City Beauty Review: Does It Really Fit Your Skin?

Ashley F. Bibbs

Is City Beauty a good anti-aging skin care product with high-end cosmetics for dry skin, thin lips, and sparse lashes? Know more about City Beauty in this article now!

Many people are struggling with beauty concerns every day. They just want to remain as beautiful as they want to be even as they age. Nevertheless, they get even more concerned about keeping up their young appearance by purchasing quality beauty products. It is never an easy task to maintain looks while your body goes through changes as a result of age, stress, and many other factors that can hinder beauty.

City Beauty offers a range of beauty products that can help maintain and enhance your beauty without causing a health risk. If you have been in the search for a better beauty product but you don’t know how to go about it or you don’t know the main things that make up a good one, then you should continue reading this review on City Beauty. This review aims to help you know if it is worth it or not.

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City Beauty Review

City Beauty is a company that produces cruelty-free, high-end cosmetics that resolve anti-aging beauty issues such as sparse lashes, thin lips, and dry skin. They have products like lip care, body care, eye care, and facial products. This company was founded in the year 2002 by Victoria Renee. At that time she was just looking for a solution to make her lips plump.

Fortunately, this brand has experienced growth and development by expanding into other aspects of beauty solutions such as body, face, and eyes. Our review on City Beauty gives you all the information on the brand’s best selling products, I will also give insight about what customers think about this brand, the pros, and cons, with this key information, you will be able to know if this brand is worth the praise they receive.

City Beauty Pros

City Beauty Cons

Why We Like City Beauty Products

City Lips

This city lip gloss is not the regular ones you know. Unlike the usual ones, you will notice a tingling feeling when you apply the gloss. Then after a few minutes of application, you will notice a plumping effect. This is a plumping lip gloss, but I will advise you not to expect a rapid change all of a sudden.

The great thing about this product is that it does not only improves the looks of your lips, but it also has ingredients in the formula that helps to provide long-term benefits such as oligopeptides and hyaluronic. This product also helps your lips stay hydrated while smoothing the wrinkles and lines.

Sculpting Cream

This is another best seller product of City Beauty. It is a lightweight cream. This silk cream helps the skin stay firmer, more lifted, and tighter by nourishing it with the necessary things that give skin a springy, taunt feel. The peptides in this product are referred to as the essential building blocks. They contain some amount of protein like elastin and collagen. These are important components of your skin that keep it youthful and firm.

Intensive Night Serum

If you are concerned about aging, then this product is best for you. A night serum is a very important step in any skincare routine that involves anti-aging. If you have dry skin or thinning skin and you want to improve the appearance of your skin wrinkles and lines, then this night serum product will be an addition to your daily routine to achieve this quickly.

Invisicrepe Body Balm

If you have been having issues with dry skin all over your body, then this product is for you. The formula offers the hydration of your body fully and supports the barriers of your skin. It is beneficial for your skin as it produces elastin and collagen to help plump the wrinkles and saggy body parts.

Customer Reviews

The reviews found on the company website are just positive all through. I’m not too certain why I could not find any negative reviews there. This is why I made a review on another reliable review website. This is to make sure I capture everything about the brand. I aim to give you insight into the things customers are saying about this brand and its products. On my search, Trust pilot came out as my top list. The average star rating was 4.3 at the time of the review.

There are positive and negative comments to make you understand the brand of the products. It feels good to use, you'll be fascinated by its subtle fragrance, and it really helps with wrinkles.    But some hold opposing views and feel that it has no effect. Everyone's skin condition is different. It may not be ideal for some sensitive users, but I will continue to use it.

Where to Buy City Beauty Products

If you want this brand's product to enjoy their promotions and discounts you can do it on their company website. However, you can still buy from other places

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Is Buying City Beauty Product Worth it?

Based on the information gathered in this review, I think the brand is worth the trial. The skincare and make-up products are satisfactory. Over the years, City Beauty has successfully won the hearts of so many women who are customers into appreciating their products. The positive effects can be seen in the customer's testimonies.

True, they target women who are advanced in age because at this age range they are easily affected by skin issues such as wrinkles and skin dryness. No other beauty company caters to the needs of these older women. Their products are cruelty-free. The older users are confident when they use these creams and lotion because they know the brand made it specifically for people around their age. The brands won different awards that made them stand out. With this, I can boldly recommend this brand.

City Beauty Discounts

There are benefits you can enjoy when you buy on the company website, some of them are

City Beauty Contact

If you have questions or complaints, you can reach them through the following


1. When will I receive my order?

They are currently experiencing shipping delays due to covid-19. but your order should be processed and shipped between 2-7 days.

2. What is the shipping policy in City Beauty?

This company offers free shipping for items worth $50 and above for US customers only. Ordering below this amount has a $5 flat rate as a shipping fee

3. Who is the owner of City Beauty?

The company is owned by Victoria Renee, she founded the brand in 2002. they make their products in the US

4. How can I return an item?

The company has a 60-day money-back warranty. However, the days are counted from when your order is shipped.


Beauty starts from confidence. City Beauty has been able to build the confidence of older women who are vulnerable to skin concern through their quality products. You can explore this brand. This review will help you make your decision.    

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