A Complete Guide to Amazon Rehire Policy in 2022

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Are you a former Amazon employee? Whether you were laid off, quit, or have been away from your job for more than three years, this guide will help you understand the complete Amazon Rehire Policy. We'll walk you through all the essential information about how it works and what you need to do.

Amazon's Rehire Policy is one of the most critical HR policies that a company can have. It determines when and how Amazon can rehire employees after leaving the company.

The policy is not just for former employees but also for people on leave. The policy covers temporary employment, part-time employment, seasonal employment, contract employment, and full-time employment.

Employees need to know what happens when they leave Amazon and want to return. They need to know if there's any chance of getting hired again by Amazon or other companies within the same group of Amazon-owned companies like Whole Foods Market. We'll walk you through everything you need to know about Amazon's rehiring policy.

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What is Amazon Rehire Policy in 2022?

If you are an Amazon employee who has recently resigned from the company, you may be eligible to reapply for a new position.

The Amazon Rehire Policy in 2022 is similar to other major companies' policies. Staff members who resigned from the company are generally welcome to reapply if they don't have any write-ups or misconduct in their employment history. Still, Amazon's terminated staff members may not always be allowed to reapply.

One notable difference is that if you were given severance pay upon termination at Amazon, it could disqualify you from reapplying under a Rehire Policy.

Can Employees Who Quit Without Notice Be Rehired at Amazon?

If you're an employee of Amazon and you plan on quitting without giving formal notice, you may want to think twice. According to its policies, employees who leave without giving their manager notice can't be rehired. This policy applies even if the employee quits for a good reason and wants to return.

When employees quit without notice, management is within their rights to ask for a penalty fee from them—typically between two weeks and one month's worth of pay. The resignation will go on record as a negative point against your name in future applications, which could prevent you from getting hired elsewhere within Amazon or other companies using its recruitment software.

Does Amazon Rehire Fired Employees?

Yes, Amazon does rehire former employees, but it depends on their termination circumstances. If an employee was fired from Amazon but wishes to return to the company, they're being allowed to reapply will largely depend on their employment history with Amazon.

Amazon has a rule for its staff: they can reapply one year after being terminated from their position. However, this rule is not universal—it will depend on why they were fired. For example, if Amazon terminates an employee for theft or sexual harassment, it's unlikely that they'll be offered a second chance at employment with Amazon. Former Amazon employees who were released and wished to return to Amazon are recommended to consider the likelihood of their being accepted back into the company before applying.

Reasons that Can Cause Amazon Employee to Be Fired

Amazon has a set of rules that all employees must follow. These rules are in place to ensure that Amazon runs as smoothly as possible and that its employees are safe. If you break one of these rules, you can be fired from your job at Amazon.

Here are some examples:

Does Amazon Rehire Employees Who Took Severance Pay?

If Amazon terminates an employee, the company will typically offer that person a choice: either accept a direct firing with severance pay or go through a performance improvement course for their work ethics. However, if the employee chooses the severance package, they are permanently cutting ties with Amazon and cannot attempt to reapply. It's important to note that if customers were fired and not offered severance, they might be allowed to reapply depending on the circumstances of work termination.

How Long Do Former Employees Have to Wait Before Reapplying at Amazon?

A former Amazon employee will have to wait somewhere between 90 and 365 days before they can reapply to work at the company, depending on the reason for their termination.

If you were fired from your job at Amazon, you'd need to wait at least one year before reapplying.

If you left of your own accord, that's another matter entirely. It will largely depend on whether or not there were any infractions on your record. If there are no infractions, then the standard waiting time is 90 days; if there are infractions, it could take up to one year for you to apply. In either case, it's good to reach out to the facility where you worked to clarify the exact waiting time for reapplying.

Do all Amazon Facilities Have the Same Rehire Policy?

Not all Amazon facilities follow the rehire policy to the exact specifications regarding rehiring times. Some Amazon facilities are less or slightly more strict regarding their rehire policies, depending on individual managers.

For example, employees can reapply for a job in some facilities after seven months have passed since that company last employed them. In other facilities, this period is shorter or longer. The specific number of days an employee must wait before applying again will vary by location and management preference.

Are Insubordinate Employees Always Fired Immediately at Amazon?

Employees who are in the process of being terminated are often given a choice before they are officially fired. Employees can choose to take the performance improvement course, or they can choose to terminate with severance pay. Amazon does not immediately fire its staff members, depending on the circumstances of termination.

Bottom line

In conclusion, Amazon's rehire policy is simple. If you've been away from your job for 90 days, you're eligible to be rehired. If you have resigned from your position, you can come back with no problem. However, if you quit work without notice and want to return to Amazon, it will be difficult for Amazon to take you back.  

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