Amazon Termination Policy (What Should You Know)

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As one of the largest online retailers in the world, Amazon has a lot of power when it comes to setting standards for other businesses. Amazon is known to be the best place to work in America. Employees need to know their rights when it comes to termination. As a company, Amazon has a policy outlining the conditions and procedures for an employee's termination. Here's a good overview of their termination policy.

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What Is the Amazon Termination Policy?

Amazon's termination policy is designed to protect both the company and its employees. Amazon has a strict no-layoff policy, which means it will not terminate any employee without a good reason.

However, some reasons can be considered valid reasons for termination. The termination policy follows the amazon point system. If employees get 6 or more points, they are set to be fired. The points are counted for different reasons, such as lateness, taking time off without approval, and leaving work before the shift ends.

How Many Points Result from Termination at Amazon?

If an Amazon employee receives six or more points within twelve months, they will be automatically terminated. Points are accrued for things like attendance and performance issues.

Although the 6 points are not the standard termination points, some employees had more than 6 points and still held their job. Employment termination at amazon depends on how lenient the hiring manager is to the employees. Your misconduct can lead to being fired as division managers may overlook some misconducts.

Can You Get Rehired after Termination by Amazon?

If Amazon terminates you, you may be able to get rehired after a certain period if you meet the eligibility requirements. The period to be rehired depends on the reason you were fired. Some employees can wait for as long as one year, while others only wait for 90 days. To be eligible for rehire, you must:

You can submit a written request to HR for consideration if you meet these requirements. Your request will be reviewed, and you can reapply for open positions if approved.

What Can Amazon Lead to Amazon Employees Get Fired?

Amazon has a termination policy that can lead to employees getting fired. The policy is in place to protect the company's interests and to ensure that employees are held accountable for their actions. Under the policy, employees can be terminated for any reason, including but not limited to:

If you are an Amazon employee, you must be familiar with the termination policy and understand what can lead to your firing. Violating company policies, failing to meet job performance expectations, and exhibiting unprofessional behavior are all grounds for termination under the policy.

If you are unsure whether your behavior could result in termination, it is best to err on the side of caution and avoid doing anything that could put your job at risk.

Does Amazon Offer a Severance Package to Terminated Employees?

Employees who are terminated from Amazon may be eligible for a severance package. The severance package amount will depend on the length of time the employee worked at Amazon and their position. Amazon's human resources department determines eligibility for a severance package.

When an Amazon employee is terminated, they are typically given a $5,000 severance package with the condition that they cannot apply for any job at amazon in the future. Therefore, if you wish to work at amazon again in the future, you shouldn’t accept the severance package. Employees who will work in another company take the severance package.

Does Amazon Offer an Alternative to Being Fired?

If you are an Amazon employee facing termination, you may wonder if there is an alternative to being fired. The answer is yes – Amazon does offer an alternative to being fired, known as the pivot course. The pivot course is a two-month performance and ethics training. You’re expected to work on probation terms until you finish the course, then your resume work.

It is a reasonable alternative for someone who wishes to keep working at amazon. The pivot course is not an easy way out – it is the last chance to prove that you can be a productive and contributing member of the Amazon team. If you are facing termination, take some time to review the pivot course terms carefully before making a decision. It may be your last chance to keep your job at Amazon.

Does Amazon Hire to Fire Employees?

Amazon has been criticized for its "hire to fire" employee termination policy. The policy, also known as the "performance-based management" system, has led to high turnover rates and a culture of fear among employees. Critics say that the policy incentivizes managers to terminate underperforming employees. The managers hire unqualified employees so that they fire them within some time to meet their yearly quota.

It leads to a situation where most employees are constantly worried about being fired, making it difficult for them to do their jobs well. Amazon defended the policy, saying that it helps them keep their workforce agile and respond to changing customer demands.

They also argue that it gives employees performing well a clear path to advancement. Therefore, if you’re not ready to be hired and fired, you should consider withdrawing your application before becoming a victim.


Amazon's termination policy protects the company from liability if an employee is terminated for cause. The policy requires that employees be given written notice of the reasons for their termination and that they be allowed to appeal the decision. If an employee is found to have been terminated for cause, they are eligible for severance pay or other benefits.

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