not offer a return option, its products are stunning, cruelty-free, and affordable, with numerous promotions. There is also an afterpay method as an alternative payment option for customers with a fixed budget.

On your radiant-looking journey, wet n wild is one of the options you need to consider for many reasons. To make things simple, we have collected some of the top trending and best-selling cosmetics and lipsticks for you to have ample time to make decisions. Without wasting time, let's get started with cosmetics.

The Best-Selling Wet n Wild Cosmetic Products

The company offers customers show-stopping cosmetic products around the world. The company has built a strong reputation around these products for a long time, especially because of their affordability and high quality. If it is not because of time, we can end up listing numerous cosmetic products from wet n wild, but for the sake of you and me, let us go through some of the popular and best-selling products.

Photo Focus Foundation MATTE is leading the line, continuously working on ensuring that customers get flawless skin appearances all around. The product guarantees a photo finish and features the light adjusting complex perfect for taking a photo which comes in 20 colors. It also offers some SPF protection.

Next, is MegaGlow Highlighting Powder, and it ranks as an iconic highlighter on the list, capable of accentuating all the places while glamping you up. It contains not only reflective but also bright pigments designed using nylon. You can access it and enjoy up to 7 flattering shades.

Color Icon Bronzer is a perfect cosmetic product that works well to tan and leaves you with a golden appearance with an effortless procedure. Though sometimes it is not in stock, it is perfect to have in your collection as it healthily does everything.

There is also MegaGlo Contouring Palette, which guarantees to keep your face not only charming but also dynamic because it comes with numerous shades so that you can play around with angels and the right light balancing. This product features darker and lighter powder and goes cheaply.

MegaLiner Liquid Eyeliner from this brand is here for you for those who love having a stand-out and bold-looking eye. The product is designed with high-definition pigments that ensure the eye pops well. It comes with a flexible brush for easy application. Therefore, it is available in 4 unique colors.

The list continues and includes MegaLength Mascara, one of the award-winning beauty products made with waxes proprietary blend, which targets to uplift for the maximum consistency and volume of the eyelashes. The last one in this category is Photo Focus Setting Spray, meant to lock up your makeup while keeping it in place since it contains aloe that hydrates, creating a weightless feeling on your skin with no fading, creasing, or cracking.

The Best-Selling Wet n Wild Lipstick

This brand cannot be a complete firm without offering lipstick. These guys have a huge collection of these stunning lips. We only managed to go with the two best-selling lipstick in this category. The first one is MegaLast Matte Lip Color, which is semi-matte and famous for its long-lasting capability. It also portrays a smooth texture as it is made with an extremely pigmented formula and infused with other ingredients, including plant-based extracts. This lipstick guarantees to leave your lips both moisturized as well as nourished.

Before closing the list of best-selling Wet n Wild beauty products, we also had to go deeper into the MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick, which is also outstanding. The lipstick is also pigmented, lightweight on your lips, and looks glossy, and you can select from ten unique shades. That is all to get you started with the basic and right cosmetic products. No more struggling or spending your money testing these products.

Customer Review

You must be looking for real proof that wet n wild cosmetics is perfect and delivers what they claim from their website. Therefore, this being your concern, we are delighted to take you through the customer feedback and what they felt like using these beauty products. If you go online, there are numerous external websites with ratings about wet n wild cosmetics and beauty products.

On Sitejabber, the company scores 2.32 stars, and some customers are unhappy with the products. However, some found the brand satisfying as well. For instance, one customer compliments the quality of these beauty products, saying:

"The 'Max volume hydrofuge' is fantastic. It prevents my lashes from clumping around each other. The waterproof mascara is also fantastic."

When you consider Trustpilot, most verified customers here love the brand for many purposes. Numerous compliments praise the quality, the textural feel of the lipstick, wide selections, multiple shades, and durability. Here is a statement left on the site:

"I adore it! I have a WNW lipstick. The texture is light and fluffy, and the color on the lips matches that in the tube. The lipstick was durable and did not demand much retouching."

There is also a detailed customer review on the Beauty Review website, where the platform lists best-selling products with feedback beneath each. Most people value the company since it collaborates with society. On The Fantasia website, the blog author evaluates the nature of these beauty products and concludes that they are not only suburbs but also 100% cruelty-free goodies to count on as a perfect entry-level brand on the market.

Disney Lilo and Stitch Makeup set college also gets a rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon after 671 global reviews. But on Makeupalley, the brand gets a 3.8-star rating considering 53 reviews. 87% of the customers recommend repurchasing the products as they have perfect packaging quality and friendly pricing. One customer expressed their feelings and real experience, saying:

"I have the whole Mega Last Matte line and a lot of the Mega lipglosses...the colors are pretty and quite viable, and my favorite DS lipliner is #666 Brandywine. I'm quite taken with WNW, and if I could only buy one DS line, it would be wnw.  I'm very amazed, and the price is fantastic.I'd say I'm a little fixated."

