ADAY Clothing Review: A Sustainable Brand that You Can Trust!

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Are you wondering if the ADAY clothing brand company is the reliable choice to consider while changing your wardrobe staples with high-performing activewear? Please find out more in our honest reviews and know the product ratings from different websites.

In the ongoing series of brand reviews, we have picked multiple companies promising different clothing designs to customers. To help you get the right clothing option, we have given you numerous brands to select from.

This means you must consider the product rating before buying an item from a particular brand. This article will cover the unique spotlight activewear startup brand on the market. This is ADAY clothing that promises you high-performance wardrobe options for women—wondering if they offer men's clothing as well? Please find out more in our article.

Aday has recently introduced the throw and Roll Leggings to the market and is now testing if the hype is incredible. And before we go into the details, let us begin with the brand history and what they offer customers in the next section.

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ADAY Clothing Review

ADAY is a fashion design or clothing firm whose founders are Meg and Nina Faulhaber that only possed very limited clues on the fashion industry. However, these two dues were very active members in the yoga and gym. They go the inspiration top com, up with the company form idea of designing durable garments that are suitable to put on while working out at the gym.

But, they had a robust goal to establish simple clothing, severable styled outfits, and still sustainable, then founded an ADAY Clothing company in 2015. The company has headquartered in Soho, NY. But the firm is working with numerous engineers worldwide to design premium fabric blends. They capitalize on world-class designing techniques so that the end products ahs long-term wear. Then they designed a wardrobe that customers can put on for any occasion worldwide.

Going back to sustainability, the duos also ensure they achieve the company mission by utilizing the environmentally friendly design procedure. For slow fashion, ADAY clothing is one of the front runners with minimal eco-friendly trends. They aim to change how customers shop and believe that when you get versatile clothing, you can also purchase other things. With this eco-friendly approach at its heart, the company ensures that it designs garments that you can put on sustainable clothing that are seasonless.

When you go to the social media platforms, you will see how reputable the company is. Still, it has also been featured in robust magazines like Maries Clare, Forbes, Glossy, and Huffington Post. Therefore, this review will take you through different perspectives about this company, including its promotions, customer reviews, how to contact them, and where to get their products. Stay tuned as we go through the pros and cons of the brand.

ADAY Clothing Pros:

ADAY Clothing Cons:

Why We Like ADAY Clothing

Numerous Slow Fashion Designs and Clothing

The company believes in slows fashion and keeps the brand simple. The designers also ensure they come up with minimal garments designs to include in your wardrobe. These ranges form sweaters, dresses, jackets, bras, pants, etc. All these are made using high-quality scuba materials, knit fabrics, and merino.

Multiple Premium Styles

ADAY clothing offers multiple selection options for premium designs. Some of the best premium offers on the market are the ADAY That' A Wrap Top. This features a lounge-Esque design excellent for casual occasions. It embodies the same effect as coziness. The bathrobe is not only stylish but also versatile, as well as universally Flatt. The oversize design allows customers to snap, warp and drape to obtain different styles. It is made using technical silk hence breathable, stretchy, and soft. It also has 3 colors, green, ever-stylish white wrap, and black.

ADAY suits You Blouse is another best-selling featuring blazers-like, which promises the clients breathability and flexibility. This is taken as the brand's love child and comes with a removable belt. It is found in white and black colors, but we recommend pairing this item with pants for longer outfits. Some other options include the Branch Out Top, available with seamless show-cases, and the flattering boat neckline that is perfect with the color bones. It is made to accentuate the silhouette.

The other bets selling includes the ADAY Made It T-shirt and  ADAY Let Loose  Shirt. Either of the options is perfect for your case.

Sustainable and Long-Lasting Brands

The company works on a vision to ensure that it operates in a sustainable environment. Therefore, they design clothes through eco-friendly methods. The founders also have long-lasting ideas in mind. Therefore, even though it might be expensive compared to other rivals online, the clothes are high quality and long-lasting for any occasion. The clothes are versatile, and customers can put them on in two different ways: unbelted or belted, which is a fit and flare look. They are made using fabrics hence lightweight and soft.

They source the materials and fabrics from people worldwide who understand the planet and that human beings come first. These guys believe in the capsule dressing power and outfit repeating. Their website clarifies that there is no need to sacrifice convenience and comfort for only elegance. Still, the brand is also petite-friendly.

Promotions and Shipping

Besides offering promotional services such as referral programs, the company also offers customers free shipping to the US and worldwide after meeting a certain threshold. This means they have international shipping and Klarna payment allows you to pay for clothing in installments. That is awesome. You can also access the discounted price items on their platform. kepe on chekcing fot mroe offers and promo codes as well. Do more with less budget.

Customer Review

The reviews will not be complete without browsing through the customer reviews. However, we are also saddened to state that ADAY clothing has a very limited number of external reviews. Therefore, you can accurately depict the brand's legitimacy based on the customer's point of view.

