Buxom Cosmetics Review: Cruelty-Free High-End Makeup for Bold & Confident Women

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Do you want to explore the Buxom cosmetics allure but wonder if their products blend beauty and boldness features? Read our honest review and discover everything you want to know about this brand. Find out if it is worth your penny.

The beauty industry has not only shaped household shopping but also has given you multiple choices to make today. Thus, it is not something terrible when you become choosy and unapologetic at a time. There are so many, but each individual has their preferences, unique mind, and beauty goals to achieve. While you understand it becomes hard to locate effective beauty products, there are also challenges in selecting a brand with countless options.

Thus, to save you time, we have researched and, here in this article, present our honest Buxom cosmetics review. Although the company claims to offer customers an empowering and bold cosmetic product, we need to justify this claim.

We will explore the company development and give you some of the best-selling products, lucrative deals, and contact details, and based on the customer feedback, we will evaluate if it is worth the investment. Before that, we are starting with the Buxom Cosmetics company overview in the next section.

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Buxom Cosmetics Review

Buxom Cosmetics is a cosmetic brand that offers cruelty-free and high-end makeup products for women. The company features multiple cosmetic products on the site, from lip glosses to blushes, lipsticks, etc. Their company's mission is to enhance women's appearance and embrace their confidence. Through their product formulation, they are sure they are innovating and growing to become bigger and better to make customers feel more sexy and bold.

The company has recorded an impressive audience on its social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook page. Many people and celebs online have even endorsed the brand because of its maintained reputation. Consequently, they have been featured in famous media outlets like W. Magazine and Vogue. Going back into the cosmetic industry history,  in the early 20th century, multiple brands already offered these products.

Most of them were targeted to enhance a woman's appearance, but since limited companies focused on making a lady feel beautiful, this created a business avenue. Because of this, Buxom Cosmetics burst into the market to fill such a gap by presenting unique and different products to women. Hence, this brand was established in 2007 to help ladies enhance their sexier appearance with natural skin.

Buxom Cosmetics is thus here to create creativity in cosmetic products through natural ingredients to achieve the goals. Therefore, every product comes with a woman's self-confidence, but at its core, These products stimulate a lady's senses and amplify their natural appearance quickly. Buxom Cosmetics started with the Full-On-Plumping lip glosses as the first product and has developed to what it is today on the market.

The products ensured that women achieved their natural appearance of plumber lips while at home. The company is managed and run by Jill Scalamandre as the president. However, the brand's owner is Shiseido Americas Corporation, which owns other reputable cosmetic companies worldwide.

The company has its headquarters offices based in New York. They also claim their products are made locally in the USA, which means they are cruelty-free. Hence, that is more of the company history, and summing up, we also highlight the pros and cons to expect.

Buxom Cosmetics Pros:

Buxom Cosmetics Cons:

Why We Like Buxom Cosmetics

Buxom Cosmetics is a market leader when purchasing makeup products online. The collection ranges from the ideal balms to serums and glosses. Their iconic product is lipgloss, which also features numerous options. If you want to add color, signature plumbing effect, moisture, or shine, try these products, from their impressive full-on lip polish to the goddess lipstick.

You will also find the much-needed finishes and other makeup accessories. Their products are not just high quality, but also they are highly pigmented products to apply on lashes to the eyes and lips. And to help you save on time and hassle, we have gathered a few of the best sellers here for you.

The Best-Selling Buxom Cosmetics Products

As we have mentioned, Buxom Cosmetics features multiple products. Though we will base much on the lip gloss, we will also dive deep into other products ranking on the website. Their first product category is the gloss signature. In this collection, multiple options range from the wild to the red shade, giving you many options.

Besides non-sticky shine, their glosses also have a plumbing effect to enlarge your lips. These products still feature antioxidants as well as vitamins infused to gain durability and need smooth pucker. The extensive collection might give you a hard time making a choice, but we always got you covered.

Thus, the first best-selling lips product is Holographic Full-On Plumping Lip Gloss. As the name suggests, the lips are meant to help your lips look holographic due to the prismatic pearls. There is no need for a gritty glitter feel because, with these products, you are sorted with the sheen as an impressive coat. Peptide and hyaluronic acid are the main ingredients that help you gain a fuller natural look through boosting, while vitamin A gives you that smooth and soft feel with guaranteed durable moisture on the lips. You can select from 7 available shades, from blue to purple.

