Amazon Inclement Weather Policy (Things You Should Know)

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Inclement weather is not only disruptive but also makes it impossible to travel or get around. Traveling to work during severe weather conditions can be dangerous. You'll struggle through deep snows and storms and even endanger your life during these times. Therefore, before working for any company, including Amazon, you'll want to know whether it has an inclement weather policy to protect its employees.

Being one of the largest employers, Amazon has various policies that ensure the safety and well-being of its employees. Understanding the Amazon inclement weather policy helps you know what's expected of you when bad weather strikes. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Amazon's inclement weather policy.

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What is the Amazon Inclement Weather Policy?

Amazon's Inclement Weather Policy requires that Amazon fulfillment centers should closely monitor weather conditions and may close their facilities if the weather conditions are considered dangerous. In cases where the conditions are worse for some employees, Amazon requires them to notify HR immediately, and they will have to use their UPT, which will later be returned.

Keep reading this article to learn more about Amazon's Inclement Weather Policy.

Does Amazon Follow Its Inclement Weather Policy?

Despite this policy, some Amazon staff members and multiple sources claim that Amazon fails to follow its Inclement Weather Policy, especially when closing its facilities during severe weather.

In some cases, like during Hurricane Ida, Amazon employees were required to report to work despite bad weather conditions.

However, Amazon upholds its Inclement Weather Policy by allowing employees to call in during dangerous travel conditions. Therefore, you can inform HR that you feel unsafe when heavy snow, ice, or other severe weather events occur.

It is also important to note that Amazon has had several closures due to inclement weather. Therefore, Amazon sometimes follows its Inclement Weather Policy while sometimes puts profits over its employees.

Does Amazon Deliver in Snow?

Yes, Amazon can deliver your package in the snow. Amazon delivery couriers can deliver packages in all kinds of weather except during severe weather. They will be required to protect your package from damage and theft. However, Amazon does not deliver packages during adverse weather conditions, including heavy snowstorms, which makes roads impassable.

Therefore, expect your package to be delayed by a few days. Amazon will make an announcement on its official website about the delays. If you're concerned about your package, you can contact Amazon customer service to check the status of your order.

Can Amazon Employees Refuse to Work in Bad Weather?

In light of accusations that Amazon fails to follow its Inclement Weather Policy, you may be wondering whether employees can refuse to work during these conditions. Well, Amazon employees in most states can refuse to work when adverse weather conditions put them at risk.

When an Amazon worker cannot arrive safely to work due to inclement weather, they can call HR and use their UPT (Unpaid Time Off) to account for their missed time. Since Amazon will later refund the employee their UPT, you'll not lose any eligible time off due to bad weather conditions.

Alternatively, when you miss work due to adverse weather conditions, you can choose PTO (Paid Time Off). This helps you protect yourself from losing a whole day's worth of wages. However, keep in mind that Amazon will not refund you.

The good news is that most states give you the freedom to choose not to work during inclement weather conditions. However, in some states like Arkansas, employers, including Amazon, are allowed to dismiss their employees for any reason, including failing to work during adverse weather conditions.

Before refusing to go to work, you should first familiarize yourself with the local labor laws to avoid risking losing your job.

Do Amazon Employees Have to Schedule Time Off in Inclement Weather

If you're affected by inclement weather conditions but your fulfillment center is not, you must call in to inform HR that you cannot get to work due to adverse weather conditions. The HR staff will be needed to correctly record your call-in and book off either UPT or PTO, which account for your absence.

However, only UPT is refunded to staff members who booked off the time, preventing them from losing their earned time off hours.

Can Amazon Fire Employees for Being Absent from Work due to Inclement Weather?

Whether you can be fired depends on the state where an Amazon employee works.

Arkansas is one of those states where an employer can choose to call in their employees even in bad weather conditions. They will decide whether the weather conditions are unsafe to travel or drive in. Therefore, if you work in these states, the manager has the right to terminate your employment for failing to appear at work.

That's why it is essential to check your local laws regarding staff termination and contact Amazon about your concerns. You should also keep in mind that refusing to work may jeopardize your position at Amazon, depending on the supervisor you work under.

Is Amazon a Safe Workplace in Adverse Weather Conditions?

Unfortunately, this depends on the Amazon fulfillment center you work in. Some Amazon centers stay open in the face of severe weather conditions like storms and floods, while others have been forced to close. Therefore, in some cases, you'll be required to arrive at work even when the weather conditions are unfavorable.

Therefore, potential employees should consider reading the reviews of their fulfillment centers to know whether they should be concerned about working under inclement weather conditions.


While severe weather is unpredictable, Amazon's Inclement Weather Policy ensures that Amazon monitors the local weather conditions and shuts down its fulfillment centers if necessary. If employees can't make it to work due to bad weather, they can call HR and use their UPT or PTO to cover their shifts.

Given how Amazon operates, it's less likely that Amazon will close its centers unless the weather conditions are extremely dangerous. However, it does not mean that employees must report to work. They can refuse to work if inclement weather conditions prevent them from going to work. However, it would help if you were careful to avoid the risk of losing your job

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