We will start with the brand website. The company has thousands of customer feedback on the platform. You will realize that the brand has 7524 five-star reviews. This indicates that the customers are satisfied with the brand and quality of the wardrobe they receive.

One of the happy customers praises the Dream Harder Tank stating: "Other than the fact that I have two of each color, I cannot say enough good things about this top. Great in the warmer months and warm under jackets in the cold season. Excellent fit and length."

There is also a Reddit thread review that insists on the fact that the brand only supplies women's wear. Regarding quality, durability, and value for your money, the author states that the brand is awesome, with many more.

Most people from the reviews such as Insider and Fast Company have praised the brand's versatility, flattering, and comfort, making it perfect for any outfit style. The reviews are glowing on these sites, but from their official website, the customers have never highlighted any negative part.

You can get all these on Trustpilot, which gives the brand an average rating of 3 stars after 11 reviews. Most customers have complained of the challenging process of getting money back and the poor quality where technical silk indicated thin or wonky collars.

Generally, when looking at durability, eco-friendly nature, and material quality, ADAY clothing is glowing based on customer reviews, though with a few drawbacks.

Where to Buy ADAY Clothing

You must have made up your mind and want to try the brand. Therefore, in that case, you can purchase ADAY clothing from the Thredup website. Still, they offer multiple collections of the items on their official website at For exclusive deals, visit on their online store and enjoy the collections at a discounted price.

Does ADAY Clothing sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found ADAY Clothing stores on Amazon.

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Is ADAY Clothing Worth It?

If you want not only stylish clothing but also simple and long-lasting for any occasion, then ADAY clothing si your clothing partner today. The company is worth it all as clothing fashion is concerned. The ADAY clothing you can also style based on the size, and we would recommend checking out this company. They offer a large collection of trendy items, which to an extent, some customers have underrated them.

Some of the clothes can easily be converted into closed staples and can never be outdated any time soon from the market. Again, it is w3esome to come across such a firm committed to ensuring that they only design trendy and long-lasting wear that follows the market's slow fashion strategy.

The company is transparent on its website and indicates its design method and labor practice. It is eco-friendly and has people in mind. You will feel valued purchasing a product from this brand as they are manufactured using sustainable materials sourced from multiple factories with the planet in mind.

However, when you go online, the brand only has very few external reviews, which you can use to couch the brand. Another thing is that the pricing is very expensive. But the good news is that when you can afford d the suitable brand, which is long-lasting and simple with closet staples, it is worth checking out the ADAY clothing today. They have all you need in your wardrobe.

ADAY Clothing Discounts

From our reviews, ADAY clothing brand has the best referral program on its website. When you refer a friend and make an order, they are entitled to $20 off when placing an order worth $100 or above. You will also receive the $20 from your end.

From their sales section; also the customers can get the items at a discounted price which varies from one item to the next. While writing this review, we never found any brand coupon codes.

But looking at it keenly, they have Klarna as an alternative payment method, enabling you to pay for the product in installments, which also sounds like a promotion.

Otherwise, you can sign up for the newsletter to get updated on the company's latest discou8nts, offers, and promotions.

ADAY Clothing Contact

To an extent, our review article might not have covered what you wanted, or rather you have issues that need to be addressed by professionals concerning ADAY clothing; for this case, you can reach out to the ADAY support team. The company has highlighted different means through which you can contact them.


1. What is ADAY’s Shipping Policy?

ADAY clothing provides free shipping for any order that totals $150 and above, but any order below the threshold is charged a flat rate of around $6. The main carrier is the DHL ex[endited Max, which, from their data, takes roughly 4 to five business days to deliver your wardrobe order from the ADAY brand.

For international customers, the company charges $15 for shipping when you make an order below $150. They use DHL Air Express to ship the order, and it can take fro0m 3 to 8 business days to receive it. You are entitled to get the tracking code through the confirmation email.

2. What is ADAY’s Return Policy?

The brand states that you have 3o days to exchange or return the order to the company. The minimal requirement is that the clothes be unwashed and still in the new condition to be eligible. The return or exchange to the credit store is exclusively free.

However, international orders are charged for the return, which is aped out on the checkout. You can initiate the process by simply visiting the brand website.

3. What sizes does ADAY have?

From our reviews and research online, we are proud to highlight that ADAY provides customers with a range of sizes that varies from extra large to extra small. The choice depends on you since these clothes are closet staples.


ADAY is a reputable company well known for designing not only stylish clothing but also durable, sustainable, and eco-friendly items for customers. Even though the brand is expensive, it is worth checking out the ADAY clothing for those that can afford long-lasting wear.

It focuses on the women's wardrobe while creating sustainable items. The company also offers multiple clothing options in different sizes, from extra small to extra large, for any occasion. Check out their website for exclusive deals and discounts today.

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