The second lip product here is Full-On Plumping Lip Cream Gloss. Although the lip glows, it is luxurious to give you a luscious and soft appearance, even without a shimmer. They are also made with hyaluronic acid and a blend of the peptides for tingly and cool lips feelings. With thirsty lips, there is vitamin A for hydration. Your ideal drink inspires their shades, and through the collection, customers can select from the available shades. These are white Russian to other shades to give you a dramatic appearance.

There are so many lip products. Among the bestsellers is Babes on the Go Plumping Lip Gloss Set, and this gloss comes in a pair of two, which is always good. These dummy duo products are available in Sophia and Dominique, where Sophia helps attain that soft pink shimmer, and elsewhere, Dominique ensures there is a clear shimmer. Use these products to gain a natural appearance, then match them with your favorite lipstick and liner. They also have vitamins A & E for an extra ideal outcome.

We would also like to mention other best-selling lip products in this category. These include Pastel Dreams Full-On Plumping Lip Cream, a limited version with similar ingredients, though it features moisturizing vitamins. Next is  Babes Who Brunch Full-On Plumping Lip Cream, which contains brunch-themed cocktail shades and plumping glosses.

Though creamy, they are always shimmer-free but give you a glassy, smooth look. You can select from 4 vibrant shades. Lastly, we have Full Force Plumping Lipstick 90s Nudes that come in a bunch of 6 unique, natural-looking colors to highlight multiple skin tones based on your preferences.

With the above category, the list is long, but you can always refer to their website. The other unique products we found on the site are Buxom Cosmetics Lipstick. In short, the full-force plumbing lipstick sums up everything here. This is because the lipstick is smooth and creamy and comes with a durable shade as well as a satin finish. With teardrop, the application becomes simple, and because the lipstick is pigmented, one can quickly get that single stroke to make things look amazing. From their website, you can select from 16 shades.

The other product to keep in mind is Buxom Cosmetics Mascara. And when you are short of time, Lash Volumizing Mascara is an ideal choice. It has an ultra-black formulation aimed to help you lift, define, and lengthen the volumizing effects. They also guaranteed you the curl and definition.

Buxom Cosmetics Customizable Eyeshadow Palette is another popular option. This choice allows you to select your preferred eyeshadows from 40 Buxom and personalize your set. This set includes numerous finishes and shades; every palette features about 6 shades. This is an excellent move to help consolidate the makeup options.

Customer Review

In this Buxom Cosmetics review, we have seen the overwhelming collection of cosmetic products targeted to treat different conditions and highlight the general appearance. Customers also had much to say about this company and their experience shopping from the Buxom Cosmetics platform.

Though the official website does feature few testimonies from the customers, there are plenty of ratings and feedback on external sites. Full on Plumping Lip cream gloss on the website buxomcosmetics.com scores 4.8 stars obtained from the 639 reviews and customers are happy. Thus, the first external site is Sitejabber, and from the 5 reviews, this company scores a rating of 2.4 average. Some customers praised the impressive lipgloss, extensive collection, and the brand's commitment to serving the customers. A few concerns were also raised, but the support team responded effectively with a solution.

Heading to the MakeupAlley we also see that the company scores an awesome 4.2 stars, which based on the 371 products tested, 2321 reviews, and of the total 74% of the customer would repurchase from these guys. Among the feedbacks, we came across an amazing one which states:-

"A lovely blush. I wholeheartedly suggest it. The result of the application is perfect & pigmented. Enduring power is incredible. To be honest, I have nothing negative to say. Already ran out of Seychelles and had to reorder!"

We also evaluated the reviews on the Brands Reviews website, and the results are excellent. The author gives us a detailed description of the company, their best-selling products, and some of the reviews from loyal customers. Of the total, the company ticks 4 stars regarding 3 reviews. Amazon also presents a perfect review of 4.5 stars obtained after 11361 global ratings on the Buxom Full-on plumping lip polish, Vanessa. 77% of the customers gave it five-star ratings.

Sure, you will also get fantastic reviews from Girls Love Gloss, which evaluates the white Russian collection, on Reviewing This, the author bases the blog on the lip cream for the sexy pout, and the outcome marks all the 5-star ratings considering the aspects like the cost, extended wear, hydrates, plumps, and pigment. Then lastly, A Good Hue  also details the White Russian. The editor reviews her honest experience, and below the blog, there are many recommendations and testimonies to justify the verdict.

Actually, Buxom Cosmetics is an impressive brand with an extensive collection of beauty products. Many customers have praised these guys, and any negative feedback, the company has efficiently responded with a solution.

