Amazon Marketplace Return Policy (Things You Should Know!)

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You can always return the items you purchased from Amazon for whatever reason within 30 days. The question is, however, whether or not Amazon always accepts returns. Here is everything you should know about the Amazon Marketplace return policy.

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What is the Amazon Marketplace Return Policy?

Amazon sellers are expected to review and respond to return requests within two days or risk facing disciplinary action from Amazon. However, clients should ensure the item is still in its original packaging and that they have not used it for Amazon to accept the return request.

Keep reading about Amazon marketplace returns, what to do after receiving notice of an A-Z Guarantee Claim, what Amazon sellers do with the returned goods, and more.

What Is the Process for A Seller On Amazon's Marketplace to Accept Returns?

As soon as a seller on Amazon Marketplace gets a return request, they should evaluate it to verify that the item meets the return requirements. If a client wants to return an item they bought from the marketplace, the vendor must allow it as long as the buyer has not used the product and the item is still in its original condition and packing.

The seller is responsible for authorizing returns and refunding the buyer within two days of receiving the returned item. If the seller does not accept the return within this time limit, the customer may make an A-Z Guarantee claim, at which point Amazon will be responsible for issuing the refund.

Unfortunately, the A-Z Guarantee claim may cause sellers to incur consequences from Amazon, including suspension or termination of their account. Therefore, it is advised that Marketplace vendors honor returns for items still in their original condition and packaging as soon as possible.

How Does One Respond to A Notice of An A-Z Guarantee Claim?

If Amazon needs more information from you to complete an investigation of a claim, they will send you an email to which you must reply within three business days or else. If you don't respond to the claim notice within three business days, Amazon will approve the claim and deduct the money from your account. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to respond to the claim notification.

Step 1: Select A-Z Guarantee Claims from the Performance menu.

Step 2: Find the relevant claim under the "Action required" heading and choose "Respond to Amazon."

Step 3: Leave a remark and include any relevant information that may assist Amazon in understanding your claim in the space provided and submit.

Does Amazon Accept All Returns And Refunds Always?

If a customer has an invalid justification for wanting to return an item, a seller on Amazon is not required to comply with their request to accept the return in any way. Amazon will not accept returns on Items that have been used to the point where they show signs of wear and those removed from their original packaging for use.

Do Amazon Sellers Provide Warranties?

Amazon does not oblige its vendors to provide customers with warranties for items they sell, except for electronics and oversized furniture. If you want to guarantee your products, ensure you have permission to do so by sending an application email to

Once approved, provide warranty details on your product sites. Provide as much information as possible to increase customer satisfaction and state what is not covered by the guarantee.

How Can One Avoid Amazon Return Scammers?

Some vendors film or snap images of themselves while holding valuable goods before placing them at the door to deter customers with malicious intent. You can use this as proof that you did the delivery if the customer says they did not receive their order.

Although these precautions aren't 100% foolproof and add more effort to your already full plate, they are necessary because they may reduce your losses and help you maintain your good reputation if a customer attempts to rip you off.

What Do Amazon Sellers Do with the Returned Goods?

Many customers have shown an interest in purchasing goods from companies that uphold environmentally responsible principles by reducing the garbage they produce. In this case, FBA Grade and Resell, FBA Liquidations, and FBA Donations are Amazon's environmentally friendly enterprises that deal with their returned goods.

Amazon will use FBA Grade and Resell to decide if the item returned is in an acceptable condition for resale as "used," but it's up to the seller to set the price and run the ads. On the other hand, FBA liquidations will help sellers to ship the returned goods to Amazon's wholesale liquidation partners. So, even if Amazon may determine that your returned product is not sellable, you may still get to recover some of your costs.

Can Vendors on the Amazon Marketplace Offer Returns and Exchanges?

Products sold by Amazon Marketplace vendors are not eligible for a refund or exchange. Hence, if a consumer is unhappy with their purchase, they must send it back, get their money back, and buy something else. Although Clients may try contacting a Marketplace seller directly to request an exchange, the seller cannot honor such a request as there is no exchange option on the Order Page.

In the Event of A Return, Do Amazon Marketplace Sellers Get Compensation?

Usually, Amazon will reimburse Marketplace sellers who complete a return and refund for a consumer. However, the administrative charge is not included in this reimbursement. When a client returns an item to Amazon, the company will only keep $5. You may use the reference guide Amazon provides on the Marketplace Seller page to determine how much money you expect as your refund for a return.


Sellers on the Amazon Marketplace must honor Amazon's standard return policy, which allows buyers 30 days to return anything for any reason. But, they are not obligated to accept returns from consumers who provide an invalid reason for wanting to send an item back.

The returned goods are then sold to FBA Grade, Resell FBA Liquidations, and FBA Donations, although it’s your duty as the seller to set a price and run the ads. Also, for any returned item, amazon will compensate you but withhold at least  $5.

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