Amazon Background Check Policy: A Complete Guide!

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It is typical for a new job applicant to undergo a background check in many organizations. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Amazon’s hiring process and background check policy.

It is typical for a new job applicant to undergo a background check in many organizations. Some of the reasons that HR departments conduct background checks are: to avoid harm or legal liability, to maximize productivity, and most importantly, to ensure that the right applicant is the one that gets the job.

When Jeff Bezos started Amazon in 1994, Amazon was just an online book store. In 2022, Amazon has come a long way and is currently the world’s largest online retailer. As of 2022, Amazon has up to 1.6 million employees, making it the second-largest employer in the U.S. Given a large number of employees at Amazon, it is apparent that it depends on skilled and unskilled labor, and the employees are spread over many departments. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Amazon’s hiring process and background check policy.

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What Is Amazon’s Background Check Policy?

Like many large organizations, Amazon conducts a background check on job applicants. To qualify for the applied position at Amazon, you must pass all the background checks. Amazon’s background check policy entails checking for criminal records such as misdemeanors and felonies up to seven years from when the background check is conducted.

The background check usually takes place after the interview. If your background check reveals a past conviction, Amazon may choose to hire or reject you, as it treats every case differently.

How Does Amazon Job Application And Interview Process Work?

Given the large scale of operation and the high number of employees at Amazon, Amazon has a process to be followed by all applicants. The first thing you have to do if you are looking for a job at Amazon is to visit You can browse for the different available positions at the site and filter them based on location.

After finding the job you want to apply for, create an account and fill in the required information. After you have filled out the form, make sure that you have attached your resume and other work samples depending on the position that you wish to fill.

On completion, Amazon should reach out to you in a few working days with an update on your application. So you must keep checking your email for any updates. Depending on the role you are applying for, you may be required to complete an online assessment test. The test is often short and takes only 20-30 minutes. Amazon uses the quiz to test your competence, expertise, and problem-solving skills.

Depending on the job you filled, you may or may not need to get on a phone meeting with the hiring manager. The phone meeting is mainly aimed at testing your training and expertise. If you pass this phase, the hiring manager will schedule a one-to-one interview to discuss your position in detail.

Amazon has strict regulations when it comes to drugs. Amazon will conduct a drug test to check if you are intoxicated. If the drug test results return positive, Amazon will not give you the job. Amazon will give you a conditional job offer, requiring you to pass all the background checks if you have successfully passed all the previous phases.

What Background Checks Does Amazon Conduct?

Amazon uses professional services such as Accurate Background to get public information about you for the background check. A complete background check that goes back seven years is required during the hiring process. Convictions, felonies, and misdemeanors may be unveiled during this background check. An important thing to note is that Amazon hires people with a criminal background.

Nevertheless, Amazon clarifies that it treats each case individually depending on the applicant and the crimes committed. Amazon will also check your former employers for the past seven years. Amazon may also take into consideration the reason for terminating your former employment.

Amazon will give you the final decision once the background check is complete within several business days. Amazon has to notify disqualified candidates under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) guidelines if the background check was the cause of the disqualification. The FCRA states that no company is allowed by law to go over seven years in a person's history when conducting a background check.

Therefore, if you have a criminal record that is more than seven years old, Amazon can not use it to disqualify you. However, different states have laws that allow for even a shorter period. If you have a past criminal record, you should check with your state laws to know how to back Amazon can go when conducting the background check.

How Long Do Amazon Background Checks Last?

The background check results should be available in a couple of business days. You should keep checking your email for any updates. If, however, it takes more than two weeks to get any update, you should contact Amazon.

Does Amazon Conduct Reference Checks During The Hiring Process?

Amazon conducts reference checks, especially for senior roles which require two or more reference checks. The HRor hiring manager is responsible for leading the reference checks. The reference checks take place over the phone and take anywhere from 15 - 20 minutes. Amazon uses reference checks to verify the information you have provided on your CV. Amazon will only look at your previous employer in most cases. In other cases, a former peer may be required.

It is normal to be anxious about the references, but there should be nothing to worry about if you left your former job on good terms with your former employer or left a good impression. Amazon focuses more on drug tests, interviews, and background checks for hourly jobs that do not require a resume.

Does Amazon Hire Felons?

Yes, although Amazon emphasizes that it treats every case differently. Depending on your location, the position you have applied for, and the severity of the felony you have committed, Amazon may choose to give you the job or not. It is also common for felons to get temporally jobs and later be promoted to permanent jobs if they show they have the skills.

Does Amazon Require A Drug Test?

Yes, Amazon requires job applicants to undergo a drug test. The test begins with collecting saliva samples using a mouth swab. The samples are then taken to a lab to test commonly used drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine, and cannabis. A positive drug test could significantly hurt your chances of getting employed. It is also important to note that having a negative result is not enough to get continued employment at Amazon.

Amazon requires all its employees to undergo an annual medical assessment. During the assessment, drug tests are also carried out, and you have to have a negative test each year to maintain your employment at Amazon.

Information Verified During Amazon Background Checks

While conducting the background checks, Amazon will check and verify information about you. The following are some of the details that Amazon will check.  

As mentioned earlier, Amazon will look into your past criminal records that go back not more than seven years. Depending on your case and the severity of your felony, Amazon may choose to hire you or not.

Amazon will also check your references and contact them if necessary. The main reason for the references is to ensure that your information is correct and accurate.

Amazon will also check the past schools you attended; these include your past colleges and universities.

Depending on your job application and especially for senior-level jobs, your work experience will come in handy.

Amazon will use your past credit and financial information to see if you are responsible or not. An accountable employee would contribute more to the success of Amazon as a company.

Due to Amazon's strict drug policy, all employees must undergo a drug test. Those whose results turn out positive have a very slim chance of employment.

How Does Amazon’s Job Hiring Process Work?

The following are the steps you will have to follow to get hired at Amazon.

1. Make an Application The first step is to fill out the online application form and attach any necessary files, such as the resume and work samples if they are required.

2. Take An Online Test After you are done with the online application, you will be required to take an online test to be tested on your expertise and problem-solving skills.

3. Phone Interview If you pass the online test, the hiring manager will arrange a phone meeting with you where your training and expertise will be tested.

4. One-On-One Interview The hiring manager will explain our job positions in detail during the one-on-one meeting. You will also have to agree to a background check. You will also have to take a drug test at the end of the interview.

5. Drug Test Amazon will take saliva samples from your mouth using a mouth swab. The samples are taken to the lab and tested for common drugs such as cannabis and cocaine.

6. Hiring Phase If you have passed the background check and the drug test and Amazon sees you as a great fit, Amazon will contact you and give you the job you applied for.


As of 2022, every Amazon job applicant must undergo a background check and a drug test. In most states, the law only allows companies to go back a maximum of seven years when conducting a background check. Therefore, it would be against the law if Amazon disqualified your application based on a past activity that happened over seven years ago.

While conducting the background check, Amazon looks at your criminal record, past employment, schools you attended, and credit and financial history. It is important to note that Amazon hires felons but treats every case differently based on the type of felony and its severity. Amazon does, however, have a stricter policy when it comes to drugs. Applicants with a positive drug test have very slim chances of getting employed.

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