Where to Buy Buxom Cosmetics

There are countless places to purchase these Buxom Cosmetics. But to access a complete collection with lucrative deals, we recommend ordering from the official store buxomcosmetics.com.

They also have an in-store locator feature on the site to guide you in finding the nearest store based on your location. However, these Buxom Cosmetics products were available in multiple online retail stores. from the research, we have singled out the reputable ones, such as

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Is Buxom Cosmetics Worth It?

Buxom Cosmetics products have scored awesomely online, and most customers have praised these products for being effective. Therefore, we highly recommend this brand if you want to incorporate these products into your beauty routine. Buxom Cosmetics company is working hard to ensure women are confident even with their natural skin enhancement products.

They aim to help women feel badass and sexier and be their boss. Indeed, these products match the goal. The products are ranked for efficiency and how they look, work, and feel. Multiple cheerful customer reviews online raving about the collection range from the lengthening mascara to the plumping glosses. These alone are the cult favorites on the market.

Though some customers highlighted a few negative reviews, considering the pricing, multiple lucrative deals, favorable shipping, and return policy, we are delighted to conclude that Buxom Cosmetics is worth the investment. This is a no-brainer brand to add to your beauty routine.

Buxom Cosmetics Discounts

Through this Buxom Cosmetics review, we also wanted to seek whether the company is giving customers ways to save on their budget. Indeed, the research indicates that the company has multiple lucrative deals and discounts on its website. You can get the friends and family  20% off, which comes with free shipping, and you do not need the promo code to unlock this offer. Also, the products come with one free sample on every purchase from the official website.

If you are a new customer and sign up for the newsletters or account, you qualify for 15% off on the first order with access to other impressive deals, updates, and giveaways. And when your order is added to the $50 and above, you can enjoy 250% off sitewide on the plumping lip cream.

There are also other deals to enjoy from the store. Some special offers are free standard shipping for US-based customers who place orders of $35 and above. Keep checking for more deals and updates.

Buxom Cosmetics Contact

So far, if you still have a pending query about the Buxom Cosmetics brand, you can address it to their support team. Our review might not be sufficient to answer all your expectations, but we are giving you alternative methods to get complete information. Therefore, Buxom Cosmetics has highlighted several methods to contact their technical team. First of all, you can give them a call at 1-844-383-3463. Equally, you can decide to write them an email and send it to the address customerservice@buxomcosmetics.com.

However, these guys are only available from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The Buxom Cosmetics support team is also active on their social media platforms. Thus, you can follow them on Instagram, Facebook page, or X(Twitter), then interact and engage as much as possible.


Q. Who is the founder of Buxom Cosmetics Company?

From the above information, the review does not give us a detailed name of the founder. However, at the moment, this company is owned by Shiseido American Corporation. In this case, the president of the firm is Jill Scalamandre.

Q. Where are Buxom Cosmetics products made from?

The article clarifies that the company manufactures its products locally in the US but doesn't know the exact location.

Q. Are Buxom Cosmetics products vegan and cruelty-free?

Since the company doesn't test on animals, their products are exclusively cruelty-free. However, the information also adds that these products are not vegan. Though most of the products are vegan, few contain ingredients derived from animals like beeswax.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Buxom Cosmetics brand?

Currently, the brand only offers local shipping to customers based in the USA. Therefore, most deliveries use FedEx, USPS, and FedEx SmartPost. Once you place your order, the company claims to take at least 2 to 2 working days to process and dispatch. Therefore, among the shipping charges is standard shipping, which takes 3 to 10 working days to deliver but only when your order fails to total $35.

Orders above $35 are shipped for free through standard shipping. A 2-day shipping option costs $11, but delivery takes 2 to 3 working days. Lastly, overnight shipping costs customers $22, and orders arrive within 1 to 2 working days. You can refer to their website for more information about shipping policy.

Q. Does Buxom Cosmetics brand offer a friendly return policy?

As long as you have purchased from the official store, you have a return window of 30 days from the date of purchase to initiate a return when you get issues with your order. However, though the company refunds you, it deducts the return shipping charges. Initiating a return policy on the Buxom Cosmetics website is simple. Thus, you must have a convincing reason for return and attach it at the front of the packaging slip, then return with the prepaid return label featured in the package.


Buxom Cosmetics offers high-quality cosmetic products to customers based in the US and worldwide through approved online retailers. Most customers have praised the brand for their highly effective products. The company has built a strong reputation through its extensive product collection, promoting impressive influence and enhancing customer appearance. From the comap[ny overview to the bestsellers and testimonies, Buxom Cosmetics is worth the investment.

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