Are numerous external sites with reviews from customers based in different locations; some of these sites include Sheenad, PopSugar, Hokmakeup, The Beauty Journals XO, Flipkart, etc. all the reviews rate the Wet n Wild cosmetics products as a real hit on the market.

Where to Buy Wet n Wild Cosmetics

Struggle no more. The next thing you are looking for is where to purchase the Wet n Wild cosmetic products. Cool, our research found several stores with these products.

However, the first option is going directly to the Wet n Wild cosmetic website wetnwildbeauty.com and placing an order for delivery. But when you are located outside the great US or Canada, you can still order your beauty product from this brand but from online retailers. We found numerous Wet n Wild cosmetics in different retailers online. Our research unveiled a few here:-

Is Wet n Wild Cosmetics Worth It?

If you have not made up your mind, then this is where you need to evaluate the brand. Based on our experience using the products and purchasing procedure, as well as pricing, the beauty products for Wet n Wild are worth the money. The company offers its cosmetics products at an affordable price and is available in its stores and online retailers.

Besides numerous discounts, the brand also guarantees you afterp[ay as the alternative payment option, which is a plus when you have a fixed budget. Free shipping and gifts are part of the services you can enjoy from this company. Otherwise, there is a huge collection of cosmetic products, from the latest arrivals to eye care products, face, lips, nails, tools for different user access, and rich collections.

They also have a set-aside section for frequent sales. They guarantee that all their products are always cruelty-free and safe for use since they are clinically approved and do not contain harmful chemicals. Because of its popularity, huge customer base, and high-quality products, the company has won numerous awards from different organizations.

This is proof that they have experience with quality products for over 30 years. Hence, if you are unsure about the company, we wholeheartedly recommend it. Anything you want to gain natural elegance or skin radiant, Wet n Wild has the catch waiting for you.

Wet n Wild Cosmetics Discounts

If you are still looking for an extra way to save coins, then the good news is that our review revealed that Wet n Wild offers numerous discounts and promotional services to both new and loyal customers. This is a perfect way to save bucks. Generally, this company guarantees you 15% off on the first orders when you subscribe to their newsletters or sign up.

There is also a promo code DELUX50, where you are guaranteed free deluxe gifts when you order from $50 and above. At the time of writing this review, we also noted that the company offers free standard shipping to customers based in the US when they order products from $25 and above. Another thing worth noting is that they offer the afterpay payment option, which is also part of the promotion to the customers.

The company also offers up to 25% discounts on face makeup, but you must use the promo code WWFACE. Stay up[dated by signing up for the newsletter and receive all the latest deals, promo codes, and frequent sales alerts which are vital.

Wet n Wild Cosmetics Contact

The above review may not address every concern you have at hand. Therefore, if you have a question related to the Wet n Wild cosmetic products, we found numerous means to contact the company in the research. The two main methods are calling them using the phone number +1-844-477-2957 or filling out the contact form on their webpage.

They guarantee you attend to you as soon as they are available. However, there is also an alternative method to contact these guys. That includes getting in touch with the marketing teams on the social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, or you can watch their youtube tutorials for guidelines and tips on using the products.


Q. Who is the current owner of the Wet n Wild cosmetic or beauty brand?

Though the review might not have covered this, the report online states that Markwins North America owns the brand. This is one of the largest names as well as companies around the world.

Q. Where do Wet n Wild beauty's manufacturing facilities located?

The simple answer to this is China. It is clear from the above reviews that the company manufactures its products from China and then distributes them to the US warehouses for shipment.

Q. Are beauty products from the Wet n Wild brand safe to use?

The fact that these Wet n Wild cosmetic products are always cruelty-free makes us believe they are safe for use since they do not contain harmful chemicals.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Wet n Wild beauty brand?

While writing this review, we found that the company doesn't offer international shipping. The time taken to process all the domestic shipping to the customer based in the US and Canada is 7 business days. At the same time, the standard domestic orders take about 10 business days to process and ship.

However, to enjoy the free shipment, you must purchase products ordered from $35 and above, which in this case, takes up to 10 business days to ship. Immediately the order is dispatched from the warehouse; these guys send you the tracking link alongside the confirmation message through your email address. And any related prices and other things are evaluated during the checkout.

Q. Does Wet n Wild have a return policy?

If you have purchased the Wet n Wild beauty products and the order delivered is incorrect, or the products had some issues. You could return them to the company only if you got them from their official inventory for replacement. No refund is available on the platform at the moment. But for these guys to exchange or replace the products, the returned order must either have been damaged while being shipped or you returned it before the 14th day of delivery.


We have thoroughly studied the wet n Wild brand from the above review. And thus far, we are delighted to conclude that there is no better brand than Wet n Wild beauty when it comes to cosmetic products. If you are new to the beauty industry, then this is the perfect choice to go with and make a strong beginning to the elegance journey.

Wet n Wild cosmetics offers a large collection of products and amazing discounts to customers in the US, Canada, and a few listed countries. They offer safe as well as cruelty-free products that compete with all high-end-to-end beauty products on the market. The company is worth giving a shot at for beginners, beauty enthusiasts, and people looking for advanced makeup.

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